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Providing Quality Gaming For Over 23 Years!

Welcome to the Federation Sim Fleet, a Role-Playing organization that utilizes chat rooms, message boards, and email distribution lists to foster and maintain a community of Role-Playing enthusiast!

We're a non-profit organization staffed by trained volunteers. With over 23 years in the business, the FSF provides a top-notch gaming experience for every interest and experience level.

We're very proud of our community and eager for you to join in. Head on over to our message boards, check out our Ten Forward Lounge chat room, join one of our mailing lists or drop by one of our email games. Whatever your interest, you'll find it in the FSF.

So, whether you're brand new to simming or you run your own game and you're interested in applying for membership, this website provides in-depth information on our games, our staff, and our community. Sign up today and become a Starfleet Officer! Or US military through the Stargate! Or perhaps a Superhero! Or any of the other types of characters you could be. Check around, we know you'll like what you see. Expect the best from the FSF!

- Joe Ferguson
Chief Executive Officer, Federation Sim Fleet