Sienna Troi

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NAME: Sienna Troi
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
: Medical
SPECIES: Betazoid
AGE: 28
GENDER: female
WEIGHT: 135lbs
HAIR COLOR: Blond - long
HOME: Betazed
INTERESTS: She loves to read and act and dance, also loves to swim, and play poker. Sienna also loves to spend a lot of her spare time in the lounge with her sister Jen.
FAMILY HISTORY: Sienna and her twin sister were found as sole survivors on a starbase when they were a few days old. The enterprise D found them. Testing showed the twins to somehow be Deanna's nieces. Further testing showed the twins to be genetically enhanced and the children of Deanna's long thought dead sister, Kestra.
At the age of 8 Sienna was abducted by the Borg in front of Jen while they were in the schoolroom. Ten years later she was rescued by the enterprise. She spent 2 years recovering from this experience. She remembers little from her childhood.
At one time Sienna was engaged to a long time childhood friend, Highwaij. She was also reunited with her twin and serves on the same ship with her. Though Neither sister will talk about the experience that separated them, they are working towards closure on that part of their lives.
Highwaij suddenly left the vastitude with no notice. Sienna took this hard for a long time. It took time but she finally got past it and now takes each day one at a time.
In the past few days Sienna has become more and more interested in reuniting with her parents. She has also started to become a little interested in seeing her home planet, though she doesn't remember it or her grandmother. She's not yet talked to anyone about these newly developing interests, as she's still uncertain about them.
Due to her time being Borg, Sienna doesn't sleep as many hours a night as many of the other members of the ship. She tends to research a lot during the time she's not asleep, and she also spends time with close associates or in the lounge.
EDUCATION: Sienna spent her elementary years in the Enterprise D schoolroom. She was an exceptional student who was eager to learn. She was bright and cheerful and loved to pull pranks.
She attended the academy at the age of 20, after spending two years at starfleet medical headquarters. She graduated after a year spending all of her time studying.
CAREER HISTORY: Has served on the USS Vastitude for many years now and considers the ship her home. Sienna is very dedicated and loyal to the vastitude and whoever the co is. She's very military at times, though she has a sense or humor. She often works long hours and has been known to fill in an empty position on top of her counseling and bridge duty when it's needed of her. Recently Sienna left the Vastitude for no stated reason and accepted a transfer to the USS Hornet.
SPECIALTIES: psychology (all kinds), Telepathy when she uses it.
MEDALS: 2002-06-04

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HISTORY: Character Removed from USS Vastitude - February 1, 2004
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - February 13, 2004
Character Removed from USS Vastitude - March 31, 2005
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - April 6, 2005
Promotion on USS Vastitude - September 11, 2010 - Commander from Lieutenant Commander
Character Transfer - May 20, 2012
Character Assigned to USS Hornet - May 22, 2012
Character Resignation from USS Hornet - March 22, 2013