Jennifer Elizabeth Troi

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NAME: Jennifer Elizabeth Troi
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
: Starbase Medical
SPECIES: Betazoid
AGE: 28
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 145lbs
HAIR COLOR: Blond - long
HOME: Betazed
INTERESTS: In her free time Jen enjoys reading and creating programs on the holodeck.
FAMILY HISTORY: Jennifer's adopted parents are Deanna Troi and Will Riker. She and her twin, sienna, were found as sole survivors of a starbase when they were only a few days old.
She has one twin sister, Sienna and a half sister Kestra. When the twins were 8 years old the Borg invaded the enterprise. Sienna was taken and not found again until 10 years later. After that event Jen had severe post traumatic stress and twin separation anxiety. After a few months from her sisters disappearance it was decided that Jen would live with her grandmother on Betazed, since she was having severe nightmares. This worked well for the youngster until she was older. She missed her sister and became determined to find her.
This lead to Jen studying counseling and receiving a degree at University of Betazed. She then went to Starfleet academy where she studied a double major in both tactics and psychology. Although highly ship phobic Jennifer had found her calling in counseling.
She worked hard and ten years after the Borg incident her sister was found by the Enterprise. The girls were recently reunited and Jen serves as a counselor also.
Jen hopes one day Sienna will be ready to reunite with the rest of their family. She also hopes that one day her twin will return to their home planet, even if only for a visit. She also hopes that her sister will eventually socialize outside of duty more often.
Jennifer was transferred several times and has taken several LOA's due to her ship phobia acting up. When this happens she sleeps little and becomes a workaholic.
Jen also is in charge of the ships lounge. She is very social and energetic most of the time.
Since her reunion with her twin, Jen's ship phobia has appeared to calm down considerably. She does still have nightmares though but not as often or severely as those that haunted her earlier life.
Due to recent events involving Q and the sudden separation from her twin Jen should be watched for nightmares and her ship phobia.
EDUCATION: Started Elementary school on the Enterprise until a tragic incident involving her twin sister (more details in career history). Then was raised on Betazed where she completed her education. She graduated at University of Betazed with a degree in Psychology. She graduated from the Academy with a double major in Tatics and Psychology.
CAREER HISTORY: She has served on several ships including the USS Sterling, USS Draco and a few others. More recently Q decided to pick on Jen and move her 10 years in the future to the Delta Quadrant.
SPECIALTIES: Weapons, Martial Arts, Counceling, very empathic and telepathic when and if she uses it.
HISTORY: Character Resignation from unknown sim - October 7, 2003
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - October 8, 2003
Character Removed from USS Vastitude - February 1, 2004
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - February 13, 2004
Character Transfer - May 20, 2012
Character Assigned to Starfleet Delta - May 22, 2012
Character Resignation from Starfleet Delta - March 22, 2013
Character Assigned to Starbase 35 - November 5, 2013
Character Removed from Starbase 35 - April 15, 2014