Sedona Katherine Allen

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NAME: Sedona Katherine Allen
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
ASSIGNMENT: Medical Officer
: Medical & Science
SPECIES: Regellian
AGE: 50.
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 6' 2
WEIGHT: 165 lbs. (75.0kg)
HAIR COLOR: Metallic Platinum
EYE COLOR: Metallic Gold
HOME: Regelis
INTERESTS: Archery, rifle marksmanship, horseback riding, reading, computers, astrophysics, astronavigation, aerobatics, aerobics, martial arts.
FAMILY HISTORY: Born into a moderately affluent family, she never wanted for necessities, but was required by her parents to earn luxuries. As she gained responsibilities, she gained their respect and pride as
she excelled in almost all scholastics.
In secondary school, she was the class president the last two years, then in high school, class president all four years. This didn't
bother her; she wasn't a tyrant, but she was very hard on everyone. However, the fact that she never asked anyone to do something she herself was not willing to do kept people from complaining, even when she occasionally bossed the teachers around!
Her no-nonsense attitude and high grades in high school
allowed her to start Regellian Space Academy with less trouble
than other young people had; the courses were hard even for
her, but she refused to allow them to beat her. Hazing at the RSA was strictly forbidden, but she was lightly hazed during most of her initial freshman year anyway. Her scores on all tests were usually high, but she kept improving all through her years at RSA.
One of her best friends died horribly in a shuttle crash that pinned her inside the vehicle, without any ability to teleport away or possibility of rescue. This traumatized her for years as she struggled to get over the grief from the young lady's death, especially when she herself had survived the crash.
EDUCATION: 2332-2334 Preschool
2335-2339 Elementary School
2340-2343 Middle School
2344-2348 High School
2349-2352 Regellian Space Academy (placed 3rd in class)
2371-2374 Starfleet Academy (2nd in class)
CAREER HISTORY: Showed high promise early. Senior classmen found her impossible to haze because she always escaped in ways they
didn't understand (she teleported out of danger) and gained the respect early of everyone.
Earned 4.0 out of 4.0 possible points in all years at SFA except senior year, where she excelled, making 4.320 of 4.0, ending with a 4.08GPA...placing her second in her class with high honors in almost every subject she'd taken.
Not a partygoer, she still was known as a fun person to be with, with a wicked sense of humor. Served one term in Nova
Squadron, but found it not to her liking; she got nervous because of the 'unsane' maneuvers some of the squadron members
practiced both in space and on the ground, so resigned from Nova without comment or negative result to her record.

After a short stint back on her homeworld, where she had been recalled for evaluation by the Regellian High Command, she
returned to Starfleet in time to meet with her first Fleet assignment, the USS Glorious Heritage.
SPECIALTIES: Piloting (atmosphere and space), Security, Emergency Medical Technician (all certifications current)
HISTORY: Character Removed from unknown sim - August 23, 2002
Promotion on USS Firewall - January 22, 2003 - 1st Lieutenant from 2nd Lieutenant
Character Resignation from USS Firewall - September 30, 2004
Character Deletion - December 8, 2004
Character Deletion - January 3, 2006
Character Deletion - July 18, 2006
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - February 17, 2007
Character Removed from USS Vastitude - March 20, 2007
Character Deletion - September 21, 2007
Character Undelete - February 27, 2008
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - March 22, 2008