Zara Richardsons

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NAME: Zara Richardsons
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
: Engineering
AGE: 25
GENDER: female
EYE COLOR: brown
HOME: earth
INTERESTS: Chess, martial arts, music, reading

Sara and Zara were daddy's girls from the day they were born and would have been spoiled to death had their mother not set her foot down. The two girls grew up with parents who made them earn everything, not spoiled by the family resources. They had strong relationships with their parents. Their father, continuing the tradition started in his family of teaching the children martial arts, started his two girls young at the family trade. Both adapted quickly and enjoyed this time with their father.

In gradeschool Zara tended, unlike her twin sister, to be the more peaceful of the two. She avoided fights and got along with almost everyone, though she too felt that she was growing diffrent than the others, with more the ability to be herself. Quiet and shy she tended to be on her own alot, not saying much at all unless asked to speak. She found a love in music and would always think for herself, thanks to the training from her father, over those years.

Teenage Years:

Zara continued on her peaceful, quiet way and gradually grew away from her father. She went from a daddy's girl to a stubborn, independent, young woman. Forced to continue with the martial arts, despite her rebellion from her parents, though not as outward as her sisters, Zara found more interest in mechanics than martial arts she did enjoy the workout she got from the lessons. Daily she and her sister would work out together, Sara being the more aggressive usually won their spars, but on the whole they were equels in their skills.

She loved to think, read, and write. She enjoyed studying the practical uses and mechanics of the martial arts she took and read every book on engineering that she could get her hands on. Programming also became a hobby for her. Getting into all the classes she could related to engineering and programming, branching off from her sister who chose to persue a career in tactics.

She graduated from High School with High Honors and went directly to the Academy with her sister.


After she graduated from the Academy she was assigned to the USS John C. Stennis as Assistant Engineer and after time was promoted to Chief Engineer. After the Academy When Zara first arrived on the Stennis she barely talked, finding amusement in giving the current chief engineer heart attacks. Concidering she rarely spoke at that time unless the cheif talked directly to her she was able to walk up behind him silently without his knowledge. Usually he wanted her for something at that momment or turned around abruptly getting startled. Most of this stoped when another assistant engineer joined the ship, Josh Hrach. Shortly after that she was promoted to Chief Engineer.

Just after she became Chief Engineer, Zara was kidnapped by the Romulans and held captive there for an unknown ammount of time. During this time the crew was still getting to know their new Captain, Black, Captain Lowell and his wife having decided that a Defiant class ship was not the place to raise a family. While held by the Romulans Zara felt something, some piece of her die. It wasn't from what the Romulans did, she sensed her twin sister, Sara Richardsons, Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Intrada, die. What she didn't know at the time was her sister was killed by Romulans while she was being held by the Romulans. The Stennis did eventually return and Zara got free with the help of another Romulan and found out her assistant, Josh Hrach, was betazoid, helping the away team that was on the Romulan ship now, find her.

Shortly after she returned she did find out, in fact, her sister did die. Josh was already there to help her through that. Over time she and Josh developed a relationship, Josh always trying to help Zara express her feelings, Zara used to having none. Unable to deal with what had happened she blocked it out, her key loss being her sister. Life in Main Engineering returned to normal with it's ups and downs.

Shortly after this Captian Black and Zara got stranded on a planet in a lifepod where they had plenty of time to get to know each other better. Up until that point Zara thought the Captian hated engineers. Truth was he was just hard on them, even as he was about to die if they weren't rescused soon, he actually let the compliment of her being the best engineer he knew escape him. Heartened by this, Zara gained a new respect for her new captian. Thankfully they were rescued in time for Black to be saved and both of them had an enjoyable time in sickbay.

At one point the Stennis was pulled through a time loop into an alternate universe where the Romulans were in control of the quadrant. There the adventure began, trying to find a way home from the Romulans as they became a rogue ship. The captian making an alliance with the Klingons and finding a way back. When the time came it became apparent that one of the crew would have to fly a shuttle to reset the timeline and wouldn't be going back. Believing this would be settled, the Captian had the crew draw straws. Commander Deanna was the one chosen, yet Zara didn't honestly believe he'd let her do it.

Once back in entineering, Zara shared this feeling with Josh, being the betazoid he was, he confirmed what she had suspected. This happening so shortly after the incident with the lifepod, Zara respected the captian and wasn't very happy about this. Once back in their own timeline they went to the nearest starbase and the crew was given leave for the most part. Having held things in for so long, Zara emotionally exploded. For the first time Josh was there when this happened, not completely allowing her to deal with it how she normally did, deepening the friendship they had been going back and forth with for so long.

The following day when they returned to the ship Captian John Black. Zara wanted to kill him.

On one mission Zara was sent on was to transport a virus. An extremely deadly virus, Zara didn't realize at the time, but the whole time the virus was on board and in transport Captian Black had phasers trained on the shuttle ready to destroy it if containment broke. Keeping track of containment in sickbay she left and went back to Main Engineering. Just after she got there Josh was called away to be on the away team. While she kept working in ME, Josh contacted her, though what he said she didn't understand. After their conversation was done, Black called her to the ready room and told her what was going on. The ship Josh and the others had been sent to was infected with the virus and it had broken through their enviroment suits. Thankfully, the doctor was able to find a cure. Josh would be staying around.

Though she would never admit it openly, Zara really cares for Josh, perhaps more than she'd admit to. While she still conciders him only a friend, even she can't deny there's a closeness there that's perhaps more than friends. They spend alot of time together, perhaps to much. Yet Zara, who is known for bottling up her own emotions, is unwilling to admit to anything. Though that may be coming to an end.

Recently while on leave Josh finally proposed to Zara, something in Zara's relationship ignorance didn't expect. Unfortunately before Zara could answer they were called back to the ship, back to work again. She accepted his proposal during the mission, but they were not married offically for quite some time.

Shortly after they were engaged while on a mission, Zara ended up taking a 26 foot drop that should have killed her. Fortunately it did not and the medical facilities on board the Stennis were able to put her back together again, everything except her mind. It was a long time before Zara remembered anything even closely resembeling her past, she instinctively knew how to keep the ship in good repair.

What surprised her most when she did regain her memmory was how Josh was persistant in helping her remember and didn't give up on her. It wasn't until they were investigating a series of murders back on Earth at the Starfleet Academy when she was knocked out that she remembered everything. Shortly after that Josh and Zara were married, though the officiality of said marriage is still up for debate.
EDUCATION: Zara majored in engineering in the Academy and took minor courses in security and medical. She wasn't perfect in her courses but she always managed to make diecent grades. Unlike her sister, Zara truly had a low self-esteeme, but she managed to push that aside in her persuit of her classes. She socialized quite a bit and concentrated on studying. Her schedule was full of activities and studying she spent quite a bit of time with her sister so Sara wouldn't completely isolate herself from the rest of the world. Yet somehow she still reamined to be quiet and somewhat shy.
SPECIALTIES: Engineering, minor weapons, martial arts
MEDALS: 2006-05-28

Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)


Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)


Combat Action Ribbon


Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Assigned to USS John C. Stennis - June 7, 2002
Promotion on USS John C. Stennis - December 19, 2002 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Promotion on USS John C. Stennis - June 10, 2003 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - May 28, 2006
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - May 28, 2006
Promotion on USS John C. Stennis - January 8, 2008 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - April 22, 2008
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - January 31, 2012
Character Removed from USS John C. Stennis - July 2, 2013