Thomas Perez

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NAME: Thomas Perez
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
: Leave of Absence
AGE: 42
GENDER: male
HAIR COLOR: light brown
EYE COLOR: hazel
HOME: Earth
FAMILY HISTORY: Doesn’t talk much about his family but
EDUCATION: During the nights he took university classes, and in three years he got himself an acoustics degree. He asked to be trained Strategic Operations, After many sessions of nagging Starfleet, they finally agreed
CAREER HISTORY: He enlisted in the Starfleet Academy after he graduated from College. He was Assigned to the USS Anerian. After displaying excellent combat skills under pressure. He was trained, and became an expert with heavy weapons, and most types of explosives.

He is perfectly at home when use all manor of weapons and explosives. He is one of the best of the best in his field. He took up an interest in weapons and explosives & Strategic Tactical operations, and considered it a possibility. He thought the Strategic Operations Command would be interesting for a while. He put in for a transfer, and was accepted and went to the 3rd Starfleet Marine force recon unit in as Tactical Operations Officer ,

He was then posted to the USS Aldridge as part Head of Strategic Operations, he saw action Throughout the Alpha, Beta, & Gamma Quadrants.

After the Dominion war, with his training, and war background, was asked to become a Drill instructor. He served 2 years as a Marine drill instructor in statistic warfare, Tactical Operations, and Weapons of mass destruction.

He was then approached by his CO about the opportunity be a part of Covert Operations. What was supposed to be a onetime, one mission deal, wound up being a 6 year run in Covert operations. Tom's career history was fa-nominal. with a 98.99% successful mission completion.

Tom Recently received word that be was being transferred to the USS Akira. Position: Unknown at this time.
SPECIALTIES: Expert in Heavy Weapons, Demolition, Explosives & Strategic Tactical Operations.
MEDALS: 2005-11-19

Purple Heart of Gallant

HISTORY: Character Assigned to Marine Station Invasion - December 10, 2002
Promotion on Marine Station Invasion - December 16, 2002 - Commander from No rank.
Character Removed from Marine Station Invasion - May 18, 2003
Character Assigned to Stargate: SG-3 - January 1, 2004
Promotion on Stargate: SG-3 - June 12, 2004 - Colonel (O-6) from Captain (O-3)
Medal Given on Stargate: SG-3 - November 19, 2005
Character Removed from Stargate: SG-3 - February 4, 2006
Character Deletion - April 7, 2006
Character Undelete - September 10, 2006
Character Assigned to Atlantis 7 - Twilight Raven - March 2, 2007
Character Deletion - July 15, 2007
Character Undelete - July 18, 2007
Character Assigned to USS Excalibur - July 24, 2007
Promotion on USS Excalibur - October 26, 2007 - Captain from Commander
Character Deletion - August 1, 2008
Character Undelete - August 1, 2008
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - August 26, 2008
Character Removed from USS Firewall - October 31, 2009
Character Undelete - May 9, 2010
Character Undelete - November 17, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Akira - November 18, 2011
Character Removed from USS Akira - December 11, 2014