Wad Ek'noor

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NAME: Wad Ek'noor
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: trekkieb47@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Tactical Officer
: USS Spiritus
SPECIES: Andorian
AGE: 35
WEIGHT: 300 lbs
HOME: Andoria
INTERESTS: Ek likes to eat Chopped Andorian Tuber root in Polmeek Soup, and keeps real food in storage preferring real food rather than replicated. He is a skilled cook, having served his friends and family with many compliments. He took great pride when he got to cook for his former Commander, Sasheen Starpool on Epsilon Station.

Ek does have a slight temper due to his semi-impatient nature which is inherant to all Andorians. When an officer is giving him information, he wants it straight and to the point. But no doubt, when he is on the job, he gets it done with speed and thoroughness.

Since Ek'noor became a parent, he has become more cautious and protective, but still a good guy to get along with. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, and is extremely loyal to his shipmates and friends. He would easily give his own life so that others may live.
FAMILY HISTORY: Ek married Dachala Amon in 2377. A year later his daughter, Lyra Ann, and son, Tarsh were born, free of any Borg implants or nanoprobes from when Ek still had Borg technology inside him. They are a unique Andorian-Cardassian hybrid, which has never been documented before. This has led to routine check-ups as the twin continue to grow up so any signs of complications can be detected before anything serious can develop.

During the Mirror Universe Incident on Epsilon Station, Dachala was captured by Imperials as they beamed most women and children off of the Mirror Epsilon. She was tortured, their children used to try to make her talk. But she never gave in, even having fun at their frustrations. And oddly, however close the Imperials came to harming the children... they never did.

Dachala and Ek'noor are proud of their children, who will be 9 in 2386, equivilant to 12-13 in human standards of mental and physical approximation.
EDUCATION: Ek'noor was born in the year 2350 on the planet Andoria. He was orphaned at birth and never knew his real parents. His adoptive parent, Tarsh Kalon raised Ek'noor to be a warrior for Andoria at an early age. Unfortunately, Kalon was killed by an Orion Assassin when Ek was 10. This horrible accident led Ek to run away to the Klingon Empire to train as the warrior he always wanted to be.

Ek'noor trained for years at the Klingon Defense Academy. Then in 2365, Ek was accepted to the Andorian School of martial arts. He studied long and hard learning many forms of combat and discipline skills. Ek broke away unannounced from his training for three months and disappeared. It is believed he was given intel about his father's killer, and in turn avenged his father.

Later, a request came from Starfleet to apply to Starfleet Academy, they had heard of his exceptional abilities and needed all the officers they could get for the upcoming Dominion War. Ek happily accepted knowing that Starfleet had many opportunities in life for improvement.

After reviewing his application, the brass at the Academy decided that Ek had much so much experience in Security that he could be an Ensign in Starfleet, but because of his age they put him in the medical track. His majors included pshychology, sociology, astrophysics, and temporal mechanics.

Ek studied during his off duty hours and earned additional degrees in Tactical and Security tracks.
CAREER HISTORY: Starfleet Officer

USS Aurora:
2372 to 2373, Ensign, Assistant Science Officer

During Ek'noor's first assignment on the USS Aurora, the ship was sucked into an alternate reality infested with parasitic aliens. The Aurora's Chief Medical Officer, and Ek's best friend, Valentine DiMarco was attacked by one of the creatures and it consumed parts of Val's brain. The EMH aboard performed a radical lobe transplant with Ek volunteering part of his frontal lobe. Using advanced regeneration techniques both officers returned to duty. One of the side effects was a mental link between Val and Ek. The procedure had actually awoken regressive Aenar DNA in Ek. Ek'noor was transferred to a new ship several months later.

USS Avalon:
2373 to 2375, Lt.Jg, Chief Counselor

Ek'noor returned to duty in a few months aboard a new ship, the USS Avalon, and was surprised to find Val as her Captain. With Ek and Val's connection, Ek had developed semi - limited mental powers, and was assigned to be the Avalon's Chief Counselor. A rouge Borg cube attacked the ship and started to assimilate it without warning. The bridge crew was split up. Ek'noor helped coordinate resistance efforts with Commander Norvo of the Avalon. Ek helped save many crewmen by releasing a revolutionary anti-nanoprobe antigen. En route to Starbase 47 for repairs, the Avalon was infiltrated by Tal Sh'iar agents (The Romulan Covert Force), looking to steal advanced Borg tech integrated into the Avalon's systems.

They kidnapped Val and brainwashed him into believing he was a Romulan Commander. Another attack took place on the Avalon with Val leading the way. Ek and Val confronted each other; Ek knowing the truth that Val was not a Romulan Commander. Soon the Tal Sh'iar caught up with him and saw them and Val beam away. Ek never saw Val again. Starfleet detained the Avalon for Borg research. Ek awaited new orders.

USS Falcon:
Late 2375 to 2376, Lt.Jg, Asst. Security Officer
2376 to 2377, Lt., Chief Security Officer
2377 to Early 2378, Lt. Commander, Chief Sec.

Ek returned to active duty, and back to the job he always had a passion for, Security. He quickly made new friends and was well liked by the crew, much to his own amazement. After a few missions including rescuing the first officer and Chief Intel Officer, ridding the ship of a dangerous mutengenic virus, securing the ship from Ferengi profiteers, Ek was promoted to full Lieutenant status and made Chief Security.

Late in 2376, the Falcon was sent to investigate and stop a monstrously huge space borne lifeform heading for Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran wormhole. Mysteriously the Falcon and lifeform were flung 50 years into the future. There, the Falcon uncovered a massive plot created by the Borg that would destroy the Federation. The Borg kidnapped the Falcon's captain, and during a rescue attempt led by Ek, he was assimilated into their collective. Fortunately his telepathic powers helped to break him free, and with his newfound knowledge, they defeated the Borg and were able to return to 2376.

During Ek's recovery process, the ship's new Intel officer Dachala Amon Chaki, stayed close to Ek and encouraged him to recover. This quickly led to the two falling in love, and shortly, they got married. For his heroic efforts, Ek was promoted to Lieutenant Commander; no doubt he was accelerating fast in Starfleet. Five months later it was learned that Dachala was pregnant with twins.

While returning to Earth 10 months later, the Falcon was attacked by a fleet of unknown assailants. The ship was badly damaged and both the Captain and First officer were killed. Ek assumed temporary command and guided the Falcon safely to deep Federation space.

USS Titan:
2378, Lt. Commander, Executive officer

The Falcon was decommissioned and the crew was reassigned to the new Steamrunner class vessel, the Titan. There Dachala gave birth to twins. After the Titan formed, Ek was made temporary XO. With the twins, Ek decided he and his family needed some well deserved time off. Ek and his family took a sabbatical from Starfleet to live ON Andoria.

Epsilon Station:
2380 to early 2382, LT. Chief of Security, Second Officer
Late 2380, Promoted to Lt. Commander

Ek's return from sabbatical. Made Chief of Security during a critical mission invoving downed fighter pilots for the Marines stationed at Epsilon. Performed station phaser and Security upgrades from the USS Black Knight.

In late 2380, Ek'noor was struck from behind on the head from an enemy agent trying to get to the Commander. This left him in a coma for weeks. Meanwhile, all of the Station's inhabitants, including Ek'noor, were transported into the Mirror Universe. Ek woke up, and led a team of rebels against the Imperial Guard. Ek learned that in the MU, Andorians were wiped out after their defiance of the Empire in the late 2150's. This gave Ek'noor much visability and it was useless for him to hide in disguise. Ek secured the Main Cargo Bay and still fought off waves of Imperial Guardsmen. Thanks to his actions, and the rest of the Epsilon Crew, they made it back safely to their own universe, albeit with both physical and mental scars.

During a brief period after the MU incident, Ek invited Commander Starpool for dinner cooked by him and to enjoy it with his family. It was at this time the Commander promoted him to Lt. Commander, also he was informed that Starpool would be going to a Starfleet questioning.

2382 - 2385 - Character Information pending

USS Spiritus (Dark Frontier)
2385, LT. Chief Tactical Officer
SPECIALTIES: Ek'noor is a skilled swordsman. He has a weapons collection of over 250, swords, shields, and blasters. These range from all over the Alpha Quadrant of the Galaxy and come from all sorts of time periods, from ancient to modern. He has extensive training in phaser weapons and is a perfect marksman rated level 15. Ek is a martial artist, knowing over 25 styles, including Tae Kwon Do. Ek knows the languages of Klingon, Andorian, and Federation Standard.

Special Physical Strengths and Powers:
Due to the brain lobe transplant to save his friend Val DiMarco early in his career and experimental regeneration techniques used at the time of surgery, Ek'noor has limited telekinetic and telepathic abilities which awoke when the procedure activated regressive Aenar DNA. These abilities are very passive and Ek does not rely on them.

Like all Andorians, Ek'noor posses a limited exoskeleton on his torso, forearms, chest, thighs, and back, giving him superior strength than most humanoids. Ek's Andorian antennae give him the ability to "see" the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums of light; and "hear" high frequency sounds easily.

Ek'noor was assimilated by the Borg Collective during a mission on the USS Falcon in 2376 which sent them 50 years into the future. He was saved, and most of the Borg implants were removed successfullly. However after the Borg attacked in 2383, residual Borg implants buried deeply within his body awoke. After being subdued by his wife Dachala, he was put into stasis until the Federation was evacuated from the Alpha quadrant. The remaining Borg technology was removed from his system, but left deep scars. The recovery process was long.
MEDALS: 2004-06-26

Starfleet Starburst


Medal for Excellence

HISTORY: Character Assigned to USS Phoenix - December 23, 2002
Character Assigned to Epsilon Station - January 5, 2004
Medal Given on Epsilon Station - June 26, 2004
Promotion on Epsilon Station - June 4, 2005 - Promoted to Lt. Commander: June 4, 200
Character Undelete - November 28, 2006
Character Undelete - December 1, 2010