John Black

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NAME: John Black
RANK: Starfleet -- Rear Admiral
ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer
DEPARTMENT: Command Staff
AGE: 35
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: Collects antique and mystical weapons. His collection has been built up by his encounters with a being that goes by the name Trelane. Trelane seems to be a young or "Adolescent" Q. Who was first encountered by Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise NCC-1701.

Holodeck adventures

Combat training
FAMILY HISTORY: Wife: T'Lara (Deceased)
Parents: Deceased. Never known.

John married T'Lara after joining 31. They built a life around his missions. Then she gave him the news that he would soon be a father. He then decided his days in 31 were numbered and he would be a full time father.

It was not to be though. During one leave at home Black caught T'Lara sending classified information to the Romulans. He executed her himself. Leaving his life, his unborn daughter, his home and his very soul behind.
EDUCATION: John took to the academy like a fish to water. He took as many classes as he could in a variety of subjects. However, he stayed focused on his goal to become an Officer of Marines and geared himself towards that goal. His last two years of the Academy included ground and arial warfare training, assault tactics, leadership, and other military necessities.

He turned out to be a natural leader and was graduated at the top of his class with the silver bars of a First Lieutenant. It was during his graduation ceremony that he first saw her. She was a Vulcan Doctor assigned to the base. John thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. while staring at her she caught his eye and surprised him. He quickly walked off embarrassed at being caught.

That night at dinner she appeared at his table. Introducing herself as T'Lara she joined him. During his ten day leave they were inseparable. She was different then most Vulcans and didn't hold herself superior to humans. She actually fully embraced the differences and thought they made them better people. John had to leave her behind as he shipped out but knew he would see her again.
CAREER HISTORY: John was assigned as commander of an infantry platoon. He quickly formed bonds with his men and they with him. he was seen as an excellent officer and his men enjoyed serving under him. He quickly was given command of a company even though it usually was given to officers of higher rank. Soon enough his company was one of the highest rated of the entire Corps. A fact he took Great pride in.

He would visit T'Lara every chance he got and she would sometimes come out to visit him. He knew he was falling in love but he was unsure how to approach this with a Vulcan so the relationship could only progress so far. Then everything changed.

The Dominion War broke out and John and his company were dispatched to the front lines. They fought on planet after planet trying to beat back what seemed to be an unstoppable enemy. No matter how many of them they killed their always seemed to be more.

Then he was taken from his company and given command of a Spec Ops team. They would infiltrate enemy bases. Blowing up whatever they could and generally causing chaos. His team had great success in these operations and were able to turn the tide in some battles. He was decorated though, secretly. His awards classified like his missions. Then came the fatal mission.

His team was on leave and he had actually gotten some time with T'Lara. it was now that he confessed his feelings for her. She replied by telling him love was illogical but as she looked at him she smiled. A real genuine smile. It was then he decided they would be together after this war. He left at the end of his leave with new hope for the future.

A full Dominion Assault hit a planet he was on and the lines were breaking. He took command of a platoon and was ordered to lead an assault. However, the Jem' Hadar had laid an ambush and closed the trap on John and his men. The firefight was long and drawn out and John lost half his team. Finally he set up a heavy weapon turret. What amounted to a small shuttles weapon system. he ordered his sergeant to get the men out and he began holding off the enemy. The man followed his orders and the team escaped. However, an arial attack took out the weapons post and John. He looked up and whispered T'Lara's name as he lay dying on the battlefield.

John woke in a hospital. A very Spartan hospital and in his own private room. He felt as if he had been there a while but his last memories were of a battlefield and thinking he was going to die. He later found out what had happened.

A Special Ops team had found him. Barely alive and severely injured. They had transported him back to their base, where T'Lara was serving as a medic. An officer who seemed......different, had him rushed to a hospital. She went with him as the doctors rushed to save his life.

Weeks and numerous surgeries later he was finally out of danger. However, he was in a coma and needed time to heal. T'Lara stayed by his side the whole time. Attaching herself to this strange hospital and stayed out from underfoot.

Emerging from the coma she was there for him. She nursed him through his physical therapy and they became inseparable. Then his life changed again. The "officer" who had bought him here laid everything out. He was an operative for Section 31. An organization that protected the Federation. He felt John would make a fine operative for several upcoming missions. He accepted the offer and on that day, who he was died, and John Black was born.

His missions were those that even normal 31 operatives avoided. He was then recruited into "OMEGA" An ultra secret mission of 31 that was known to very few.
SPECIALTIES: Black has a flair for Black Ops. he carries out those seemingly impossible missions.

He has served 31 for many years now and has been involved in an ultra secret operation called "OMEGA" while no one knows what these missions were or how they were carried out. Rumors always involved time travel and interdimensional travel. Also possible tampering with timelines of several worlds.
MEDALS: 2008-04-22

Combat Action Ribbon


Medal for Command


Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Assigned to USS John C. Stennis - March 5, 2003
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - April 22, 2008
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - April 22, 2008
Promotion on USS John C. Stennis - January 21, 2012 - Rear Admiral from Captain
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - January 31, 2012