Peter Haden

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NAME: Peter Haden
RANK: Starfleet -- Captain
ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer
: Bridge Officers
AGE: 39
HEIGHT: 1.83
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
EYE COLOR: GreenBlue
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: Peter likes spending a lot of hours at the holodeck, watching Baseball and Tennis games.
Swimming is one of his stronger intrests.
FAMILY HISTORY: Peter has 3 brothers, a sister which is 2 years older then he is.
And one young brother and sister.
Peter and his sister kind of raised their brothers as for in the age of 15, Peter parents died in an accident.
EDUCATION: Peter joined the academy at the age of 18.
He was specialized in Operations and command,
he took some courses in Engineering, but decided to leave them after some time.
He knew he wasn't meant to be an Engineer.
He gratuated from starfleet academy when he was 21.
CAREER HISTORY: - He was assigned as an assistant HELM in the USS Sunshine.
- One and a half years after he was promoted to Lt.JG and was assigned to HELM control, the same ship.
- After 2 and a half years, he was offered the position of Chief of Operations on the USS Vastitude, he gladly accepted it, and was promoted to full Lt., and transfered to the USS Vastitude.
- After a year of service on the Vastitude he was promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
- Shortly after transfered to the USS Firewall.
- Left the Firewall after the Rayu IV mission and transfered back to the USS Vastitude as Chief of Operations under Captain Westin.
- Served as acting CO of the Vastitude after Captain Westin's departure.
- Repositioned as the Vastitude's Chief of Operations upon Captain Bledel assignment to Vastitude's Commanding Officer.
- Reassigned to Earth to work on the Gambit project together with Captain Bledel, afterwards returned as Chief Operations to the Vastitude.
- Acted as First Officer of the Vastitude during the Zilari First Contact mission.
- Assigned as Acting CO and promoted to the rank of Commander by Captain Kathryn Vex upon her departure from the Vastitude during the Romulan-Orion investigation.
- Assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Vastitude on Stardate 151009 for the Ortaga Orion-Cardassian mission.
SPECIALTIES: Peter specialized in Operations and command at starfleet academy,
He also very intrest and knowledge in Earth history.
HISTORY: Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - September 22, 2003
Character Resignation from USS Vastitude - September 26, 2004
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - January 14, 2005
Character Resignation from USS Firewall - March 7, 2005
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - March 9, 2005
Promotion on USS Vastitude - February 21, 2008 - Commander from Lieutenant Commander
Promotion on USS Vastitude - September 11, 2010 - Captain from Commander