Wil Hunter

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NAME: Wil Hunter
RANK: Starfleet Marines -- 2nd Lieutenant
EMAIL: wilhunter001@xxxx.xxx
: Marines
SPECIES: Klingon/Vulcan
AGE: 38
WEIGHT: 225lbs
HAIR COLOR: black/gray
EYE COLOR: hazel
HOME: Qo'NoS/Vulcan
INTERESTS: I know all the martial arts, Klingon, Human martial arts from judo to kong fu. also Vulcan martial arts. i meditate on my off duty time. I'm a collector of old swords and old earth firearms. The weapons I have are my personal Klingon weapons of choice and they are the Bat'leth, Mek'leth, D'K Tahg, 'oy'naq, chonna'Q, gut'luch, 'aqleH (Half bat'leth), 'alngegh - Klingon Single bladed Battle-axe with secondary spike, jey'naS - Klingon Double Bladed Battleaxe, Daqtagh, ghIntaq, QIS, tajtIq,
yan - The Traditional Klingon Sword, ghonDoq, chuHwI' - The Klingon Throwing knife,
ma'veq - The Mauk To'Vor knife. the weapons thats listed i know how to use. I know how to use a Vulcan weapon called the Lirpa. Ancient Vulcan weapon with a razon-sharp curved blade at one end and a heavy bludgeon on the other.

I have a Klingon bat'leth that was my Grandfather's.

FAMILY HISTORY: My father is William Hunter Sr, he's a Fleet Admiral in Starfleet and He's also in Starfleet Intelligence and My step-mother is Kaylah Hunter is a Doctor in Starfleet Medical and My mother Rowan who lives on Earth with my 4 other siblings. My older sister Brianna who's 40 yrs old and my 3 other siblings who are 38 yrs old also , we were born quads to Wil and Rowan Hunter 35 yrs ago. Mom and Dad divorced when we were 16 yrs old because of dad's job in Starfleet and later on Dad met and married Kaylah my new step-mom. So Mom got us kids. Brianna is a Starfleet Cmdr post on a Starbase, me I'm a Marine Captain posted on the USS. Raptor, Jacob is in Starfleet Intel as a Lt.Cmdr, Alexis is a Lt.Cmdr posted on the Enterprise E as a Ops Officer and Kaylin is a Lt Cmdr in Starfleet Medical helping our step mother. They decided to go the Academy and into Starfleet like i did also. but, i stayed in Starfleet graduating the top of my class and then joining Starfleet Marine Corp. And now to my lovely stepmom Kaylah, she and dad are having a new baby, i hope its a little girl and I'm waiting to become a big brother again and i can't wait. My Great-Grandparents live on Vulcan. My Great- Grandmother is a Doctor and she works at the VSA and my Great-Grandfather is one of the most famous Vulcan Engineer's on Vulcan and he teaches at VSA. and my Grandfather is the ex-Chancellor of the Klingon High Command and now he's General again because he didn't want to be Chancellor anymore so he returned to being the General. General Martok lives on Qo'NoS. The Hunter family are members of the House of Martok.

Aunt: Kahlest (his father's sister and known to the family as Katie)

a quote from the Klingons.

"DaHjaj Suvwl'e' jlH. tlgwlj Sa'angNlS. lw blQtlqDaq jljaH."

"Today I am a Warrior. I must show you my heart. I travel the river of blood."

"My mission will determine the fate of the Klingon Empire, interfere, and you risk destroying us all"

General Martok

EDUCATION: lets just say my education is classified.
CAREER HISTORY: I graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors and at the top of my class and upon leaving the Academy. I went into the SFMC Academy to learn how to be a fighter pilot and a better killing machine also. Now I'm serving on a new ship and with a new crew of Marines.. OOHRAH!!.. Semper Fi !! carry on. (means.. Always Faithful)
I was awarded medals thoughout my career but there is to many for me to name them all.
SPECIALTIES: Explosives, weapons and tactics and i can pilot anything with an engine. i'm also into hand to hand combat and with weapons. have weapons will travel. i can use all weapons. Phaser Carbine, Sniper Rifle and a Isomagnetic Disintegrator, Phaser rifles and hand phasers.
MEDALS: 2008-11-04

Quietus Medal of Honor

HISTORY: Character Resignation from The Maquis Resistance - May 12, 2006
Character Assigned to USS Raptor: Delta Quadrant - May 14, 2006
Character Transfer - March 2, 2007
Medal Given on Starfleet Delta - November 4, 2008
Character Removed from Starfleet Delta - August 4, 2010
Character Assigned to Starfleet Delta - September 7, 2010
Character Removed from Starfleet Delta - September 13, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Vastitude - September 17, 2011