Zambia Fury

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NAME: Zambia Fury
RANK: Civilian -- Civilian
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Honorary Member
DEPARTMENT: Honorary Member
AGE: 30
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
EYE COLOR: green
HOME: Delta IV
INTERESTS: Enjoy being with people, study languages and the culture of various beings. I do not like isolation and will seek out my shipmates for company. I was taught herbalisting and am dabbling in empathic pain reduction when medical facilities are not available. I enjoy the study of space sciences. Love to garden if given a plot in the aboretum and hang around at nights when sleep alludes me in the mess hall playing cards with the Gamma shift moles......
FAMILY HISTORY: My mother and father were scientists, both Deltans, of course, and stayed all their lives on the planet. Mother's name is Ivanna, and she is still working at the Culture Institute on Delta IV as a moderator at the hanging gardens. My Father's name is Dr. Seville and he teaches Space History at the Institute. I have no siblings. Although my parents accept my choice of careers they would have preferred that I stay on Delta IV and marry. Briefly(in my younger days) I was married to a half human/half Deltan thus having the last name Fury. After only 6 months of marriage my husband, who was also an Ensign in Starfleet was stricken with a plague and died while trying to help a planet of Centaurans find a cure for a terrible disease. The cure was found 10 days after his and ten thousand lives were lost. I kept his last name to honor his heroics. As far as I know I am the only Deltan that carries a double name.
EDUCATION: Early education took place on the third moon of Delta in a private school as I showed an early talent for astronavigation. Followed graduation from the Deltan schools by joining Starfleet Academy excelling in environmental expertise predisposing me for prolonged space travel. Passed advanced courses in Languages, Tactical policies, Counselor training, and Command procedures as well as excellent grades in navigational abilities, mathematics and geometry.
CAREER HISTORY: My first assignment as an Ensign was at Starbase Medical (Nightingale Facility) using my skills for languages as well as projective empathy. Soon I became restless and needed to get "out there," in space, was assigned to the USS Stennis as TAC and became very familiar with all weaponry and procedires, was promoted to Lt.jg and transferred to the USS Bennington as their Helm officer and navigational specialist, after 2 years was promoted to Lt. and headed the Alpha shift and department. Promoted again to Lt.Cmdr. and given the title of SO. Transferred to the USS Bunker Hill where I served as XO to Captain Stanley Ross. This ship was retired and so was Ross, and I am now being transferred to the Aquinas as her CO.
SPECIALTIES: My race is humanoid, although my features include the characteristically little body hair, especially a bald head. I am taller than a human female but a slighter build, very long legs and arms, due to a high metabolism. I offer Starfleet my genetic predisposition to harmony and peaceful interactions with other races. Of course there is that sensuality thing that Deltans possess, however, the fact is that the rumors and innuendos about our pheromonal effects on other species especially humans is greatly exaggerated and over the last hundred years has become part of early childhood teachings to supress the pheromone production while serving with lifeforms such as Starfleet personnel. Also, there is a small amout of receptive empathy in my family history, which was passed on to me. Mostly used in touch empathy and my skills vary in this respect. I have taken the outdated "Oath of Celibacy." However, Starfleet applies this only to non-Deltans and has watered down the rules a bit by allowing Deltans to become involved with any other species which is certified as "mature' enough to handle the intensity but must be approved by the Federation Council Medical Advisory Panel in advance.
HISTORY: Character Assigned to USS Aquinas - October 16, 2003
Character Transfer - February 9, 2014
Character Transfer - August 24, 2014