Gregory Talus

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NAME: Gregory Talus
RANK: Starfleet -- Fleet Captain
ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer
: Command
SPECIES: Betazoid
AGE: 41
HEIGHT: 6 ft
WEIGHT: 170 lbs
HOME: Luna
INTERESTS: Tennis, Target practice/Phaser Range
FAMILY HISTORY: Wife: Amanda "Mandy" Nicole Talus (Died 29 Dec 2390), married for 14 years.
Kids: Jeffrey 'Jeff' William Talus, age 16
Jennifer 'Jenny' Elizabeth Talus, age 13
Timothy 'Timmy' Talus, age 11
Megan 'Meg' Laura Talus, 9

Gregory Talus
Born: 2353
EDUCATION: Greg entered the academy at age 18 (year 2371). Planning to come out an Engineer, he went in with a large amount of technical know-how. However, after his Freshman year and an accident in his advanced physics class, his interest in Engineering shifted and it became his minor. His major interest and study became tactical arts and security.

Completing his Freshman year with an overall study of Basic Engineering and Security skills, as well as First Aid and Emergency medicine, Gregory shifted his classes for Sophomore year to coincide with his new interest. After a few months, his proficiency with phaser rifles, handheld weapons, and combat had improved drastically.

During Freshman year, he began to be tutored in Emergency Medicine by Amanda. Before long, his interest in her grew and he eventually asked her out. They dated until they left the Academy.

Junior year revolved more around combat strategies and test missions, as well as more learning of the basics of other departments. It was here that Greg became fascinated with different manuevers in history, including the Picard Manuever. The studies of this year would prove beneficial to him in the future.

Senior year was advanced training. By the end of the year, while doing well in the security and physical aspects, Greg had not been a perfect academic. He knew lots of Engineering skills but had no real spectacular notes in that area. His only plus was a well written paper on Warp Field Theory, tying in subspace principles and theorizing on new ideas for Temporal Mechanics. This paper helped keep him in a higher level of his class and, while he didn't graduate first in his class, he was in the top 10%, graduating in 2375.
CAREER HISTORY: Current Year 2391

After graduating in 2375, Gregory was assigned to several ships and bases, as listed below.

Brief Service history:
-USS Excalibur: (2375-76) Assistant Security officer, gaining first experiences in the field.
-Starbase 74: (2377-79) Engineering Expert, Assistant Engineer, Chief Dock Engineer
-USS Titan: (2379-83) Chief Security officer, transfered to command and given role of First Officer in 2383.
-USS Connecticut: (2383-84) Commanding officer
-USS Providence: (2385-2393) Commanding Officer

Brief Promotional History:
-Ensign: 2375
-Lieutenant Junior Grade: 2376
-Lieutenant: 2378
-Lieutenant Commander: 2380
-Commander: 2382
-Captain: 2383
-[Fleet Captain: 2392]

After graduating, Greg was assigned to the USS Excalibur as an assistant security officer, occasionally taking tactical as well. In Early 2375, the Excalibur became a major part of the Allied Fleet of ships that included Klingons and Romulans in the final assault on the Dominion at Cardassia. Once the war was over and the crew given some shore leave, Greg decided to propose to Amanda. Fearing that another war might seperate them for good, he decided now was the best time. Thankfully, she accepted and, a year later, just before his departure from the Excalibur, the two were married.

For his excellent service, both during and after the Dominion War, the Captain of the Excalibur, Nathan Jeffries, promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade just prior to his transfer.

Thinking he would try his hand at Engineering skills, Gregory accepted a transfer to Starbase 74 to assist in starship repair and computer maintenance. In 2378, Greg and Mandy became the proud parents of a son, named Jeffrey William. Mandy, at that time, felt it would be best to stay with her husband and their new kid and, thus, left Starfleet and joined Greg on Starbase 74. Soon after her arrival, Greg was honored with a promotion to Lieutenant for the hard work he did in keeping ships and the station running smoothly.

In 2379, the USS Titan, under the new command of now Captain William T. Riker, was in need of a Chief Security Officer. Accepting the position, Greg and the rest of the Talus family moved onto the ship. After a year of loyal service, as well as doing a good job of defending the ship and crew from hostiles, Captain Riker promoted Greg to Lieutenant Commander and an added note to his record regarding his keen command ability. Soon after, Greg and Mandy had a second child, a daughter, which they named Jennifer Elizabeth.

In 2382, the First Officer of the Titan was injured in an enemy attack and needed to be transfered off the ship. Wanting someone he could trust, Captain Riker asked Greg to step up. He accepted, and thus, with his transfer to command, accepted a promotion to Commander. Adding to his excitement, Greg and Mandy had another son, Timothy, two-thirds the way through the year.

Now having three children and a heavy working responsibility, Greg had to work hard to do his Starfleet and Family responsibilities. A change of responsibilities came, though, when a command position opened on the USS Connecticut. Accepting, the Talus family moved there, Greg taking command as a Captain. Gregory remained in command of that vessel for almost two years until a major problem was found in her structural design and, after a refit, was assigned to cargo duty in Federation space.

As 2385 rolled in, word of an open command was found. The USS Providence A had lost its Captain through some odd occurance and Starfleet asked Greg to take command. He accepted and, while awaiting the vessel's return from its mission, found out something from his wife. She was again pregnant, now with a daughter.
SPECIALTIES: Strategies, Security, Basic Warp Theory, Temporal Mechanics
MEDALS: 2010-03-01

Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)

HISTORY: Character Assigned to USS Providence - January 10, 2004
Medal Given on USS Providence - March 1, 2010