Jessy Jane Esquibel

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NAME: Jessy Jane Esquibel
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
: None
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.60
WEIGHT: 56 kilos
HAIR COLOR: ligth Brown
EYE COLOR: Light Brown
HOME: USS Renegado
INTERESTS: I like learning new things will on the academy this bring me alot of troubles since i like it to experiment and investigate things and put them on practice on my Academy years i got my self into the medical wing so many times that i cant even remember from small finger burns to big cuts and puncture lung and liver
FAMILY HISTORY: I didnt realy knew my biologicaly family for what i know they realy love me but there was an atack on the planet where we were at and our house got burn for all i know my parents might be some where or.. ::sighs:: they might be death ::shakes head:: I still have the hope one day i migth find out who are they, all that was me was burn that day who i was got lost consume by the flames... i was rescute by starfleet since they didnt know who i was they send me to a foster home i keep bouncing betwen foster home to foster home i guess i was a bit of a trouble maker by doing experiments and many other things and i was a bit of well i was well still am a little solitary always afraid of loving someone since i didnt want to suffer on loosing any one again.
EDUCATION: I enter a security company at the age of 13 they teached me to brake in any place they make me quite an expert on bypasing and fining ways to enter any place and scape from any where also they teach all type of martial arts and weapons and gadgets.

At the age of 16 i applay for the Starfleet Academy i fail teh first time but succeded the next year.

In there i took more martial arts, tactical advance technics, engenier 101 to 202 requeir for my advace curses of tactical and security i took command courses but i never finish the last curse i took medical courses up to almost the advance level with out getting into medical
CAREER HISTORY: Was a security advisor after been train by the security company to be a tester of the security systems they install it.

And im a Rookie just out of the Starfleet Academy
SPECIALTIES: My speciality is Tactical and Security i can manage any weapon and plot a tactical aproach to a sensitive situation altough hadnt realy got any practice on missions exept on the place i use to work at but this is the mayor leages so i consider my self a rookie
HISTORY: Character Removed from USS Stargazer - January 9, 2012