Gabriel "Matrix" Logan

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NAME: Gabriel "Matrix" Logan
RANK: Civilian -- Civilian
SIMULATION: Star Trek: Renaissance
SPECIES: Hybrid Human (Man/Machine)
HEIGHT: 5' 8''
WEIGHT: 207lbs
EYE COLOR: left blue/right none
HOME: Unknown
  • Way of the Samurai - Gabriel "Matrix" Logan is an avid follower of Bushido, a tenant morality credence dating back to the Zhou Dynasty (256 BCE). As such he lives his life within the confines of the seven virtues: Courage (yuki), Benevolence (jin), Respect (rei), Honesty (makoto), Honour (meiyo) and Loyalty (chug). Though when it comes to the first tenant, that of gi (Recitudue) he finds a morality quandary as he does not believe in a god of the universe, but rather a Writer, one whose words shaped the universe he and all others know. This approach dictates his life as he lives in the simplest of domiciles, grows and lives off the land, and what he can't achieve he creates.

  • Blacksmith/Fabricator - With the responsibilities left to him as the leader of the Resistance, Logan had to teach and train others to live without the Collective's Consciousness (C-Consciousness). Those lost in the Great Exodus had to relearn life, and Logan taught them. How to scavenge, to use what can be found. The instrument of Borg technology and the way it can be used to manipulate and better ones place. In respect, and an offensive measure, Logan began to forge Tritanium Blades, at the beginning only a few after his, but then, as the Resistance began to grow in number and boldness, the Blades became another trademark of a man or woman affiliated with the Resistances. It is also become somewhat of a badge of office within the Syndicate to have such a blade.
  • FAMILY HISTORY: Jacob Michaels Westbrook:
    (Father Figure/Agent "deceased")

    Sion "Xatrix" Logan:
    (Clone/Brother/Borg Collective's King)

    Wolf Torgh Logan:
    (Wife "deceased")

    Xanadashia Torgh:
    (Sister In Law/Klingon Ambassador "lost")
  • Eugenics START Accord - Genetic modification of core sequential caps. Threaded IQ increase, manufactured memories compilation set forum composition labeled ERCCN-115.

  • NextGen Special Operations "Fallen" - Combat Training, Field Agent trade craft, Tactical/Covert Operations, Espionage, Weapons/Vehicle Handling.

  • Klingon Assault Squad "KAS1" - Mok'bara/Bat'leth Combat Specialist
  • Portal of Eternity (Titan/Dark Frontier) - Within the universe lies portals, fabricated in the wake of the Big Bang, each one catering a gift or power within whomever opens it. The Portal of Eternity was the 666th portal in creation, and he/she that which opened was granted the gift over life, death, and time itself. This power associated a hunger in one General Jake "Darkstone" Stevenson (former Commander of the Fallen Unit) who used his influence within the Council (an organization that is the backbone of Federation order), to insight a civil war with Starfleet. His purpose to fracture the Federation's hierarch in order to facilitate his move in collecting one of the keys to opening the Portal of Eternity, the Sword of Eternity, which rested on the planet Janus within the watchful eye of Starbase Epsilon.

    Through the Titan, a Steamrunner Class Vessel, under Command of Thomas Archer, Gabriel "Matrix" Logan convinced the Captain of Stevenson's trial with the civil war, the meaning behind it, and the fight that needed to be waged. Eventually, the Titan circumvented Darkstone's attempts at retrieving the Sword, having to attack their own and forcing Thomas to kill his brother, David.

    With the Titan on his side, Logan sought to improve it while bringing it into the fold of what was left of the Council, modifying the ship beyond its class in order for it to become a match for their next objective, the Eden, Logan's former ship and flagship of Darkstone's Death Hands Fleet. There mission was to rescue the last Eoman, which had taken the form of a young human female by the name of Remku, another key to opening the Portal of Eternity. Onboard, Logan and Stevenson locked into a battle, the General displaying profound strength and agility due to the recombination done to his DNA, accentuating with with that of an Ovon (an inter dimensional species long before assumed to be that which came from Hell). In the end, Logan was victorious, and the Eden was destroyed, but Stevenson's death did not come from Gabriel Logan, but rather his clone, Sion "Xatrix" Logan, revealed to be merely using the General for his own means of claiming the power of Eternity for himself.

    On the edge of battle, the Titan was badly damage, making Sion's intercept of the vessel easy enough. He transported himself to the Bridge, taking back the Sword and stealing a member of Archer's crew as trade for Renku, an Engineer by the name of Jerico Michaels. They would meet for the exchange, the two brothers, at an abandoned Caretaker installation, several lightyears away.

    At the installation, the exchange about to take place, Gabriel Logan thought of his only recourse, killing Renku and, thus destroying Sion's attempts in opening the Portal. However, unknowingly, Jerico was also an Eoman, when Renku died, the blood of his ancestors reacted, his eyes a flair in blue the pain of her death feeling his mind. Sion reacted the moment he Sword of Eternity burned the same colbalt blue, striking out against his brother, sword on sword. The fight nearly destroyed the space station, their blades cutting through most of the support structures, their efforts to kill one another reflecting in impacts and hull breeches across the entire installation. Sion won, slicing Gabriel's left eye, and throwing him into the station's power core, igniting the chain reaction of the facility's destruction. With now the Sword and Jerico, Sion left for the 9th dimension, the home dimension of the Ovons, not seeing his brother rise from the ashes.

    Learning earlier from Renku that the location of the Eternity portal was on Earth, Gabriel instilled the Borg Collective into an alliance, grabbing them as allies for if Sion's attempts were successful, not only the Collective, but the Universe would be destroyed. He appealed to his "mother," the Queen, and together, along with the Titan, transwarped to the Alpha Quadrant where they were met with the entire Federation fleet, joined together at the approaching mass of the Borg Collective. Logan requested talk with Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise, the Federation's flagship. In convincing the Captain of the threat, the Borg Collective and the Federation put aside their animosity, joining together just as the dimensional rift began to break, the red space of the Ovon's ninth dimension giving rise to the hell within.

    The Battle for Earth and Humanity began, Ovon's locking into conflicted with the Federation-Borg ships. Countless ships were lost to the flying devils as they consumed in a wave of black, their fangs cutting into hull, their wings beating against shields, their eyes red like the space they were born from. Sion used this as a diversion to get his ship through the blockade of Federation-Borg and enter Earth's atmosphere. At this, Logan boarded his runabout, the Magna Shi, and gave command of the Titan to Thomas Archer.

    The war above the skies of Earth waged on, the Ovon's bringing out their planet sized destroyers, the three appendage mass locking onto Earth, its mass weapon about to fire. Meanwhile, Gabriel was on course to intercept his brother, finding that Sion's craft was much more faster. As the two entered the airspace of China, Sion faked his brother into crashing into a tall building. Gabriel ejected, his body tumbling in the air, as he turned to face his brother's ship roaring at him, Gabriel took his katana and sliced the right engine from his brother's craft, sending him sprawling down to the remnant's of Kowloon.

    Among the ruins of the forgotten city, the Logan brothers fought, their swords ringing in highlight to the destruction being waged in the skies above. Their sword play hit a stalemate within move and in the midst of launching a maneuver, Gabriel was taken aback as Sion killed Jerico, the sword dashing the blue light of a thousand suns so brightly that it was seen by the crew of the Titan and those still fighting the Ovons above. Then, a pillar erupted several miles away, though, burning so iridescent and so tall that it parted the heavens. The Portal of Eternity was open, awaiting one to step through and be granted the power within.

    Gabriel chased his brother as the Ovon's planet destroyer locked its final appendage, killing millions as its feet touched down in a city and in the ocean. It fired just as Sion entered the Portal, and the Earth, and all life was destroyed. The crew of the Titan watched as the Earth fell in upon itself, the atmosphere dying, the green and blue turning to that of putrid black. In seconds their home turned to a wasteland.

    Gabriel woke from the aftermath, saved via the power of the Eternity Portal, the ground and air around still able to support life, even showing the green grass and trees surrounding. Beyond this brush was nothing but death, the Ovons had won, and were descending upon their new home as the red space above dominated the sky.

    Sion then exited the Portal, his eyes showing something beyond disappointment. In solemn words, Sion explained that only one Logan could obtain the Power of Eternity, their could be only one to find this story's conclusion. In the lasting breath, both drew their swords, the finality of the state exclaimed by the clash of the blades impacting one another. The end signaled as Sion was defeated, his head take from it's shoulders. Wounded and fatigued by the fight, Gabriel entered the white blaze of Eternity.

    On the other side of the Portal, Gabriel met his creator, a being known as The Writer who, within his hands and words created the universe of which Gabriel, Sion, and the Titan dwelled within. The fourth wall, as it was, was broken for a moment as the Writer talked with his creation; the purpose of the story was ultimately to have an end and the Writer let his creation dictate that end as he wrote. And, with that done, Gabriel "Matrix" Logan exited the Portal of Eternity, the Earth made whole, the Federation safe and the universe that was rewrote so that none of the hardships had befallen it. There wasn't a Council, their wasn't war, only peace. It was the world of which Logan found himself in for only mere moments before he died on the steps of Starfleet Academy.

  • Fate and Faith (Star Trek Eternity Season 2) - The Writer knew as he had placed the last words of his story on a page that the ending could not be written. That the idea, as it were, could not die, it flourished in his mind, invading his dreams as he slumbered, and he knew, the only cure, would be to write. For months on end he took to this methodology, finding that within the construct of his words that a new universe was beginning to form, with characters and creations to supplement it. To close out one story and branch to another and another. And in that branching the Writer wrote back in Sion "Xatrix" Logan, giving him the story that was originally envisioned. But darkness cannot exist without light, symbiotic forms of value each equal to one another.

    Evil cannot exist with Good.


  • Tritanium Blade - Expert on bladed weapons including the Klingon Bat'leth and Mek'leth and the Vulcan Lirpa. Logan favors a Tritanium Katana which he keeps on his person in an under draw Dao style sheath which is generally hidden underneath his long coat. He also keeps a foldable smaller wakizashi. The Tritanium Katana has the capability of slicing through shields and absorbing energy, all be it in small portions (phaser /laser equivalent). The absorbed energy is eventually dispersed naturally, due to the natural effects of the tritanium composite. It is also immensely sharp, capable of slicing through starship hull and diamond alloy; though, overuse and poor maintenance will render the edge flat over time.

  • Powered Endoskeleton - Logan's internal skeletal structure, originally of Borg origin, has evolved beyond its original second generation nanomachine constraints which had been, increased power consumption and draw loss. Now, within the seventh generation, the process of use has greatly been modified so that no longer does the user faultier when overdrawn or expelled when power consumption reaches critical. The endoskeleton provides Logan with increased agility, enhanced strength, and renowned endurance, the application of the endoskeleton is, in possibility, also involved with Logan's extended lifetime.

  • Right Optical Unit Ver.2 - Every drone within the Borg Collective of the first and second generation required an optical unit to manipulate and interface into the technology associated. Logan was installed with one, the same as every other drone, though, when he was severed from the Collective, it's purpose had been modified for a more tactical combat approach. During the events of the Portal of Eternity (see Career History) his optical unit was destroyed. Eventually, as time and need pressed, he catered to build another. This one less cumbersome (smaller in size) and powered by Gen 7 nanopower. The unit as it stands now affords Logan the capability to see far off in distances, scan multiple areas of the visible/invisible spectrum, and tactically target and interface with Gen 6 Borg Technology.

  • Seventh Generation Nanomachine - Within Logan's veins, deep inside the black blood cells lies the heart of the seventh generation nanomachine, a construct evolution of the sixth generation which is the current generation of the Borg Collective under Sion "Xatrix" Logan's rule. Highly sought after and greatly feared by the Collective, the Gen 7 is the construct equivalent of perfection. A drone carrying Gen 7 no longer needs to regenerate due to power consumption (use) and does not hold viability to the Orphan Virus. It is the life blood of the Resistance, and key to their survival.

  • The Man in Black - In the mythos of the Delta Quadrant, Gabriel "Matrix" Logan is known as the Man in Black, a figure of some high importance and a man sought for in relation with his leadership of the Resistance (see Career History). When seen, Logan is generally wearing his signature dark long coat, a staple of his look and an echo of his former past. Within the construct underneath the coat lies a series of holsters and sheaths, pockets of both metal and fabric that allow him to carry and conceal a wide range of weaponry and devices including his signature Tritanium Katana, which is generally located on his back and drawn right and underhanded (the hilt point diagonally down). The coat is also a defensive measure, capable of defending the wearer against Class 3 energy weapons (hand phasers) and a multitude of environmental hazards including extreme hots and colds. The collar of the fabric has a constructed collapsable helmet that, acted upon, folds out over the wearer's head and provides additional protection and minor use as an EV Suit, associatively however, it does not replace one. The power associated with these long coats and accessing their functions are all pressed neurally, generally requiring the wearer to have a neural interface of some kind. This simple act of concealment has permeated within the Resistance and the long black coat has been attributed as their uniform and is generally something feared; a status symbol.

    MEDALS: None.
    HISTORY: Character Removed from Dark Frontier - June 13, 2004
    Character Assigned to Dark Frontier - September 29, 2004
    Character Resignation from Dark Frontier - February 6, 2005
    Character Undelete - August 19, 2008
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