Matthew Blackwell

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NAME: Matthew Blackwell
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
: Firewall - Security
AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 230 lbs
HOME: Colony XII Tersis Sector
INTERESTS: Ancient Earth History
Ancient weapons from all cultures

FAMILY HISTORY: matt was orphaned at an early age and basically greew up fending for himself. He took to fighting clubs to earn money to survive. Often taking on boys much older then himself and taking as many beatings as he gave.

The times on the street taught him not only to fend for himself but others as well. He took to protecting the younger kids from other street bullies. Leading his "gang" and making sure they were always fed and cared for. It was these actions that finally caused the local government to take notice.

Matt was cleaned up and educated and had planned to take a job in the government to help the other street kids. However, he felt the call to the stars and wiith some hard work he was accepted to Star Fleet Academy.
EDUCATION: Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Security School
Starfleet Special Operations School
CAREER HISTORY: Matt struggled through the Academy but once he arrived at the Security School. He excelled at al of his classes and objectives. His instructors noticing both his abilities and his natural leadership graduated him at the top of his class and sent him to Special Operations School with an immediate promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Again he took to the schooling like a fish to water. Thriving on the challenges, the duties.....everything. His confidence and abilities soon had even older and higher ranked students flocking to him. He led his groups to an amazing 98% victory rate in the war games.

He was decorated upon graduation and assigned to his first ship with glowing reccomendations. Serving on the USS Chesty Puller he learned a great deal from his Security Chief. Absorbing those lessons that you are taught in no classroom. The things needed to properly run a security detachment aboard a starship. He quickly became the security departments second in command giving him real experience on the later shifts in running a department.

After a year and a half his promotion to lieutenant came through and with it a transfer. He was now assigned to the USS Audie Murphy as CSEC. He then realized that everything he had learned was only the beginning. He served on the Murphy for four years. Their missions mainly in the badlands and in the "seedy" parts of the galaxy. Dealing with criminals and traitors. He was wounded several times but the experience and training was well worth a few scars.

When the Murphy was decommissioned he was transferred to the USS Daniel Daly with a recommendation for promotion to Lieutenant Commander. After only a few months his new captain had decided to push for the promotion.

It was aboard the daly that Matt met pamela. She was a Lieutenant Junior Grade and a fine security officer. They met while sparring and were soon inseparable. They were talking about marriage and family and a future. That was until the incident.

After a rather excruciating mission on an outer colony. One involving protection of the UFP officers assigned to the planet from angry separatist mobs. After all personell were evacuated the security forces were beamed aboard. Upon arrivla Pamela dropped from her bag right onto the deck, a highly illegal nerve disruptor pistol. The weapon was banned by the federation due to its cruel nature. The officers in the transporter room hadn't seen who dropped it so when asked. Matt stepped forward and said it was his.

The court martial was swift and due to his stellar record he avoided brig time. However he was busted down to ensign and was now a marked man. he drifted from ship to ship. sliding into depression and never finding a home. He slowly gained some rank back but no captain seemed to want to trust him with another department command. He couldn't blame them...

He was wondering wether he should just leave the fleet after this last assignment......
SPECIALTIES: Hand to hand Comabat
Melee Weapons
HISTORY: Character Created - April 10, 2005
Character Assigned to USS Aquinas - April 10, 2005
Promotion on USS Aquinas - September 14, 2007 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Character Resignation from USS Aquinas - August 18, 2009
Character Deletion - February 17, 2010
Character Undelete - February 9, 2013