Mobeus Chronox

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NAME: Mobeus Chronox
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
: None
SPECIES: Human/Eaan
AGE: 30
WEIGHT: 65.7Kg
HOME: Luna
INTERESTS: In the past Mobeus enjoyed honing his telepathic and psychokinetic skills as well as socializing. These days he prefers solitary pursuits such as reading, meditation and exploring his own past.
FAMILY HISTORY: Children: None
Spouse: None

Mother: Iris Relix [MIA]
Species: Human
Father: Esgal Chronox [MIA]
Species: Eaan

Mobeus has one sister, Catherine, and one brother David, fraternal twins. Catherine and David were joined psychically at birth and when she died David lost his mind, killed two ambassadorial staff at the Federation Embassy on Qo?noS and nearly took his own life before being subdued. A court-martial found him not guilty due to mental instability and sentenced him to life in the Aurora IV Starfleet mental rehabilitation center.

Personal History
Mobeus was born in 2354 on the USS Telperion to Iris and Esgal Chronox and lived there until the ship was lost with all hands were lost in the Beta Quadrant during a survey mission. Mobeus was found alone in the only escape pod to be found from the Telperion with no clear memory of what happened to the vessel. Following the loss of the Telperion Mobeus went to live with his maternal grandparents in New Berlin on Luna. Mobeus attended school in New Berlin until his acceptance to the academy in 2370. He was preceded there by both his brother and his sister both of whom graduated well before he applied or was accepted.

While attending the academy Mobeus studied engineering and security with an emphasis on intelligence, the latter at the insistence of his advisors due to his telepathic and psychokinetic talents. While there he was cited several times for violations of regulations and tampering with academy computer systems and placed on probation once. Following his graduation he was assigned to the USS Ranger as an assistant engineer but was reassigned shortly there after to the USS Exodus as a security officer. Mobeus served on the Exodus for several years eventually rising to the rank of Commander before transferring voluntarily to the academy as a professor of Engineering.

After several months serving in the academy engineering department Mobeus was approached by intelligence with a special mission, the investigation and elimination of threats to the United Federation of Planets both internal and external. To aid in the execution of his mission Mobeus was given command of the Defiant Class USS Ixion and a covert intelligence unit. Their primary target of interest was the shadow agency known as section 31, unfortunately the rogue agency proved to be too great an adversary for the small unit and after a crippling defeat in which the ship and its commanding officer were lost the unit was disbanded and its members reassigned to other duties.

Far from being destroyed the Ixion and its commanding officer were incapacitated and captured by section 31 infiltrators. Taken hostage for almost two years Mobeus eventually escaped and found drifting through space aboard a crippled runabout by the civilian trading vessel Martha?s Cupcake. When found Mobeus had no memory of who he was or where he had been but could inexplicably rip out, improve and replace the antiquated equipment aboard the Cupcake with little more than duct tape, string and couple of old toothpicks. Mobeus stayed with the Cupcake and its crew for several more months before their activities returned them to the vicinity of Federation Space and Earth where a quick conversation with the computers in the UFP?s central medical database confirmed Mobeus? identity and he was turned over to Starfleet security at the nearest outpost.

During the next several months Mobeus underwent debriefing, medical treatment and telepathic therapy to try to help him recover some of his memories. Unfortunately little could be recovered beyond his most basic memories relating to his life before Starfleet, and personality. Another casualty of his apparent torture and attempted mental reconditioning at the hands of Section 31 was his rather powerful Telepathic and Psychokinetic abilities. Mobeus found that upon his return that he could no longer use them consciously and his mind shows little indication of weather he will ever recover their use. He continues to attend therapy and meditates privately upon personal objects in the hopes of fully recovering some day. Mobeus has been cleared for full active duty but has been administratively demoted to the rank of ensign in keeping with his reduced experience and his security clearances revoked in light of the new security concern the secrets and mysteries his mind contains represent.
EDUCATION: K-5 USS Telperion
5-12 New Berlin School System
Starfleet Academy
CAREER HISTORY: Graduated Starfleet Academy
Accepted to Starfleet Academy 2370
Graduates Starfleet Academy December 17, 2374
Posted to USS Ranger Engineering
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Posted to USS Exodus Security
Promoted to Lieutenant
Transfers to USS Exodus Engineering
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Temporary leave of absence one year
Returns to duty USS Exodus
Promoted to Commander
Transferred to Starfleet Academy Engineering Education
Posted to USS Ixion Commanding Officer
[Entries Classified Alpha 1 Clearance Required]
Starfleet Medical Physical/Mental Rehabilitation
Starfleet Academy Reeducation
Posted to USS Stargazer
SPECIALTIES: Honorary Doctorate in Engineering for his work in Theoretical warp physics and Artificial Intelligence while working on the USS Exodus. Led a covert intelligence taskforce with a myriad of goals.
HISTORY: Character Created - July 9, 2005
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer - July 9, 2005
Character Removed from USS Stargazer - January 9, 2012