Michael Softwood

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NAME: Michael Softwood
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: eric.reithel@xxxx.xxx
: Psychiatric Health
SPECIES: Human (Irish and Italian)
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5'11
HOME: Earth, North America, Chicago
INTERESTS: Michael Softwood enjoys playing the saxophone and jazz music. Singing is also a hobby he pursues, though admittedly, he's not very good at it. He holds a fondness for cooking, bartending/mixing drinks, and throwing the occasional party every now and then for friends and co-workers. When alone and available with some free time, he also spends hours in the holodeck honing his shooting skills in various simulations (although using his downtime on the holodeck to visit the occasional vacation planet simulation is not out of the question either). While not on duty or the holodeck, Ensign Softwood can usually be found contained in his quarters practicing his saxophone, listening to music, or reading while watching after his Shih Tzu dog, Dottie.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Gregory Softwood [Deceased]
-Age: 51 (at time of death)
-Notes: Died of respiratory and, susequently, pulmonary failure. Worked in maintence of Communications Ports throughout the northwest Indiana region prior to death.

Mother: Margaret "Mugsy" Softwood
-Age: 56
-Notes: Mugsy currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago, in northwest Indiana (near the rest of Softwood's family). She owns and runs her own flower shop specializing in wedding arrangements. She also nutures and cares for the oldest of the beloved pets of the family, Missy and Deuce.

Sibling: Jonathan Softwood
-Age: 29
-Status and whereabouts currently unknown. Contact was lost during the Dominion War while vacationing. The search for them, as well as other potential survivors from various Dominion attacks, is still ongoing. Presumed deceased.

Pets: 3 dogs
--Missy, Shih Tzu (female; mother of three litters, 14 puppies total; currently spaded; 14 years old)
--Deuce, Shih Tzu (male; second born of third litter; currently neutered; 9 years old)
--Dottie, Shih Tzu (female; third born of third litter; currently spaded; 9 years old)
EDUCATION: Entered Starfleet Academy at age 16 as a Science major, Psychology minor. Changed it after being hospitalized freshman year in a bar fight.

In the beginning of his Sophomore year, declared new major as Security/Tactical, but retained Science minor "out of respect for his mother."
CAREER HISTORY: Currently is serving on board the USS Phoenix: position held One year (combined).
--Initial assignment to serve on Starbase 1130 as Assistant Security Officer.
--Served on Starbase 1130 for two years and four month until its destruction by an entity called 'The Man in Black.'
--One of four survivors from Starbase 1130 (includes his pet Shih Tzu dog, Dottie).
--After his rescue from Starbase 1130, joined the USS Phoenix to successfully defend the Federation against the entity known only as 'The Man in Black.'
--Led the Away Mission to a derelict Federation vessel, the USS Jupiter, and rescued its only survivor, Lt.(J.g.) Martin Kenai.
--Witnessed the death of his superior officer, Lt. Cmdr. Jaza Ranul, while on the USS Jupiter.
--Briefly took command of the USS Jupiter to aid in the battle against the Man in Black's fleet with then-Ensign Martin Kenai, the USS Phoenix's then-Chief of Engineering.
--Took part in the Away Mission to the Man in Black's Dreadnought ship that led to the apparent death of the Man in Black, thus saving the Federation from complete annihilation.
--At the reception for his promotion to Lt.(J.g.), believing the Man in Black's mind to still exist, he threatened the life of his superior officer, Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Flynn, and attacked and broke the arm of a fellow officer, Ens. Emily Aikman. He was ultimately acquitted of charges against him, largely in thanks to the testimony of Ens. Aikman at his tribunal.
--Took an extended Leave-of-Absence after the trial, residing in Portland, Oregon.
--Re-assigned the USS Tesla, a science vessel, as a security officer.
--After four years, requested and granted a transfer back to the USS Phoenix.
SPECIALTIES: Incredibly gifted in Analytical Science Research.
Specializes in Weapons Training and numerous Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques.
Skilled sniper and marksman.
Also is proficient with various alien race weaponry and fighting styles; particularly Klingon blade weapons.
Proficient, although not specialized, in Ship Tactical training.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 7, 2005
Character Assigned to USS Phoenix - August 8, 2005
Promotion on USS Phoenix - December 20, 2005 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Character Removed from USS Phoenix - March 16, 2007
Character Deletion - May 17, 2007
Character Deletion - July 16, 2008
Character Undelete - September 3, 2009
Character Deletion - March 5, 2010
Character Assigned to USS Phoenix - March 12, 2010
Promotion on USS Phoenix - June 13, 2010 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Character Removed from USS Phoenix - October 14, 2011