James Bauer

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NAME: James Bauer
RANK: Starfleet -- Captain
EMAIL: FSFBourne@xxxx.xxx
: Recurring Characters
AGE: 30
WEIGHT: 165 lbs
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: James oves to rock climb on the holodeck when he gets the chance, his favourite program being 'K2' a mountian that was famous in the early 2000's. He also loves to go on long hikes, around the arctic, and can often be seen running around the ship, keeping his fitness levels up, or, hanging around some obscure department, James loves to learn all the information he can, he feels if something should go wrong ona mission, everyone should know as many jobs as they can, so they csan pitch in whereever neccesary.
FAMILY HISTORY: Early Childhood

On a warm afternoon in the winter of 2360, James Mathew Bauer was born to parents John and Marie. His father was a Starfleet Engineer and his mother, once a school teacher, now took the decision to stay at home, nursing there newborn full time. Being child of a Starfleet Engineer had its own unique set of advantages, right alongside the equally challenging disadvantages. One the plus side he got to learn about ships and mechanics from a very early age, his first memories are his Dad dragging him through the Jeffries tubes of a Galaxy Class Star ship, explaining what all the different controls and panels were for and also how one would go about fixing them.
While his mother disapproved, feeling James would be swayed later in life and choose a life of Federation service rather than freely choosing a career he truly wanted, she kept quiet. She would watch her two favourite people go off each morning and have dinner ready for them when they returned that same evening, the Bauer family were truly happy.

Borg Uprising of 2370:

During the longest tour of duty he had ever served, John Bauer was called upon to serve on the USS Apollo for a mission of great universal importance. The Borg, now long thought destroyed, had risen up once again and were once again deemed to be a threat to the peace that was once again spreading throughout the Galaxy. The USS Apollo was leading a task force of ships, the largest ever assembled by the Federation.
On the outskirts of the Alpha Quadrant the battle waged for 5 days, ships on both sides fell while each played its own game of cat and mouse, one side would attack while the other would mount a defence and counter the offense, this went on until both sides were down to one ship, The USS Apollo and a Borg cube. These two ships fought on for a further day, closing in on Earth as the Borg began to gain an advantage, it wasn’t until John Bauer took command that the tide once again began to sway in favour of the Federation. In a last ditch effort for victory the USS Apollo ejected its warp core directly in to the crippled Borg Cube. John Bauer stood tall as the last crew member on board to ensure the job was done, unable to reach the last escape pod in time and with a crippled ship, the USS Apollo was caught in the cataclysmic explosion, engulfed in the flames and shockwave. John Bauer had died a hero, forever to be remembered by Federation history.

Teen Years:

John Bauer’s death had all but destroyed Marie Bauer’s faith in the Federation. As soon as her husband was memorialised forever she moved her family back home, the home where she had grown up in, on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York. It was a large house that would have offered any other teenage boy the freedom to do as he pleased, but instead, unable to deal with the tragedy of losing his father, James retreated in to a private little world of his own. Reading books had been his salvation, study his only friend. He spent almost his entire teenage years studying or walking, he found long walks through the thick wilderness that surrounded his home offered him the privacy to finally let his emotions flow. For the longest time it was the only place he would allow himself to cry, ensuring no one saw his vulnerability, to the outside world he was just another introvert teenager.


2360 - Born Buffalo, Earth
2370 - Father killed in Borg attack on Earth
2371 - Mother moves family back to the family home in Buffalo
2378 - Joins Starfleet Academy
2379 - Switches Majors, now focusing on Security instead of Engineering. Spends Sophomore year on Starbase 23
2382 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
2383 - Assigned to the USS Neptune, Assistant Security Officer
2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - Transfer to the USS Providence, Assistant Security Officer
2388 - Promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Security Officer.
2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2391 - Transfer to Deep Space Nine - Chief of Security Operations in the Bajoran sector, Promoted to Commander
EDUCATION: Joining Starfleet:

James had not taken the decision to join Starfleet lightly, his Father was killed in action leaving his mother and him to live out their lives with those memories forever. He knew deep down his mother objected the decision, yet she showed nothing but love and support. Her words often comforted James on his first few nights in the packed Dorms, it had been his first time away from home and his first time any interaction was forced, not chosen. Usually shying away from contact he often struggled with the simplest of exchanges, his shy, lonely side winning over more often than not resulting in him grunting or mis-forming sentences.

Changing Study Major:

After his first year was over, James received word that his scores in the Engineering field which he hoped to finally serve had not come in as expected, and that despite anyone being able to explain it, his grasp of Security and Tactical systems was off the chart. Although he had thrown his life in to studying engineering, Security operations come with the greatest of ease. After spending a long, hot summer working he came back for his second year with a new head on his shoulders, now even more determined than ever, he was going to be a Security officer.

Starbase 23:

During his sophomore year James spent his required duty time on board Starbase 23, deep in the neutral zone far from anything safe he kind of enjoyed the thought of being close to the Romulans, probably the longest standing enemy of the Federation. The sense of danger and excitement from the simplest of task enthused James, so much so that he was often ordered off duty to sleep and catch up on things other than work.
Though his time on Starbase 23 went fast and without incident, James learned a valuable lesson about balancing work and pleasure. Throwing himself at his work like he had done since his childhood would work no more, he needed to focus and balance out his life, deal with the things that haunt him and move forward within himself.


James’ lack of focus on subjects that were not his desired career goal had caused him some trouble through his time at the Academy, he would take on every Security or Tactical exercise with great enthusiasm. Yet when it came to engineering or operations, he would sit back and cruise through, eventually to the point where he risked failing.
It was this disregard that landed James right in the middle of his grading class. He graduated within the four years as planned and was badged as a member of Starfleet in front of his mother, who could not hold back the tears of joy, almost crying out with pride when his name was finally announced.

Joining his first ship as an Ensign was a great culture shock for James, after changing from being a child aboard ships to being stuck on Earth, then again for the Academy and now once again, being allowed the freedom that one is permitted when permanently assigned to a position within Starfleet. None of his fellow graduates had deemed the USS Neptune a worthy assignment, all holding out for the Sovereign class battle ships, right at the edge of federation technology. James on the other hand was pleased to have the chance to serve with an older, more experienced ship. Excelsior class ships were at the very end of there lifespan, the USS Neptune was the only one left in the fleet and had been converted to house more scientific laboratories and bio-experiments than crew readying for the next battle. Although the crew knew they were in little danger, they still maintained the readiness level required as of regulation. Captain Norcho’so would not have it any other way. It was Captain Norcho’so that taught James a lot about being a Starfleet officer, just watching the man seemed to inspire the crew, his every move was right, and he commanded greatness because he expected no less of himself. It was with a heavy heart that James accepted his transfer to the USS Providence and it was only Norcho’so’s guidance that helped him make the decision not only for himself, but for his future.

USS Providence:

During one of the USS Neptune’s final assignments, James had received word of his transfer. He was to report to the USS Providence as the new Assistant Security Officer. Leaving had been hard and starting with a completely new family had been harder. Getting to know his new Captain, Gregory Talus and the rest of the crew had come slowly. He only served on the Providence a year before the CSEC was transferred out and the Captain saw him as the replacement. Receiving a promotion to full Lt. and now running a whole department had come with its own set of challenges, the diversity of his teams and funnelling information from Command through the ranks and then back the other way had been one of the most difficult skills to pick up, for the first few months of his assignment he would often spend his off-duty time locked in his quarters just enjoying the silence. After a year as the Chief he had become accustom to the troubles they would face, trials and tribulations the crew faced together, they stood as one through what ever was thrown at them.

Deep Space Nine:

His promotion to Commander and assignment to Deep Space Nine had come at great surprise to James, approached during some downtime on Earth he was quick to consult his Captain, someone whose judgement he trusted. After some stern words of advice James took his assignment, now working as Chief of Security Operations in the Bajoran Sector James had a whole new set of problems to worry about. Not only was he having to worry about a whole crew of people reporting directly to him, he was aiding in the coordination of Operations throughout the sector, ensuring things run smooth without incursion or trouble was down to him. His job now meant life or death for more than just one ship, a mistake at a vital point could let a fleet slip by and take down the Federation as he knew it. It was this added pressure that caused James to begin loosing sleep, his stress levels rose and he began to suffer from anxiety attacks. The stations doctor put him on medication and since then, thankfully, things had died down. Through his ordeal he had let his work slip and was finally able to focus once again at the job in hand. Defending the Federation.
SPECIALTIES: Excels in intelligence gathering, and distribution of tasks,Has become completely adapted to tactical controls on all types of systems, he continuued learning after the academy, practicing on the different types of tactical displays and configurations. On his previous assignment he was known as 'razor' for his sharp, precise way of doing things.
MEDALS: 2010-03-01

Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - August 12, 2005
Character Assigned to Dark Frontier - August 12, 2005
Promotion on Dark Frontier - October 22, 2005 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Character Removed from Dark Frontier - July 22, 2006
Character Deletion - September 23, 2006
Character Undelete - August 28, 2007
Character Undelete - August 30, 2007
Character Assigned to USS Providence - September 1, 2007
Promotion on USS Providence - August 31, 2008 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Promotion on USS Providence - March 7, 2009 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Promotion on USS Providence - November 7, 2009 - Commander from Lieutenant Commander
Medal Given on USS Providence - March 1, 2010