Garek Scott

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NAME: Garek Scott
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Flight Controller
: Operations
SPECIES: Human / Cardassian
AGE: 28
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: Garek enjoys spending his free time amongst his friends and family. He grew up in a very loving an accepting community to a proud and prominent father. Being a part of numerous social gatherings throughout his lifetime helped him to quickly hone his interpersonal skills.

Things changed quickly for Garek upon his entrance into the new Starfleet Academy satellite school, where he wasn't so openly accepted by his classmates due to his appearance (and the known history that exists between the Cardassian Union and the Federation).

He still managed to retain a fairly active social life, being a member of various student-run organizations (Musicians Member, Springball, Creative Culinary Club).

Garek first became interested in flight control when an unforeseen incident forced him to take the helm of a shuttlecraft as a teenager.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Durek (AKA - "Christophe James Verräter")
-Age: 63
-Occupation: Retired Communications Specialist
-Notes: Garek's father, Durek, was the grandson of a Cardassian (Garek's great-grandfather) who deflected to the Federation during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Because of this deflection, Durek, as like his father before him, was raised as a human with the appearance and alias of a human, Christophe James Verräter. Growing up, he was never made aware of his true heritage out of fear of retribution from the Cardassian Military/Obsidian Order. However, with the fall of Cardassia Prime at the end of Dominion War, Durek's father (Garek's grandfather) finally informed him of his family's true past before dying. After overcoming the initial emotional struggle and ultimate acceptance of this fact, Durek, out of respect for his grandfather's sacrifice for the Federation, altered his appearance and legally changed his name to reflect that of his proper geneology.

Mother: Robyn Michelle Jones-Verräter
-Age: 58
-Notes: Garek's mother, Robin Verräter, was previously married to Nicholas Jones, with whom she had two daughters (Garek's half-sisters), Melissa and Kaitlin. After Jones' death, Robyn, on a chance encounter, met Durek. After just over a year of courtship, Robin remarried to Durek. Within two years of marriage, Garek was born.

Half-Sister: Melissa Jones
-Age: 35
-Occupation: Freelance Artist/Sculptor
-Notes: Emily is currently spending her life as an artist, traveling throughout the galaxy painting and sculpting abstract imagery of hope and courage for the United Federation of Planets.

Half-Sister: Kaitlin Jones-Baltzer
-Age: 32
--Spouse: Earl Ray Baltzer
--Age: 36
----Daughter: Grace Elizabeth Baltzer
----Age: 9
----Daughter: Avery Rose Baltzer
----Age: 7
-Notes: Kaitlin met her current husband just out of high school. After a long courtship through Kaitlin's college years, she and Earl finally married and settled down to begin a family. They have two children, Grace and Avery. Kaitlin and her family currently reside on the Prometheus Colony near her parents.

Other Family Notes:
--Garek's family are fiercely protective of him, given Durek's tumultuous family history.
--Garek's decision to join Starfleet is the current cause of much concern amongst his family, as only his father Durek initially approved of his decision.

Personal Notes on Garek Scott:
--Garek's given name is that of his great-grandfather, who deflected to the United Federation of Planets from the Cardassian Military during the Occupation of Bajor.
--Garek's surname, Verräter, is from the Earth language German for "traitor." Garek's great-grandfather was given this name to use as his alias by a member of the Obsidian Order who, at the time, was posing as a member of Starfleet Intelligence. Luckily, this agent was discovered before an assassination attempt could be made, but Garek's great-grandfather kept the name as a show of defiance to Central Command.
EDUCATION: Garek applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy immediately upon graduating high school, where he graduated in top 10% of his class. His majors at the Academy were Helm/Flight Procedures and Ship Tactical Combat Training with a minor in Counseling Studies/Psychology.
CAREER HISTORY: Previously served on the USS Magistrate as Third Shift Helmsman, and the USS Endeavor as Chief Flight Controller.
SPECIALTIES: Of all the the cadets his graduating year, Garek ranked within the top 5% of his fellow Flight School classmates, and within the top 10% of his fellow graduating Tacticians.

Garek added a minor in Counseling Studies/Psychology in junior year at the Academy. His coursework focused primarily on historical discrimination, xenophobia, and coping with the emotional spectrum various races experience when encountering such discrimination.
HISTORY: Character Created - November 14, 2005
Character Assigned to USS Magistrate - November 14, 2005
Character Resignation from USS Magistrate - April 5, 2006
Character Deletion - October 5, 2006
Character Undelete - November 12, 2006
Character Deletion - May 14, 2007
Character Deletion - July 16, 2008
Character Undelete - September 3, 2009
Character Deletion - March 5, 2010
Character Assigned to USS Endevour - March 12, 2010