Ephraim Renais

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NAME: Ephraim Renais
RANK: Starfleet -- Commodore
EMAIL: fsfwasaga@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer
: USS Raptor Command Staff
SPECIES: Human/Kantarian
AGE: 35
HEIGHT: 5' 9
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
HOME: Kantare II
INTERESTS: Ephraim enjoys old Earth detective and police scenarios on the holodeck and can sometimes be found participating in one durring his free time. He's also known to play poker on many occasions, having picked up the game while he was in the academy.
FAMILY HISTORY: Has a twin sister named Eirika. Both were born to Linda and Revaka Renais in 2350.

Linda Renais died in a mountain climbing accident on Kantare II in 2361 and Revaka Renais died in 2363 during a government coup, leaving the twins orphaned.

Both Eirika and Ephraim joined Starfleet Academy in 2366. Eirika is currently a Lieutenant Commander and Chief Operations Officer on the USS Cruiser.

Ephraim has recently proposed to Captain Brenna Blacklance, CO of the USS Raptor and found out that she is carrying their child.
EDUCATION: Ephraim joined the academy in 2366, majoring in tactical and security. Graduated in 2370 at 23rd of his class.
CAREER HISTORY: Upon graduation from the academy, Ephraim was assigned as a security officer on the USS Melbourne.

Was promoted in 2372 to Lieutenant JG and assigned to Starbase 210's Starfleet Ranger unit. When war against the Klingons broke out in 2373, Ephraim's unit was assigned to rescue 32 Starfleet officers that were captured when the Klingons captured Starbase 24. Was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor for his actions durring the rescue and subsequent retaking of the station.

When war broke out against the Dominion in 2374, Starfleet assigned Ephraim to the USS Essex as Chief Security/Tactical Officer and promoted him to Lieutenant. Was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for actions taken including taking command of the USS Essex when both her first officer and captian were killed by a direct torpedo hit to the main bridge durring the 1st Battle of Chin'toka. Led an away team to the surface of a moon in the Tohvun System and captured the lone survivor of a crashed Dominion attack ship that the USS Essex had sucessfully defeated in battle, a then Sixth Orat'Aran.

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and awarded the Dominion War Service Medal in 2376. Was subsequently assigned to the USS Galaxy, continuing in his role as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

When the Federation fell into civil war in 2385, the USS Galaxy retreated to Starbase 612 and defected to Original Federation vessels guarding the Starbase. When the USS Pacific arrived to assist in the escort of supplies to nearby Starbase 621, Admiral Janeway ordered the USS Galaxy, USS Strike, and USS Deimos to the supply convoy and subsequent escort of the Pacific back to Starbase Adelphi. Ephraim was ordered to transfer to the Pacific and become liason officer between forces under her command and forces at Starbase Adelphi.

Durring the trip to the Barrick's Wormhole, the Pacific and her escorts came under attack from a New Federation wolf pack. The battle crippled the Pacific, incapacitating her captian, Micheal Candia. Ephraim took command of the Pacific and continued to proceed to Starbase Adelphi. Was subsequently promoted to Captian and given command of Starbase Adelphi upon his arrival.
SPECIALTIES: Ephraim is a noted marksman, scoring high in both Type II and Type III phaser qualifications at the academy. These high scores continued to be shown on subsequent annual requalification shoots.

Kantarian twins are naturally telepathic and both Ephraim and Eirika share a telepathic bond between each other. Unfortunately due to their human genes, they are unable to communicate telepathically with anyone except each other.
MEDALS: 2007-11-22

Meritorious Medal of Defense


Starfleet Starburst

HISTORY: Character Created - February 24, 2006
Character Assigned to Starbase Adelphi - February 27, 2006
Promotion on Starbase Adelphi - November 19, 2007 - Fleet Captain from Captain
Medal Given on Starbase Adelphi - November 22, 2007
Medal Given on Starbase Adelphi - November 22, 2007
Character Removed from Starbase Adelphi - February 25, 2008
Character Assigned to Starfleet Delta - June 6, 2008