Sara Richardsons

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NAME: Sara Richardsons
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
: Bridge
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: Strategy games, anything involving sharp objects and shooting things, music

Sara and Zara were daddy's girls from the day they were born and would have been spoiled to death had their mother not set her foot down. The two girls grew up with parents who made them earn everything, not spoiled by the family resources. They had strong relationships with their parents. Their father, continuing the tradition started in his family of teaching the children martial arts, started his two girls young at the family trade. Both adapted quickly and enjoyed this time with their father.
When Sara entered grade school she immediately loved her teacher and kindergarten, but as the years moved on things increasingly showed that she was different from the other kids. Her twin, Zara, seemed to blend in well, but Sara seemed to become more and more an ourcast, even though she stayed close to her sister.

She had something that most of them didn't. She had the ability to be herself. She found a love in music and learned to think for herself over those years. Aside from the fights she got in, she usually won the fist fights and cornered the verbal fights. Zara usualy stayed quiet and avoided the fights, more peaceful.

Teenage Years:

Sara continued to be different and gradually grew away from her father. She went from a daddy's girl to a stubborn, independent, young woman. Forced to continue her martial arts with her sister, they had daily spars, Sara winning most of them, yet something told her that her sister was holding back. When Zara was especially upset after having a rought day Sara tended to get a beating, even though Zara never used her full strength. She loved to think, read, and write. She found her father's training in martial arts allowed her to guess the next move and make a quick choice to either block the move, attack, or both. She loved to fight and she continued using the weapons she had grown up knowing how to use.

She graduated from High School with High Honors and went directly to the Academy with her sister, Zara

Adult Years:

After she graduated from the Academy she was assigned to the USS Intrada as Chief Tactical Officer. She enjoyed her job thourghally, getting to shoot things was always a thrill for her.

She never did get to know many of the other crew members on the Intrada, staying to herself mostly. During one of her missions she was sent with the XO of the ship to investigate things happening near the neutral zone. Their shuttle came under attack and a console blue right next to her, killing Sara almost instantly.

The life of Sara Richardsons had drawn to a close... Or had it?
EDUCATION: Sara majored in tactical and security in the Academy and took minor courses in engineering and programming. She wasn't perfect in her courses but she always managed to make the top 10 in her class. She always told herself she wasn't that good as a motivation, but if someone else told her she wasn't good she showed them just how good she really was.

She hardly ever socialized and concentrated purely on studying. Her schedule was so full of studying and work she hardly had time to socialize. She didn't see the point of it so outside of her room mate and her sister she made few friends while she was there.
CAREER HISTORY: USS Intrada - Lieutenant Commander
USS Stennis - Ensign
SPECIALTIES: Tactical, Security, hand-to-hand combat, shooting things, making things explode
MEDALS: 2008-04-22

Combat Action Ribbon


Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - May 6, 2006
Character Assigned to USS John C. Stennis - May 7, 2006
Promotion on USS John C. Stennis - February 16, 2007 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - April 22, 2008
Promotion on USS John C. Stennis - May 4, 2008 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medal Given on USS John C. Stennis - January 31, 2012
Character Removed from USS John C. Stennis - July 2, 2013