Cyi Ainari

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NAME: Cyi Ainari
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
: Engineering
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'11
EYE COLOR: sea green
INTERESTS: Cyi is a lover of the arts, music, and dance. He is known to waste hourse playing on his lyre or telharp (a Fyian telepathic instrument).
FAMILY HISTORY: Son of Emperor Juir of Fy and his 2nd wife, the Queen Dela. Cyi has 2 older half-brothers: Crown Prince DuJuir and Prince Hodo, and 14 sisters.

Running from an arranged marriage, Cyi hijacked a personal page Yacht and headed for the uncharted sector of the universe.
CAREER HISTORY: "Cyi should be considered fit for duty. I should be noted that Officer Ainari has a very lithe skeletal system and muscles, something he assures us is normal for his species. His bone stucture is almost avian in its lack of density. He has been treated for broken bones on 2 occasions, once during basic combat training and again after sustaining a fall in Engineering. During in entrance physical it was noted that he has a very complex neurological make up and future CMOs should be cautious when administering drugs. Very little is know about Fyian physiology but it seems his people has extreme sensitivity to loud noises, changes in tempterature and air pressure, and physical pain all of which can be attributed to the efficicany and shear number of neuroreceptors. Initial testing confirmed the following: Low level stun has High level effect of Cyi. High level stun would more than likely be fatal. Signs of overheating was shown at 90 degrees; signs of hyperthermia was shown at 30 degrees. For the above mentioned reasons, caution should be considering Mr. Ainari for away missions where the enivorment is considered hostile."
-- CDR. Nevidar, CMO USS Agrippa
SPECIALTIES: Cyi is a Fyian,a humaniod race in the delta quadrent. They have a slight build and have colored cat-like eye slits instead of pupils with no iris. They are extremely sensitive people, excellent hearing and superb eyesight, even in the dark. They are extremely sensitive to changes in the physical condition, temperature, airpressure etc. and tend to dislike physical touch. They become cold/hot very easliy and dont endure 'extreme' temperatures very well.

Physically they are weaker than humans on average, tending to lean more towards the 'flee' than 'fight' side of things. They are telepathic and telekinetic to differing degrees. The Royal Family tending to produce the stronger levels. The regularly augment their physical strength by lifting most things with their mind. The major drawback to this is the concentration need to lift object. The smaller or heavier the object the more concentration needed. Lifting a ball would be easier than a needle or a dense rock. Do to the concentration needed, it is near impossible to for a Fyian to lift something outside its line of vision. (It could like a rock several meters away that it could see but not a feather behind it). They also cannot pinpoint a mind they cannot see since they have no empathic abilities. If communicating with something outside their range of vision, they have to project their thoughts in all direction, meaning any telepath could 'hear them. They chose not to do this often for obvious reasons.
HISTORY: Character Created - May 15, 2006
Character Assigned to USS Raptor: Delta Quadrant - May 15, 2006
Character Removed from USS Raptor: Delta Quadrant - October 6, 2006
Character Deletion - December 10, 2006
Character Undelete - February 22, 2007
Character Assigned to USS Magistrate - February 23, 2007
Graduation - March 17, 2007
Promotion on USS Magistrate - August 31, 2007 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Character Removed from USS Magistrate - November 28, 2009
Character Assigned to Starbase Adelphi - February 6, 2010
Character Deletion - March 10, 2011
Character Undelete - April 16, 2011
Character Assigned to Epsilon Station - April 19, 2011
Character Removed from Epsilon Station - December 10, 2012