Trajan O'Malley

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NAME: Trajan O'Malley
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
: Medical
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 5'11
EYE COLOR: Color changes with mood
HOME: Dublin, Ireland, Earth
INTERESTS: Trajan excels in anything logical. 3-Dimentional Chess is something that Trajan has a closet obsession with. It was the only thing fun that his father would allow him to do with his free time. Or with his friends.

Trajan also enjoys martial arts and sword fighting as a way to relieve stress. He also takes his health very seriously and has himself on a strict diet.
FAMILY HISTORY: Trajan was born on Earth before the Fall and as such had a decent first year of life. His parents, Brian (BREE-an) and Flannery O'Malley, both Starfleet officers, enjoyed their bundle of joy but when the war started Trajan grew up with his paternal grandparents, Colm and Maeve, until fleeing Earth, giving him a light Irish brogue.

During the war his mother died leaving just his father to care for Trajan, his grandparents too old to move farther out into space. In doing so, Trajan was taught the way of Starfleet and its protocalls at an early age. Brian, devestated by his wife's death, changed from bright and happy to brooding and alcoholic.

One night while Trajan was away on a medical rescue mission, his father impregnated a local prostitute and recieved a daughter nine months later. Wanting nothing to do with the child, Trajan was forced to raise his half-sister, Whiltierna (Leana). Unforetunately, Leana, then 15, was sold into slavery by her father for a ship that was heading out to find new lands. Brian never returned.

Trajan, finding out what had happened, tried to buy his sister back but could not. She had become the favorite "house girl" and was rarely allowed visitors. Sometimes, Trajan bought her time but his scheme was found he was not allowed within the house. Trajan still tries to buy back his sister every year and never sets her free. The night before the most recent attempt, Leana was beaten to death and hung in the town square, there was never any reason given. Trajan took her body down and gave her a proper burial but her death lingers with him.
EDUCATION: Having fled Earth, Trajan had no specific classes to take. Everything was learned on the fly and under duress.

Being small at the end of the war lead Trajan into the mines and manual labor for the first few years of his childhood. Eventually, after time in the mines, a call was sent for pilots who were in their early teen years and Trajan signed up. During his stint as a pilot, he was trained as a flight medic where he excelled. This led him to be plucked out of piloting and into Sickbay around the worlds that he lived on. With his medic background, Trajan has been on scouting missions and on the lines of skirmishes.

With his piloting, his reflexes and endurance under pressure are good and Trajan would be good in a firefight but would rather be helping the injured.

On a book level, Trajan reads as much as he can without formal schooling. He knows Starfleet essentials and protocols but little else. His schooling from his father was in the form of a backhand and militaristic style home life.
CAREER HISTORY: Mines/manual labor, flight school, medic school and self taught.
SPECIALTIES: Trajan is known for doing anything. If you want something done, go to Trajan. He may not have formal schooling but everything was learned from real life. He can figure anything out on his own and needs little instruction.
HISTORY: Character Created - May 16, 2006
Character Undelete - February 4, 2013