Christopher Sullivan

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NAME: Christopher Sullivan
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
ASSIGNMENT: Executive Officer
: Command
AGE: 45
HEIGHT: 6' 2
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: Sullivan enjoys skiing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, and camping. He is a very athletic individual and works out and exercises as often as he can.
FAMILY HISTORY: Born Christopher Matthew Sullivan August 14, 2335 to parents Michael and Frances Sullivan. Sullivan has one younger brother Liam Sullivan, and one younger sister Lisa (Sullivan) Hendricks.
EDUCATION: Christopher Sullivan attended Aspen High School in Aspen, Colorodo, Earth where he was captain of the football team. Sullivan was quarterback for three years, taking his team to the national finals all three years.

Christopher Sullivan graduated high school, fourth in his class with a GPA of 3.68. Sullivan entered Starfleet Academy three months after he graduated high school and just two days before his 18th birthday in 2353.

In 2355 Sullivan met a fellow sophomore, Cadet William Riker while playing football on the academy grounds. Sullivan and Riker both took their duties seriously and neither left much time for socializing.

Chris graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2357. Chris graduated ninth in his class, immediately behind Riker who graduated eighth.
CAREER HISTORY: 2357 - Immediately after graduation Ensign Sullivan was assigned as a security officer aboard the Miranda Class starship USS Saratoga (NCC-31911). Ensign Sullivan served aboard the Saratoga for three years.

2359 - Sullivan was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2360 - Sullivan was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Excelsior Class starship USS Melbourne (NCC-62043), as Assistant Chief of Security where he was in charge of tactical controls and all security personnel during the beta shift rotation.

2362 - Lieutenant Sullivan appointed Chief Tactical/Security Officer aboard the USS Melbourne.

2363 - Sullivan promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2364 - The Melbourne was one of three ships docked at Starbase 74 during the USS Enterprise-D's upgrade there when the Enterprise was hijacked by a group of Bynars, the Melbourne was unable to pursue due to her repair status. While on Starbase 74 Lieutenant Commander Sullivan was able to meet with old academy friend Commander Riker, First Officer of the USS Enterprise. The two had lunch and then dinner aboard the station once the Enterprise was recovered and returned back to Starbase 74.

2365 - Lieutenant Commander Sullivan left the Melbourne and was assigned to Mars Utopia to the Intrepid Class development project in which he was in charge of Tactical and Defensive Systems.

2368 - Sullivan promoted to the rank of Commander after completion of Starfleet's Commanders test.

2369 - Commander Sullivan commanded the construction project of the USS Intrepid and all subsequent test trials. Commanded the Intrepid during primary shakedown.

2371 - Commander Sullivan was offered his own command of the third Intrepid Class vessel ever built, the USS Voyager. Sullivan turned down his own command for assignment aboard the USS Endevour as Executive Officer.

2373 - Following the Borg Battle of Sector 001, Commander Sullivan was placed in command of the USS Appalachia (NCC-52136), a Steamrunner Class vessel. Shortly after the Dominion War broke out, Sullivan and the USS Appalachia were assigned to Starbase 375.

2375 - The USS Appalachia was destroyed during the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Over half of the ship’s crew were lost, and those surviving being very critically injured. Chris himself was sent to Starfleet Medical on Earth for extensive treatment and rehabilitation.

2378 - Chris was assigned to the USS Voyager return project, mostly because of his work during the developmental stages of the Intrepid Class Development Project. The project was to evaluate the structural changes, technology enhancements, and battle statistics on the USS Voyager while in the Delta Quadrant.

2380 - Assigned as Executive Officer aboard the USS Endevour... again.
SPECIALTIES: Sullivan has always been an expert on small arms and majored in starship weaponry and security at the academy.
MEDALS: 2008-09-16

Starfleet Starburst


Meritorious Medal of Defense

HISTORY: Character Created - September 24, 2006
Character Assigned to USS Endevour - September 25, 2006
Medal Given on USS Endevour - September 16, 2008
Medal Given on USS Endevour - September 16, 2008
Medal Given on USS Endevour - September 16, 2008
Character Removed from USS Endevour - June 20, 2009
Character Deletion - August 22, 2009
Character Undelete - October 15, 2010
Character Assigned to USS Endevour - October 18, 2010