Eirika Renais

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NAME: Eirika Renais
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
EMAIL: fsfwasaga@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Ships Counselor
: USS Raptor Medical
SPECIES: Human / Kantarian
AGE: 33
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 7
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
HOME: Kantare II
INTERESTS: Eirika is known to paint in her spare time. Most of her paintings are scenic in nature, showing various images from her homeworld of Kantare II
FAMILY HISTORY: Has a twin brother named Ephraim. Both were born to Linda and Revaka Renais in 2350.

Linda Renais died in a mountain climbing accident on Kantare II in 2361 and Revaka Renais died in 2363 during a government coup, leaving the twins orphaned.

Both Eirika and Ephraim joined Starfleet Academy in 2366. Ephraim is currently a Captain and Commanding Officer of Starbase Adelphi.

Was engaged to marry Lieutenant Robert Maver, the USS Devonshire's tactical officer, when he was killed durring a suprise Romulan attack in 2383.

Married Lt. Cmdr. Tohan Tamtur in 2385 and gave birth to triplets later that same year. Two girls and a boy named S'Sierra, Neimi, and Revaka respectively.
EDUCATION: Eirika joined the academy in 2366, majoring in operations with a minor in engineering. Graduated in 2370 at 37th of her class.
CAREER HISTORY: Upon graduation from the academy, Eirika was assigned as an assistant operations officer on the Steamrunner class USS Appalachia.

Was promoted in 2373 to Lieutenant JG days before participating in the running battle againse a Borg cube enroute to Earth.

Turned down an assignment to the Prometheus class USS Prometheus after being promoted to Lieutenant in 2375. Was then assigned to the Akira class USS Musashi. Participated in the final push to Cardassia Prime later that year.

Was awarded the Dominion War Service Medal and later assigned to the Nebula class USS Destiny in 2376 as Chief Operations Officer and participated in rebuilding efforts in the Cardassian system. Was one of 153 survivors picked up from escape pods by Klingon ships when a militant faction of Cardassians attacked and destroyed the Destiny in 2377.

Assigned to the Yeager class USS Yeager in 2378 as Chief Operations Officer and promoted to her current rank of Lieutenant Commander.

When war broke out against the Romulan Star Empire in 2380, the USS Yeager was one of the first casualties. Eirika was one of 97 survivors that were transported to the Ambassador class USS Cruiser. Served as Chief Operations Officer on board the Cruiser until 2382, where she was transfered to the Nebula class USS Devonshire.

In 2383, a month after the death of her fiancee, she was assigned as the Chief Operations Officer of the modified Prometheus class USS Raptor after the USS Devonshire was decommisioned and turned over to the Bajoran government for their use.
SPECIALTIES: Kantarian twins are naturally telepathic and both Eirika & Ephraim share a telepathic bond between each other. Unfortunately due to their human genes, they are unable to communicate telepathically with anyone except each other.
HISTORY: Character Created - March 19, 2007
Character Assigned to Starfleet Delta - March 19, 2007