K'tana R. Austen

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NAME: K'tana R. Austen
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
EMAIL: enchantedgypsy74@xxxx.xxx
: Medical
SPECIES: Vulcan/Klingon
AGE: 41
GENDER: Female
EYE COLOR: ice blue
HOME: Betazed
INTERESTS: Reading suspense novels, ancient Earth Philosophy, Vulcan Philosophy, Earth music & movies (esp 20th century), playing electric bass & trombone, & writing .
FAMILY HISTORY: K'tana's father is Toros, a Vulcan Ambassador to Bolian Prime and her mother is Milar, a Klingon Ambassador also on Vulcan. K'tana is the only child of Milar & Toros, but she does have one half-brother Seth from her fathers first wife who is now deceased. Due to job requirements the family lived on both Betazed and Earth while K'tana was growing up.
While K'tana was at the Academy she married Betazoid Gerald Reese and the two briefly served together on the USS Neptune & then the USS Intrepid where Gerald was promoted to LT. Commander. While on the Intrepid K'tana gave birth to the couples only child Ashton Jonas Reese on June 20. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted 6 months longer. Shortly before Ashton's birth Lt. Commander Reese was made a commander and second officer. The Reese's marriage was already on shaky ground and the joyous birth of Ashton could not save it. Two months after his birth K'tana was granted a divorce from Commander Reese. She continued to serve on board for another year before requesting a transfer. Due to Ashton's age and the duties of Commander Reese the couple agreed that he would be better off living with K'tana but he saw his father whenever possible. Her daughter currently lives on earth splitting her time between her parents who retired in the south of France and her in-laws.

Two weeks before the destruction of the Independence married Gaines Austen, USS Independence Chief Engineering Officer
Rhiannon Sara Austen,7

Ashton Reese 26, Marines

EDUCATION: Starfleet Medical
Starfleet Academy
Primary school on Betazed and Earth
CAREER HISTORY: After four years on the Independence where I was the counselor, Asst. Medical officer, and most recently Chief Science Officer, I was reassigned to a special science task force at Starfleet command. Served on board the USS Intrepid as a member of the medical staff and later as a counselor. On the Intrepid, she received a commendation for her research after an away mission that resulted in a cure that saved civilians and crew members. Right after graduating she briefly served on the engineering staff of the USS Neptune before receiving her assignment to the Intrepid. At Starfleet Medical she served on a special research team where she received a commendation for Excellence in Leadership. She also received an Achievement award for research in bio-neural circuitry.
Growing up she attended schools on Betazed and Earth.
SPECIALTIES: Genetics, Psychology, & Engineering (specifically bio-neural circuitry)
MEDALS: 2009-06-07

Quietus Medal of Honor


Medal for Leadership


Medal for Achievement


Medal for Excellence

HISTORY: Character Created - April 8, 2007
Character Undelete - January 11, 2015
Character Undelete - March 5, 2015