Dr. Ken Haru

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NAME: Dr. Ken Haru
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: starlightheaven@xxxx.xxx
: None
AGE: 33
HOME: Japan
INTERESTS: ~In Japanese~

My hobbies? I have many. Oh forgive me. I slip into Japanese as its the most comfortable for me but. No no. I don't mind at all.

~In English~

My main interest as I stated before is literature and history so I spend a great deal reading and studying histories in the library as well as reinacting famous scenes from literature or history in the Holo-Deck.

When I'm not doing that, I enjoy a good conversation about ethics, politics, music, technology, literature, and history.

If I find loose machinery about or a piece of broken machinery, I keep myself busy by tinkering with it until it is as good or better than new. I'm nowhere near as good with machines as the engineering crew onboard Starfleet vessels but I am quite adept you will find out.

I enjoy tea, of all varieties, and often play music while enjoying a hot cup and gluing my eyes to a good book. They have a lot to teach us you know, books do. But after all, they are just books, aren't they?
My mother and father... *pauses* They died five years ago at the Belnan Beltway Incident where a group of Cardasian and humanoid mercenaries hijacked a Starfleet ship in the system of Belnan heading down a pass that would lead them to the neighboring sector.

The mercenaries requested that the ship feed all of its supplies to their ship, an unnamed vessel at their starboard side. The Federation ship, the USS Pessa, was running low on supplies and needed to restock at the nearest space station, so there was not much they could offer. They tried to negotiate, while secretly setting up a resistance. Within a few days time the mercenaries became impatient and demanded to know exactly what was going on. That's when the federation resistance attacked and after an hour long fire fight, the mercenaries were disabled and taken into custody.

I heard a rather disturbing story from a witness, but one that makes me nevertheless proud of my parents, my mother specifically. When the mercenaries demanded to know what was happening in the shadows, my mother tried to ask why they were doing such harmful things and if she could help them without giving up their resources or giving into violence. She was killed and my father, trying to hold his emotions back, could no longer stand it, and he too was taken down, just as the resistance sprung into action.


So as you can see, I'm very proud of my parents. *Looking to the side, a glimmer of sadness in his eyes. He then looks back to the screen and wiping a tear away, he manages a small smile* I apologize. Oh yes. My siblings. I have two. A sister, around the same age as myself, who is also believe it or not involved in the Federation and part of Starfleet. She is serving a command post aboard a new vessel and from what I hear, she is serving her Captain and her fellow crew quite well. Her name is Kira. *A smile touches his lips briefly*

Then there is my younger brother. He is twenty-five, and with a fiery spirit that could shake even a fierce Klingon warrior. He joined Starfleet as security and I hear that he can be intimidating. *He just smiles and shakes his head, lowering his voice* But I know he is soft hearted and is very loyal to those he is working with.

EDUCATION: ~In Japanese~

Good evening. My name is Dr. Ken Haru but you may refer to me as Dr. Haru or if you're feeling more bold - "Doc".

It appears that you are curious as to where I went to school. Very well.

*A short pause and a soft sigh later, he begins speaking again*

I attended Tokyo Cherry Hill High school and graduated at the age of thirteen and a half. Some said I was a genius. Some said it was pure luck.

I was smart. I was eager to learn and picked up on things rather easily that I learned in school. My favorite subject at Cherry Hill High school was literature. I've always had a soft spot for stories and the language of the human... of human species and other cultures.

After taking the entrance exam at fifteen, having tried once previously, I was accepted into Tokyo University. There I was placed in upper level divisions of all my courses. I studied literature almost exclusively. Halfway through my freshman semester, I heard that a history course on the Romulan Empire was being taught by a former ambassador and adjunct professor. I immediately signed up and found a strange new love for history of other worlds, followed by the history of our own planet.
CAREER HISTORY: I joined the Starfleet Federation at age 19, after graduating with honors from Tokyo Uni. I was a cadet for several years though I had mastered nearly every school-based subject there was, with the exception of math. *playfully scoffs, a glint in his eye* An A-. Pff. I think the teacher just wanted to see me suffer. *Chuckles*

But I was a pretentious youth to say the least, believing that I was above the rules and that others were below me.

Only years later would I realize that was a big mistake. But you cannot live with regrets.

I served on three ships for several years, my last one for five years. I am back at the Federation headquarters, requesting on behalf of Commander (so and so) that I be assigned to the USS Stargazer as its counselor and physician. I think it will be interesting should I be accepted aboard the Stargazer.
SPECIALTIES: ~In Japanese~

I also had a knack for picking up emotions: intentions and motivations behind behaviors of my fellow students and my professors.

~In English~

I have applied to the USS Stargazer. If I am accepted I will be the ship's full time counselor and physician.
HISTORY: Character Created - January 23, 2008
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer - January 23, 2008
Character Removed from USS Stargazer - January 9, 2012