Pain Briac

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IDENTIFICATION: 4638403-6104
NAME: Pain Briac
RANK: Civilian -- No rank.
ASSIGNMENT: Brawler Chef
: Serendipity Crew
AGE: 31
HAIR COLOR: auburn
EYE COLOR: blue-gray
HOME: The Black
INTERESTS: Pain likes to cook and exercise in his free time. He's often found in the kitchen when stressed unless he is working it out of his system. He loves to travel and swears he won't stay planetside for long.
FAMILY HISTORY: Pain's parents were killed in an accident when he was thirteen, and he moved from ship to ship with his younger sister Agonei. However, when he was in his early twenties, the ship they were on was attacked by bandits and his sister disappeared without a trace. He now is accompanied by a bullmastiff/mastiff cross named Skipper.
EDUCATION: Pain has had no formal education, although his parents taught him a lot about ships, letting him learn and watch them as he grew up. He learned cooking in the same way, from his mother.
CAREER HISTORY: Pain's cooking ability is well-renowned in much of the Rim. He's lived on ships his entire life, first on his parents' ship the Starseeker, and after the accident that killed them when he was thirteen, he moved with his sister from ship to ship, finding work to pay passage anywhere. From that time on, he was never without his younger sister as his shadow. He grew to be a responsible, able young man, learning all sorts of handy skills so that he became a self-proclaimed handy man. When he was in his twenties, living on a transport ship named Katana with his sister Agonei, they were attacked by pirate-salvage ships. Pain was found defending the galley with a sizzling hot frying pan in one hand and a pot full of boiling water in the other. Agonei was never found. Pain spent years blaming himself for his sister's disappearance. Preparing food became the balm to ease his heart. He kept his nomadic lifestyle, living no more than a few years in one place, and began frequenting stations, working as a cook or muscle, or both. Has a bullmastiff/mastiff cross- 'Skip', short for Skipper.

SPECIALTIES: Pain is really, really good at cooking. It's said he can take a protein bar and turn it into a gourmet meal. He is also good at brawling- no specific styles for this guy. He uses whatever is in the area to cause much pain to his foes.
HISTORY: Character Created - June 23, 2008
Character Assigned to Firefly: Objects in Space - July 1, 2008
Character Removed from Firefly: Objects in Space - May 18, 2009
Character Deletion - July 19, 2009
Character Assigned to Firefly: Objects in Space - September 6, 2011