Jenna Rosalind Wolfe

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NAME: Jenna Rosalind Wolfe
RANK: Starfleet -- Captain
: None
AGE: 45
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9''
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
HOME: Washington, D.C., Earth
INTERESTS: Jenna enjoys flying as a release but rarely has time for it during her command duties -- and also has an uncertain relationship to it these days given events in her past. She plays racquetball with Will Andrews on a regular basis and keeps in shape via a variety of martial arts (particularly judo) and sports.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Aaron Andrew Wolfe, age 70, human. Occupation: Retired. Former propulsion development engineer for Starfleet, fleet rank of Commander.

Mother: Sarah Patricia Wolfe, age 67, human. Occupation: Retired, former deep space correspondent for Federation News Services.

Brother: Benedict John Wolfe, age 39, human. Occupation: Musician; principal clarinet, Washington Symphony Orchestra.
EDUCATION: Jenna Wolfe wanted to be a pilot from the time she was ten years old, when her father, a Starfleet engineer, took her to see some of the test flights of a new runabout engine system he was working on. Jenna, who had been planning on being a propulsion engineer like her father up to that point, was struck by the connection which the Fleet pilots seemed to have with their ships and saw an image of freedom in their maneuvers and controls. During her teenage years she took a job piloting small transport shuttles for an Earth company and proved to have a natural aptitude for directing a craft where she wanted it to go. When she was old enough to enter Starfleet Academy, she did so, and graduated having honed her natural skills to a sharp edge, and filled them out with knowledge of tactics and leadership that would prove useful to her in her later career.
-- 2381 – Graduated Starfleet Academy with full pilot’s training and minor concentrations in tactical strategy, command, and field engineering.
-- 2381 – Assigned to attack fighter contingent [“Tiger” squadron] attached to USS Firebrand (NCC-68723-B, Akira-class), under the callsign “Blackjack.”
-- 2383 – Promoted to Lieutenant (JG).
-- 2384 – Promoted to full Lieutenant. Reassigned as gunner in contingent. Receives leadership of "Tiger" squadron in December.
-- 2385 - Receives commendation for leadership of contingent during Vutare Alpha mission.
-- 2386 - Aldebaran "Beartrap" incident at Aleph Beta; details classified, level red. Wolfe is withdrawn from active duty for three months pending re-certification of her psychological health.
-- 2387 – Receives CAG spot in Firebrand contingent.
-- 2388 – Transferred to bridge officer position as helm and reserve tactical aboard USS Dallas (NCC-54742, Defiant-class) under Captain Jeremy Stevenson.
-- 2390 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made chief of tactical operations aboard Dallas.
-- 2392 – Transferred to USS Marathon (NCC-84262, Prometheus-class) under Captain William Andrews. Serves as executive officer during Prometheus’s five-year mission to the Gamma Quadrant.
-- 2497 – Transferred to the Discovery project along with Captain Andrews, with a position in helm and tactical systems design and integration. Will ship out as executive officer aboard the USS Odyssey under Captain Andrews at the start of the Andromeda project in 2402.

After graduating the academy, Wolfe was assigned to the Tiger squadron of the fighter contingent for the USS Firebrand. She made quick friends among her squadron mates for her personable nature and ability to adapt to nearly every situation from a poor night’s sleep to a high-stakes dogfight with the same unworried nature she brought to an evening in the officer’s mess. She proved to be a daring and resourceful pilot with a penchant for stunts and heroics – protecting her squadmates’ lives was far more important to her than preserving her own. She developed a knack for pulling herself out of tight situations and seemingly impossible battles – this earned her many callsigns and nicknames but the one that stuck came from a passing comment by her first CAG, who drawled, “Never play blackjack with Wolfe; she’s got a knack for makin’ her own luck.” After that, she became “Blackjack” to her fellow pilots and those of her non-squadron friends who chose to use it.

About halfway through her stint in “Tiger,” she was reassigned as a gunner in the squadron after of the deaths of several of the tactical officers in a freak accident during a training exercise, because she had tactical training out of the academy. She never enjoyed this as much as she had piloting, but there was still enough control involved to make it worth her while and it was often more exciting than a helm job. She ended up switching back and forth between both positions several times over the remainder of her time in the squadron. She finally reached the position of CAG in her squadron in 2387.

The Firebrand and its fighter contingent spent most of the 2380s embroiled in the Aldebaran separatists conflict, a long, dirty undeclared war which wore on everyone and gave Jenna her first tastes of battle, command, and loss. Jenna was something of a thrill-seeker both in her personal and professional lives – somewhere along the line she made a conscious realization that by entering the military she had chosen a dangerous and harsh career and she could either make a deliberate determination to enjoy it in spite of its faults or she could be sucked under and she chose the former. Even in her darkest moments, when that vaunted luck ran out and she found her ship damaged, herself injured, or (once) her entire contingent stranded on a small barren planetoid called Vutare Alpha, her good humor never flagged, though it often became touched with a more sober attitude or occasional moments of black gallows humor that characterized the response to stress that most of the fighter pilots exhibited. Her philosophy could best be summed up as “Don’t let it break you” – no matter how serious the situation, she never allowed it to make her tense or nervous, but worked through it methodically and with as much sobriety as necessary and no more.

Only at one point did the darkness of wartime life threaten to overwhelm her -- she was removed from active duty for two months to undergo supervision by Starfleet Medical's Psychology division after suffering a nervous breakdown following the events of the "Aldebaran Beartrap" in 2386. Further details on this incident are classified, but she returned to duty in late 2386 and received her CAG position five months later.

She was transferred to the bridge crew of the USS Dallas in 2388 as helm and reserve tactical officer, and became chief tactical officer two years later. The transition away from a fighter squadron and into the life of a true Fleet officer was something of a jarring one for her – her CO, Jeremy Stevenson, was a man very focused on the decorum and dignity of the bridge and much of the behavior patterns she had developed in the fighter squadron would no longer fly. However, she took her position seriously enough that she did her best to maintain a dignity she was not accustomed to, and it was aboard the Dallas that she developed an appreciation for the more serious elements of Fleet operations that she had not had an opportunity to understand while focused on her own small “fleet” of fighters. She did well enough at learning these things during that tense period that Stevenson eventually recommended her for a command position in 2392.

She was transferred to the USS Marathon as first officer under Captain William Andrews and it was there that these two different personalities began to smooth themselves out. Andrews was not as much of a stickler for decorum as Stevenson had been and Jenna found herself more free to express the devil-may-care attitude she had developed in the fighter corps while still running a tight ship as necessary. She still had a tendency to wisecrack under pressure and rarely showed any type of fear or nerves in any situation, but she also proved a capable officer and commander, adjusting her behavior to the requirements of the moment and able to switch at a moment’s notice from joking to barking orders and back again.

She remained aboard the Marathon after Andrews transferred to the Monarch development project, but requested and received a transfer to the Odyssey after the Andromeda mission was announced. She is not dramatically interested in the scientific and exploratory aspects of the mission, but she is still, beyond everything else, a thrill-seeker, and heading into the complete unknown with brand-new technology and the commanding officer she most respects out of all those she has worked with seems to fit the bill pretty nicely.
SPECIALTIES: Piloting, tactical strategy, quick-repair flight deck engineering. Known for a streak of luck that has gotten her out of tough situations.
MEDALS: 2008-10-19

Prisoner of War Medal

HISTORY: Character Created - October 6, 2008
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Andromeda - October 7, 2008
Medal Given on Star Trek: Andromeda - October 19, 2008
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - April 22, 2010 - Captain from Commander
Character Transfer - September 15, 2014