Madison Valerian

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NAME: Madison Valerian
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
: None
AGE: 35
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Gulf Coast, North America-Earth
INTERESTS: Enjoys the outdoors and includes camping and hiking among favorite activities. SCUBA diving and boating are maritime pursuits that she grew up doing and still loves. Has a passion for archaeology-nothing fascinates so much as unraveling a mystery from the past unless it's an enigma in the present. May spend too much time reading frivolous fiction but will not admit to it. Practices Yoga/Meditation and has found it a useful way to find clarity when there is naught but chaos, but if all else fails uses judo as a way to let off steam and has a holo program that still regularly kicks her ass.
Father: Daniel Joseph Valerian, Ph.D. Marine Biology, age 77, retired.
Mother: Emma Katherine Mallory-Valerian, M.D. General Practice, age 67, retired
Brother: Christopher James Valerian, M.D. Microbiology Ocean studies, age 35. Madison's twin. Married to Carolyn Scheinfield-Valerian, M.D. Virology, age 36. Twin daughters, Julie Katherine and Sara Danielle, ages 4.

Married Nicholas Swift during 2nd tour of duty on the Odyssey after a short engagement. Was previously engaged to her PRO partner Rafael Herrera who perished in a Breen attack on the colony where they were working. They had been together for 3 years at the time of the attack. She is very close to her family, especially her twin brother.
EDUCATION: Madison graduated at the age of 20 from the University of Santa Clara in the Southwestern Territories of Earth having majored in premed and minored in geology. She then attended the DuFresne Medical College based at the McCay Colony, located in the Southern Hemisphere on Mars. DuFresne was chosen by Madison because its virology department has made some of the greatest contributions in the cataloguing and treatment of the worst biologic scourges to plague the Alpha Quadrant. At this point in time, Madison was intent in carving out a career as a virologist, with an emphasis on research but eventually changed her focus to general medicine deciding that she preferred working with people rather than in the lab.
CAREER HISTORY: While at DuFresne, she had the opportunity to join an archaeological expedition into the Martian canyons known as the Valles Marineris as the onsite physician. The Valles Marineris yielded very few answers to the many questions they engendered, but Madison became fascinated with the process itself. Shortly after graduation, Madison was hired by the Abydos Consortium, a group of investors, human as well as alien, interested in exploring several archaeologic sites that they had purchased options on. She spent 2 years with the Abydos group as medical doctor and field archaeologist before it collapsed due to infighting between the investors. Madison was ready to begin practicing real medicine but was not ready to give up the nomadic existence that she very much enjoyed.

The need for medical care is always critical in the small civilian colonies that proliferate throughout the more traveled byways of explored space. Madison was hired by the Planetary Relief Organization, Ltd., a retail based organization that operates under the auspices of the Federation's Civilian Affairs Division. The PRO teams consist of shuttles modified to hold a full complement of medical equipment and supplies and were manned by one physician/pilot and one technical advisor/pilot. These teams were assigned different territories and performed the same function on a larger scale as "bush doctors" once did in Earth's Australian Outback.

Madison was one of only a few that survived an attack by newly organized Breen forces on the colony at Thebus IV. Her PRO partner, Rafael Herrera did not. The Starfleet ship, USS Wellington arrived within a few days of the attack and Madison was taken, along with the other survivors, to the Deep Space facility, Alpha 4. Because of the movement of Breen and Starfleet troops it was almost 6 months before she was able to return to Earth.

During those 6 months, Madison worked with the station's severely understaffed medical department. She developed an appreciation and admiration for the principles and dedication with which the Starfleet officers she worked so closely with carried out their objectives The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sivek as well as the Commanding officer of Alpha 4, Commander Julia Vander Kamp, acted as references for Madison who applied to Starfleet while still on Alpha 4. Upon arriving back on Earth, Madison entered into officer's training at the Academy and after two years of intensive study, she graduated with a specialty in surgical reconstruction. Her first official posting is as a medical assistant to the Andromeda Project's deep space exploration vessel, Odyssey NCC-71832-B

MEDALS: 2009-06-02

Extraordinary Service Award

HISTORY: Character Created - October 8, 2008
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Andromeda - October 9, 2008
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - December 9, 2008 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - June 2, 2009 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Medal Given on Star Trek: Andromeda - June 2, 2009
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - September 1, 2010 - Commander from Lieutenant Commander
Character Transfer - September 15, 2014
Character Removed from USS Odyssey - January 21, 2015