Nicholas Edison Swift, ScD

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NAME: Nicholas Edison Swift, ScD
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
: None
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 160 lbs.
HOME: Bristol, UK, Earth
INTERESTS: Nick prides himself on being a fairly well-rounded person. His mother's profession exposed him to reams of opera as a child and it is still his favorite style of music. He also reads voraciously; mostly scientific journals but really anything he can get his hands on. He is always glad to expand his base of knowledge whenever he has the opportunity, even if it's in something outside his usual field.

He is, as mentioned before, a workaholic, something which stems in many cases from an insatiable desire to please. This began during his childhood, when he and his sister Rachel would vie to impress their father with new facts they had learned or projects they were working on. Since then, each of Nick's research chiefs or bosses has become someone new to impress and please; he wants to be considered a valuable part of a team, and if he doesn't have the requisite knowledge, he obtains it as quickly as possible, adding it to the always rapidly-growing store.

Socially, he couldn't be described as inept, but he is certainly not well-practiced, though his work with Starfleet has increased his confidence in this area as well. Given the choice between an astrophysics problem and a night on the town, he'd be more likely to choose the astrophysics. He is not particularly afraid of social gatherings but he tends to feel awkward and out of place and prefers one-on-one interaction. He has been habitually nervous around and unsuccessful with women; he has a romantic nature which has caused him to get his heart broken more than once, though his confidence is lately growing as a result of an initially rocky but increasingly stable and devoted relationship with Dr. Madison Valerian. In general, with those people, both male and female, who end up as his friends, he is as loyal, helpful, and trustworthy a man as you would ever want to meet.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Stewart Jonathan Swift, age 55, human.
-- Occupation: Geophysicist.

Mother: Margaret Stanton Swift, age 57, human.
-- Occupation: Voice teacher, former member of the English National Opera.

Sister: Lisa Swift D'Ambrose, age 35, human.
-- Occupation: Stay-at-home mother, freelance holonovel writer.

Sister: Rachel Christina Swift, age 33, human.
-- Occupation: Exobiologist. Was assigned to Nicholas's team aboard the Odyssey until their return to the Milky Way in 2403, at which point she returned to Earth to teach at the University of Bristol.
EDUCATION: Nicholas Swift was born in Bristol, England in 2369 and had an uneventful childhood as one of three children in a household dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in all its forms. His father was a scientist, his mother a musician, and as a result, he and his sisters were constantly exposed to both scientific and cultural understanding from an early age. He and his twin sister Rachel both chose to follow their father into the sciences, while his elder sister Lisa would eventually become a writer after two failed marriages and a brief stint as an actress.

Nick received his doctorate in astrophysics at twenty-eight, a stunningly rapid progression that resulted from a work ethic somewhere to the right of fanatical. During the time that he was obtaining his degree, he took a job as a research assistant and later a fully qualified staffer for Starfleet's propulsion research and development laboratories. He absorbed knowledge like a sponge from every source he could find, picking up a thorough grounding in quantum mechanics, starship engineering, and cosmology from the R&D scientists he worked with. He turned out to have a gift for the science of making a ship move, and as a result, during his astrophysics education he also published several papers on impulse engine design which were well-received by both the theoretical physics and engineering communities.
CAREER HISTORY: Swift's work eventually caught the attention of Starfleet Science's commanding officers and he was approached in 2396 to join the team of researchers who had been working on adapting the USS Voyager's quantum slipstream drive for use on Federation vessels. Nick, still hip-deep in his doctorate, nevertheless threw himself eagerly into the project and his ability to learn quickly proved invaluable. During the next six years he developed an understanding of the drive on both a scientific and engineering level that was nothing short of miraculous.

He continued his astrophysics work in addition to his propulsion specialization and when the time came to select the civilian specialist crew for the USS Odyssey's journey to the Andromeda Galaxy, his breadth of knowledge and proven work ethic placed him at the head of the list. He was given leadership of the civilian team (to which his twin sister Rachel was also assigned as a exobiologist) in 2402 and shipped out with the Odyssey the same year.

He remained aboard the Odyssey-C when most of his team was recalled to the Milky Way as part of a general task force reduction in mid-2402. As a result of his dedication and contributions to the crew in subsequent months, he was eventually offered a field commission by Jenna Wolfe and took a Starfleet rank beginning in January 2403.
SPECIALTIES: Nick, while not as well-rounded as Fleet scientists, is nevertheless at least basically grounded in most aspects of the physical sciences. His specialties, however, are in astrophysics (in which he has his doctorate) and in the sciences associated with mechanical and starship engineering, which he picked up during his work at the R&D labs. These two specialties were impressive enough to warrant his assignment as civilian chief aboard the Odyssey, but he is constantly learning more about everything he can.
HISTORY: Character Created - October 22, 2008
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Andromeda - October 22, 2008
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - August 23, 2011 - Ensign from Civilian
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - October 18, 2011 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - February 14, 2012 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - August 21, 2012 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant
Promotion on Star Trek: Andromeda - August 13, 2013 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Character Transfer - September 15, 2014