Kyra Gretin

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NAME: Kyra Gretin
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
: Medical
SPECIES: El-Aurian
AGE: 300
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Greying black, short.
HOME: El-Aurian homeworld
INTERESTS: Medical practice, psychology, literature and stories, music, other creative endeavors.

Kyra is a typical El-Aurian in that she enjoys listening to the tales of others and is an extremely effective counselor/psychologist because of her ability to reflect other’s feelings and empathize. She also has always had an impulse to help people and heal them where she can, and her experiences with the Nexus and its impact on her mental state and abilities have encouraged and deepened this impulse into nearly a compulsion. Her medical work is easily the most important thing in her life. She has been a wanderer and loner much of her life, and makes few close friendships, but those she does form are deep and loyal. In her spare time she enjoys the music of many cultures and plays numerous instruments, notably various types of melodic orchestral percussion.
FAMILY HISTORY: Unknown, except that her entire immediate family died during the Borg attack on El-Auria in 2265.
EDUCATION: Little is known of Kyra’s existence before the 2265 Borg attack on El-Auria and her 2292 rescue by the Enterprise-B from the Robert Fox during the incident of James Kirk’s death. Even her exact age is not known to anyone but herself, though it spans from at least 1800 or so. (Her age notated above is only because the form required a numeric entry there under 300).

However, it is known that she traveled extensively during that period and visited numerous planets as part of her race’s drive to be listeners and learn the stories of other races. She returned to her home in the 2250s just before the Borg attack and was shipped off-planet with the refugee ships while her family perished in the catastrophe. Her ship, the Robert Fox, was one of the two refugee ships caught in the Nexus phenomena, though she reacted better than many to their abrupt removal from it. She had always been a relatively calm person and in order to maintain her mental health she became placid almost to a fault, nearly impossible to shake or startle no matter what the situation.

She became a wanderer again, having no longer any home to go to, and she began to discover further effects of the Nexus on her mental state. Like many who had been aboard the Lakul and Robert Fox, she found her natural empathic abilities augmented with an enhanced, if mostly subconscious, understanding of the flow of time and space. Her abilities, however, seemed to have focused themselves in her desire to help others; she found herself drawn in her travels to places which underwent severe disasters soon after her arrival – some natural, some meditated, but all involving personal injury to at least one person. More importantly, she discovered that she would get flashes of the incidents before they occurred – very specific flashes not of the events themselves but of the resulting injuries and damage.

Recognizing that this ability gave her no useful way to stop these incidents from occurring, she moved to capitalize on it the best way she could think of – she joined Starfleet and became a doctor, figuring that she would obtain disaster relief training and medical abilities that would enable her to act on the information that she could obtain.

She graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors in medicine and shipboard psychology, and took command courses as well for their training in disaster relief and crisis management. Unsurprisingly, she consistently impressed her instructors with her ability to perform rapid diagnoses and react quickly to crises without losing her cool; one of them remarked that Kyra was the “calmest doctor under fire I’ve ever met,” and recommended her for immediate assignment to field duty.
CAREER HISTORY: Upon graduation from the Academy, Kyra was assigned to Starbase 26 – a trading hub and military jump point. She quickly garnered an almost mystical reputation among the crew of the station for her quick response times during medical emergencies, her restrained, placidly friendly nature which lent itself so easily as a psychologist, and her unflappability and commanding air during crises.

She spent three years at Starbase 26 and reached the rank of full Lieutenant, and the base’s CO, Commander Emily Stahl, eventually recommended her for transfer to a mobile assignment, feeling that her unique talents were better suited to a ship, which, like her, was in constant motion from crisis to crisis.

Kyra accepted the transfer without question; over time she had become accustomed to moving from place to place and while she did not dislike her position at the station and made a great contribution and a few friends there, she was pleased to be moving along and to have a wider range in which to exercise her gifts. She was assigned to the USS Stargazer, Akira-class, and completed her transfer to an assistant medical officer slot.
SPECIALTIES: Kyra’s medical specialty is triage work. As a result of her Nexus-induced precognition, she is an extraordinarily fast diagnostician, and her calm nature is useful when surrounded by the chaos and panic of emergency medicine. She is also an accomplished psychologist and experienced surgeon.
MEDALS: 2009-07-09

Starfleet Starburst


Medal for Excellence

HISTORY: Character Created - October 22, 2008
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer (SFOL) - October 22, 2008
Medal Given on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - July 9, 2009
Promotion on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - December 13, 2011 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Promotion on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - July 17, 2013 - Commander from Commander
Medal Given on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - August 25, 2014
Character Removed from USS Stargazer (SFOL) - February 3, 2015