Sarah Falka Spanik

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NAME: Sarah Falka Spanik
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
: Science
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 132lbs
HOME: Starfleet
INTERESTS: spending time with family especially her kids, hiking, sailing, Mok'bara
FAMILY HISTORY: Sarah was born on the starship USS Montegue. She lived there with her parents for all of her early childhood. When she was 9, Sarah was visiting Cassandra's parents on Earth when the battle with the Borg at Wolf 359 occurred. Her mother and paternal grandparents were all killed in the battle.

Robert took the news badly and to her perspective, he thought about her. He became distant and after returning to Starfleet he took a deep space assignment and left Sarah on Earth with her maternal grandparents. Sarah had never been left behind when Cassandra was alive. She figured her father left her behind because he didn't want her anymore. Her grandparents told her how much she looked like her mother and how her dad just needed some time. Sarah thought he had more than enough time. He almost never came to visit and would forget to call when he said he would.

Sarah grew farther and father away from her grandparents. She stayed in her room or walking along the beach by herself. Her grandparents tried sending her to stay with Robert on the USS Discova. Unbeknownst to them, Robert still had most of his Borg implants from his recent assimilation. It didn't help Sarah to see him that way due to her intense fear and hatred towards the Borg. After about a month, Robert sent Sarah back to Earth for her own sanity.

Just less than a year later, Robert was assigned to the USS Challenger. Her grandparents arranged to be at Starbase 25, the same time the Challenger was there for a refit. During the visit, Robert arranged to have Sarah come live with him again.

During the first year of her stay on the Challenger, Sarah became friends with Commander Morgan who taught her to use an Akai staff, a Betazoid weapon. He trained her in many meditation techniques to help her to channel her emotions properly. His lessons helped her grow up a lot. It pulled her out of depression and gave her a new appreciation for life. It also gave her the perspective to lighten up on her dad and work out their problems.

In 2376, the Challenger ran into a Borg cube that had returned to the Alpha quadrant full of drones from Unimatrix One, led by her mother Cassandra Falkla. Sarah was thrilled, hopeful that her family would be put back in tact despite the fact that her father had already started a relationship with another. And for a week that was exactly what happened, it as is if her mother had never left. But then when the Challenger got into a skirmish a conduit exploded in their quarters, Cass pushed Sarah to safety only to get caught in the explosion and collapse of the bulkhead fatally wounding her.

While Sarah did not think things could get much worse she was wrong. Her father was taking them for a vacation after her mother’s funeral when they were captured by a member of the Orion Syndicate who was after Robert’s Borg technology. They were only held for a few days but when they returned home Sarah got the news that would forever change her life, she was going to have a baby.

During the pregnancy she met Matthew Spanik, then a second year cadet on a temporary assignment to the Challenger. The two became friends which developed into more over time. After a final showdown with her attacker she gave birth to a baby boy, Peter Robert Falkla in October of 2377. Shortly after Peter was born her father returned to teaching at the Academy. Sarah eagerly went with him to be closer to Matt.

Sarah entered the Academy at the age of 19, a few years older than most of the new students. Unlike most of the new students she had already published a couple of astrometric papers during her time on the Challenger including a new stellar cartography procedure that was under review and eventually would become the Federation standard.

In July of 2379, she and Matt were married. The next year after he graduated he was shipped out to a starship while she stayed on Earth to finish her studies. Upon graduation in 2381 her grades and publications gave her the advantage of picking her assignment allowing her to rejoin her husband on the USS Sarasota. A short time later Sarah and Matt were expecting their first child. They had a beautiful baby girl, Cassie Ann Spanik in April of 2382.

After 3 years on the Sarasota, the opportunity to study the Beta quadrant on Epsilon Station came up giving Sarah and Matt a tough choice. After some discussion they decided she should go as she would be a lot more useful to the station in newly charted space then a typical starship. The prospects excited her.
EDUCATION: Starfleet Academy - science specializing in astrophysics and astrobiology
SPECIALTIES: stellar cartography, Akai combat
HISTORY: Character Created - January 11, 2009
Character Assigned to Epsilon Station - January 13, 2009
Promotion on Epsilon Station - May 31, 2009 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Character Transfer - July 20, 2010
Character Assigned to Epsilon Station - July 21, 2010
Character Resignation from Epsilon Station - May 18, 2014