Margo A. Rock

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NAME: Margo A. Rock
RANK: Starfleet -- Captain
: Command
AGE: 39
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Russia, Earth
INTERESTS: Reading, playing with her son, Ryan, studying history.
FAMILY HISTORY: Margo Alexandria Vincent was born to Viktor and Natalya Vincent near Moscow, Russia. Her father works on the family farm, which has been in her family for many generations. Her mother works as a healer in their small village. She has two older brothers, Sergi and Nicholas and an older sister, Kristina. Sergi currently works as a trader and travels the alpha quadrant and Nicholas works with his father on the farm. Kristina is married with two kids and lives in Moscow Russia.

At the age of 14, Margo began helping her mother in her clinic after school. She quickly grew to love the creativity of medicine, and having to occasionally think outside the box to diagnose or treat patients. Seeing the passion for helping other in her youngest childís eyes, Natalya began to teach Margo all she knew about both the technical aspects of being a good doctor, as well as how to be compassionate for those who are ill or injured.

When Margo was 19 years old, she decided she wanted to venture outside of their village and explore the galaxies as a healer. She applied for medical school at Starfleet Academy and was accepted on her first try for the fall semester.

While attending medical school at Starfleet Academy, Margo was introduced to Mike Rock by her roommate, Clarissa. She and Mike dated through the Academy. They had hoped to get the same ship assignment; however, Margo received orders to the USS Republic and Mike to the USS Stargazer. They both kept in touch, and after Margo had served a year on the Republic, she requested a transfer. Unfortunately, the Stargazer had a full medical department, so Margo changed departments and took an assistant operations slot until a medical position came open. A few months after she arrived on the Stargazer, she and Mike married. A couple of months after the wedding, a medical spot came open, and she transferred departments again, serving under Dr. Emma Mallory as CMO.

On or about 0112.27, while on an AT mission on Mintaka, Dr. Rock fell through an anomaly, which transported her to a different location, possibly even a parallel universe. The other members of the AT were not able to locate her and after several weeks of searching and attempting various methods to find her, listed her as MIA.

On 0207.28, approximately 7 months after she had disappeared, through a sheer bit of luck, the Stargazer had created another anomaly and had managed to get to the same location where Margo was. Following a brief but violent struggle to escape a local gang from the village that stumbled upon her mere moments before her escape, she was able to get back to the ship.

A couple of months after her return, she was promoted to Chief Medical Officer. The following year, her son Ryan was born. For two years she served as the ships CMO, overseeing the daily operation of the ships medical department. After a bout of several bad missions, one of which she felt responsible for in which over a third of the crew became ill and half of the ill died, she decided to make a career change and accepted a command nomination to take over as Commander of the Stargazer.

Over the four years she was in the Command career, she started to change. A series of traumatic events started to influence her command decisions; she started to take more personal risks. She became more cynical about basic good in people, and started to lose the values she had vowed to always uphold as a physician. On 0802.12, Commander Rock left the Stargazer for reassignment to a medical research and logistics team back on earth, hoping that would get her back in touch with what made her want to be a physician years ago.

Instead of being reenergizing, the assignment opened Margoís eyes to how far away she had fallen from her values, and what she had sacrificed in the name of Starfleet. She resigned her commission and a short time later, her marriage to Mike fell apart and they divorced. With all the upheaval in both her personal and professional life, Margo moved back to Russia and returned to work in her motherís clinic, trying to get back in touch with her roots.

Nearly a year after resigning from Starfleet and returning to Russia, the call of adventure called out to her. The year of doing simple medical work had worked to get her back in touch with whom she was years earlier, a physician and a healer. With some prodding from her mother, Margo contacted an admiral who had helped guide her through most of her career to help get her back out into space. All she requested from Starfleet was that they reassign her to her former ship, the USS Stargazer.
EDUCATION: Graduated from Spacefleet Medical.

Graduated from Spacefleet Command course.
CAREER HISTORY: Assigned to USS Republic: Assistant Medical Officer.0001.30

Transferred to USS Stargazer:Assistant Operations Officer. 0012.28

Transferred to the medical dept as an AMO. 0103.12

Promoted to CMO of USS Stargazer. 0209.17

Promoted to XO of USS Stargazer. 0407.10

Reassigned 321st Medical Research and Logistics team 0802.12

Resigned commission 0805.23

Re-commissioned and reassigned to USS Stargazer: 0903.03
SPECIALTIES: Specialized in General medicine, advanced field medic training, Immunology.
MEDALS: 2009-07-09

Starfleet Starburst

HISTORY: Character Created - March 7, 2009
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer (SFOL) - March 8, 2009
Medal Given on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - July 9, 2009
Promotion on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - December 13, 2011 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Promotion on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - July 17, 2013 - Captain from Lieutenant Commander
Character Resignation from USS Stargazer (SFOL) - January 5, 2015