Lilah Moretti

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NAME: Lilah Moretti
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
ASSIGNMENT: Second Officer
: None
AGE: 37
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 159 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Dirty blonde
EYE COLOR: Hazel green
HOME: Mars Colony
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Lorenzo Moretti, 71, Civil Engineer - Mars Colony

Mother: Nicole Dupont, 70, Xenobotanist - Mexico City, Earth

Brother - Dirk Moretti, 42, Chief Science Officer - USS Pompey Magnus
EDUCATION: Starfleet Academy:
- Bachelor of Social Sciences, specializing in civil sciences and conflict resolution
- Command Training
CAREER HISTORY: - May, 2346 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
- June, 2346 - Assigned to Starfleet's Liaison Office - Federation Council
- January, 2348 - Assigned to USS Churchill, sciences department.
- February, 2350 - Assigned to the USS Firebrand, chief of sciences.
- March, 2353 - Assigned to the USS Charlemagne as a senior specialist in interplanetary dispute resolution
- July, 2359 - Assigned to the USS Aquarius as Executive Officer.
Lilah Catherine Moretti, the second child of two civilians assigned to renovate part of the terraforming project on Mars Colony, grew up on Sol IV with her father and elder brother.

When it came time for her entrance into the Academy, she was torn between a diplomatic emphasis and one focused more on colonial development. Eventually, she was able to merge her two interested in a generalized social sciences program, using an interdisciplinary approach to design her own curriculum. At the completion of this, she underwent command training.

After a year and a half working in the Starfleet-Federation Council Liaison Office in San Francisco, Moretti transferred to active Fleet duty, aboard the USS Churchill, where she developed a reputation in her chosen field, conflict resolution, as well as an increasing acumen for first-contact situations.

Her second posting was the USS Firebrand, a vessel with something of a reputation of its own as a "party ship"; by the time she had served out her three years on the vessel, she was being known as the "Extinguisher of the Firebrand", due to her successful efforts "cleaning up" the so-called "party crew".

Although her assignment to the Charlemagne lacked the need for the same "special touch" as Firebrand, her work with the Galen border conflicts was partially responsible for the eventual negotiation of a peace treaty.

Although originally set to be reassigned back to Earth, returning to her old haunts at the Starfleet-Liaison's office, apparent "desperate need" reset her assignment as to the USS Aquarius to serve as a replacement for Akena Le-Gran, promoted to her command. Her many specialties were incorporated into this decision.
MEDALS: 2011-08-28

Purple Heart of Gallant


Meritorious Medal of Defense

HISTORY: Character Created - March 14, 2009
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Aquarius - March 16, 2009
Character Resignation from Star Trek: Aquarius - July 12, 2009
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Aquarius - July 15, 2009
Character Resignation from Star Trek: Aquarius - December 19, 2010
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Aquarius - December 30, 2010
Medal Given on Star Trek: Aquarius - August 28, 2011
Medal Given on Star Trek: Aquarius - August 28, 2011