B'Etor Patterson

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NAME: B'Etor Patterson
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
EMAIL: FSFMercy@xxxx.xxx
: Medical
SPECIES: Klingon/Romulan, adopted by Huma
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'11
HAIR COLOR: Black w/ Burgandy
HOME: New Zealand, Earth
INTERESTS: Playing with her newborn son, Ja'rod Elliot Patterson Stark and her significant other Commander Morgan Stark.
FAMILY HISTORY: Born on a Starfleet freighter vessel to a Klingon mother who died at childbirth, she was delivered to the USS Finnegan two years after the saving of the Narendra III colony. Captain Patterson, who had originally planned to drop B'Etor off at the nearest Starbase, realized B'Etor's Klingon features had Romulan features as well.

Arriving at Starbase 74, Captain Patterson debated on delivering the infant mix breed to Starfleet, where she may be returned to Klingon, or Romulus, then outted by both species, decided to request an adoption. After going through many trials and tribulations, Captain Patterson was allowed to adopt the young Klingon/Romulan child.

At the age of 3, B'Etor was forced to leave the USS Finnegan when the war with the Klingons broke out. Shipped to Captain Patterson's extended family on Earth, B'Etor became a quiet child, picked on because of her mix breed by many children.

At the age of 8, B'Etor started to look into her species background, learning that Klingons and Romulans have been mortal enemies for centuries. Realizing she can never return to either world and be accepted, she swore to never follow either species way of life.

At the age of 13, B'Etor began the Klingon equivalent of puberty. She started having mood swings, going from mild mannered and calm, to aggressive and cruel. Trying to find an out to get rid of her feelings, she took up sports. Excelling in Soccer and Wrestling, she used those sports as an outlet for her aggression.

Captain Patterson's return to Earth for B'Etor gave her mixed feelings. During the shore leave Captain Patterson was allotted, B'Etor had a Wrestling championship. During the 8th round, B'Etor heard people from the rival school picking on her mixed species. Unable to hold her mixed feelings, she let out a large Klingon cry and pinned the young girl she was wrestling to the ground, shattering her spine. Given no choice, B'Etor was taken onto the re-fitted USS Finnegan with Captain Patterson, after a short trial, in which B'Etor was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and expelled from school.

Being on the USS Finnegan, B'Etor learned about the history of her two species, helping her understand the mixed feelings she kept having about a variety of issues. Realizing her history was both bloody and honorable, B'Etor tried to find a way to get rid of the mixing emotions she had towards herself, as well as others. One day, Captain Patterson dropped a PADD in front of B'Etor. She looked at the PADD curiously, then back to Captain Patterson. He simply nodded and walked out of her room, leaving B'Etor with the application that would change her life forever.

At the age of 16, after finishing school aboard the USS Finnegan, B'Etor tested and was accepted by Starfleet Academy. Haunted by the person she had killed three years earlier, B'Etor decided that Medical was her future. Being a Klingon/Romulan cadet was hard on her, but B'Etor spent all of her time studying and working towards graduation. After working for four years, and a Nursing degree, B'Etor graduated from the academy in the top of her class. After graduation, B'Etor was assigned to the USS Independence, with the rank of Ensign, as one of their Assistant Medical Officers.
EDUCATION: Grade School - New Zealand, Earth

High School - USS Finnegan, under the care of her Adopted Father, Captain Patterson.

Starfleet -Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco
CAREER HISTORY: USS Independence - NCC-02276-A, Sovereign Class - Assistant Medical Officer (Ensign-Lieutenant, Junior Grade), Chief Medical Office (Lieutenant)

USS Independence - NCC-02276-B, Sovereign Class - Chief Medical Office (Lieutenant-Lieutenant Commander)
SPECIALTIES: Alien Anatomy & Physiology, Genetic Sciences, Language Arts
HISTORY: Character Created - May 3, 2009