Carlos Alvirez

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NAME: Carlos Alvirez
RANK: General -- Vampire
SIMULATION: Nocturne's Reign
ASSIGNMENT: Master of Denver
ALLIANCE: Vampires
SPECIES: Vampire
AGE: Undead
HEIGHT: 6'2"
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
HOME: Seville, Spain
CAREER HISTORY: Born in 1486, third of five children, to a middle-class couple in Seville, Spain, Alvirez received a good education as well as preparation to become a matador, his father's profession. Dropping out of school before receiving much serious education, he set sail for Hispaniola in 1505, gaining respect as a soldier in Azuza, a town eventually controlled by Cortes.

He resettled to Cuba, along with the rest of the invasion force led by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar and hero-model Hernando Cortes (who he imagined himself quite like after hearing tales of a young Cortes' Don Juan-like escapades), in 1510, again resuming guard duties upon installation of Spanish-controlled government on the subdued island. Again under Cortes, in 1514 he further distinguished himself on a raiding party to take more native slaves.

in 1518, once more under the leadership of his idol Cortes, he signed onto the six-hundred man invasion force of Mexico, fully in league with the leader even when he was denounced as a traitor by the majority of New World Spaniards, pursued by their own ships to return to Cuba before taking the Aztec stronghold. Driven by lust for gold, women, and most of all power, Alvirez assuredly marched onward to Tenochtitlan, capital city of the Aztec Empire.

A brief rift came between Alvirez and Cortes when the latter took a native prisoner woman -- later to be known as Dona Marina -- for himself, someone Carlos coveted highly. As consolation, he took a different woman from the Tabasco region -- the same as Marina -- for himself. This woman, called Noemi, died of a fever (now believed to be malaria) several months later. Alvirez was unfazed.

As the party approached Tenochtitlan and the fighting with the natives grew heavier, he began his true study -- and coordinating like and dislike for certain types of weapon both the Spaniards and native Americans used. The swords they carrried (forged in his home of Seville and made of steel from the region, something Alvirez was prideful of beyond measure) were his favored weapon, and he had little patience for the ever-stalling arquebus guns which found themselves jammed due to the climate of Mexico. Additionally, in spite of himself, the obsidian-bladed tepoztopilli caught his fancy.

It was in one of these battles when, perhaps a little too assured that their horses and cannon would prove enough of a psychological impact that all native warriors would scramble in his path, that Carlos took an atlatl dart in the left thigh. Though he survived the cutting of it from his leg, he suffered from a slight limp (that he made every effort to correct) during life as a result.

Their arrival into Tenochtitlan a seemingly welcoming occurrence (and smelling suspiciously like a trap), the Aztec idea of the Spaniards' godhood barely slaked the young man's thirst; the riches they found in looted temples and the shy yet eager women yearning for a god's "talents" did the job better. While gorging himself upon the provided gourmet fare and hoarding away stores of finely crafted sacred gold, Alvirez found himself in a quite rewarding relationship with an Aztec female (wife to a warrior nobleman).

When Velazquez's men finally caught up to the conquerors, the man was again sent to fight, returning with the army (which had at the end of the easy battle absorbed most of the opposing commander, Narvaez's, forces) to Tenochtitlan. However, upon their arrival in the city, they found the Aztecs rioting as a result of a brutal Spanish massacre during one of their religious festivals, and the last threads of diplomacy were shed.

As Cortes finally made the decision to flee the hostile city during La Noche Triste, the Night of Tears, Alvirez was captured by the bloodthirsty natives, and was one of the few brought to the temple of Quetzalcoatl to be offered as a human sacrifice to appease their blood-demanding god who'd so brought them victory that night so horrific to the Spanish.

Quetzalcoatl was known to the fearful, superstitious natives in many forms, all of them reliant upon blood. Sacrifices, laid upon the chacmool figurines and ceremonially having their hearts ripped from their chest, were believed to appease the god.

In a way -- though not in the precise mystical way followed by the priests, they did.

It is unknown when the vampire -- or vampires -- responsible for perpetuating the mythological stories arrived in the Americas, or if they were of their own grouping of initial viral infectants. It is completely possible that some small clan journeyed to future Mexico long before Europeans many years before their time even imagined that the Earth was not a flat plane.

Taken by his strength, tenacity, and surprising attractiveness, two vampire priests of the temple elected not to rip the still-beating heart from Alvirez's chest, but instead, make him one of their own.

He spent several months within the dark recesses of the temple, learning, adjusting, and feeding, before eventually making his re-entrance into society. The one human he tried to reveal himself to -- his Aztec mistress, now four months pregnant with his child -- reached the conclusion that he was a demon, and committed suicide (and killed their unborn child) by throwing herself from the top of the same temple where he had been Turned.

Still fond of his warrior status -- and urged on by his lack of susceptibility to most weapons -- Alvirez took part in Cortes' 1524 expedition to conquer Honduras, which, though a success, proved due to solar concerns to be the last battle of the mortal sort Carlos would take part in. Returning to the ruined Aztec civilization, he ended up repeating the events which Turned him, taking a beautiful young would-be sacrifice to be his companion, though he chose not to turn her, and keeping in the tradition of his native women, she died within a few months after he attacked her in rage.

Powerful from the strength of the olden vampire who sired him, Alvirez quickly became one of the eminent vampires in the Americas after the Aztec night-walkers were elimated during the continued death blows to their human civilization. Soon, rather than face the possibility that he too might be hunted by conquistadors-turned-vampire hunters, he returned to Europe in 1529. He spent three years among the members of the Vampire Council, advising them in matters which eventually lay the foundation for the construction of a separate region for Central-South America.

Still residing in the outskirts of London as King Henry VIII became head of the Church of England and during the alleged appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, fast-spreading changes in the religious systems of two of his three favored countries prompted an interest in the religious history of the world. Through carefully selected classes giving him night course options, he received a doctorate in theology from Oxford the same year that Catherine of Aragon, Spain's Queen of England, was divorced by Henry.

Downright curious as to how the affairs of their monarch would play out, a delighted onlooking Carlos watched the play of the throne from the sidelines, often visiting the palace's drunken and well-whored revelries as the king beheaded Anne Boleyn, suffered Jane Howard's untimely death and the disastrous arranged marriage to Anne of Cleves, before returning to the New World, shadowing the expedition of Coronado.

Though personally enjoying the region despite the baking sun, he grew dispirited by the lack of riches as those found in Tenochtitlan, and again returned to Europe, arriving back in England on February 13, 1542, when Katherine Howard, penultimate wife of Henry VIII, was executed by beheading. Though less intrigued by the royal family after this incident, he nonetheless remained in London throughout Henry's lifetime.

Mary, "Bloody Mary" as she became forever known, did intrigue the calamity-enthralled vampire. The granddaughter of the King and Queen of whom he was born under the reign, her brutal ways fascinated Alvirez, who again closely followed the reign of the Tudor, finally forcing himself to leave England upon the ascension of Elizabeth to the throne in 1559, something he later regretted, due to the progressive nature of the Queen.

After a short dalliance in Scotland observing the other reigning Mary on the island, he journeyed to Russia for a change of pace, arriving during the reign of another quickly favored monarch in Ivan the Terrible. After Ivan's death in 1584, he rotated between a small Venetian estate and one outside Moscow, monitoring events until the appointment of the first Romanov emperor - Michael I - in 1613.

Again missing the world that he had left behind in his conquistador days, he retraced the path taken by Coronado, eventually ending up in the infant city of Santa Fe. After much deliberation and dissolution of his Russian and Italian estates, he set up permanent residence outside the city, where he still maintains a stately residence to this day.

Until 1680, the Spaniards (and Spanish vampires residing in the town under Alvirez's unofficial direction, as the Council had not yet made allowances for the final region of the globe to be made a Region) lived moderately peaceably, when the Pueblo Indians drove the Europeans out of what would come to be the entire state of New Mexico. After spending fifteen years in the safety and peace of London, he eventually returned to a quieted Spanish stronghold in the American southwest.

He remained there throughout the American Revolution, which he considered to be none of his concern, until 1810, when the Mexican War for Independence -- a conflict much more closely affiliated with his home city -- broke out. The first blows of the war, ironically headed by a son of Alvirez's old commander, Hernando Cortes and Dona Marina, the woman Alvirez admired, caught his eyes and ears, and vampires throughout the area rose in support of Mexican independence as a result of Carlos' involvement in that particular arena. He kept free of the fighting himself, remembering his failed attempts at aid during the Cortes conquest of Honduras, and was finally appointed a full-scale Master when the Council finally named North America as the fifth Region in the politics of the underworld.

Based at the time in Santa Fe, Alvirez remained in the city, now a Mexican territorial capital, until the United States took over the land which became New Mexico in 1848.

When gold fever caught northern-bordering territory Kansas by surprise, it also caught the long-ignored lust for the metal which Alvirez harbored, and two years after the mining town of Denver City was established in 1859, another grand estate was constructed in the rock-topped mountains to the west of the city just before Colorado became a territory.

When, in 1865, Denver (with a newly-shortened name) became Colorado Territory's capital, Carlos successfully petitioned the Council to increase his range of mastery, and eventually added the newly-risen resort community of Colorado Springs, which became something of a vampirically-friendly community due to Alvirez's efforts to make hospitable arrangements for visiting European undead.

In 1884, he became aware of a growing community of lycanthropes in the northern city of Fort Collins, for which reason he had the Council's backing to move the majority of his operations to the growing city after establishing yet another elegant home in the foothills.

As the Master's first real contact with lycanthropes -- during their species' alliances during the Inquisitions he'd been mostly on the sidelines, or running solo where other vampires' activities scarcely concerned him -- the particularly brutish, arrogantly feral ways stuck with him, causing him to crack down upon the lycanthropes of the Denver Region much more fiercely than some Masters even until current times.

His vampire and lycanthrope populations grew throughout the next century, and eventually he began his own coven in the Foothills Estate. A moderate-sized coven in accordance to the size of the Region he controls, the Rocky Mountains are known as a particularly well-managed stronghold of vampires, and new and old vampires alike come to the area for protection, easily-accessible work, and assured care from an old, experienced Master.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 15, 2009
Character Assigned to Nocturne's Reign - August 16, 2009