Isabeau Delevan

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NAME: Isabeau Delevan
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Medical Officer
: Medical
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Choquequirao Ruins, Cuzco, Peru
INTERESTS: Has a passion for botanical studies and researching possible medical applications. Main research interests are in bioactivity and metabolomic analysis of complex natural products. A favored past time is Caving and because there aren't a lot of caves accessible to the average CMO, makes use of a couple of holo programs to keep her skills sharp. Enjoys backpacking, camping and reading adventure novels. Researches old legends, specifically those that feature a fabled treasure. Is optimistic or maybe just naive enough to think that occasionally X really does mark the spot.
Father - Patrick Aloysius Delevan, 63
Anthropologist, Amazon River Basin, South American Continent
Mother - Celeste Marie Lefébure Delevan, deceased at age 37
Brother - William Sean Delevan, missing for 11 years. Presumed deceased
Archaeologist; would be 35 if still alive.
Brother - Andrew Colum Delevan, 33
Amazon River Excursion Guide, Village of Nauta, West Coast, South American Continent
Sister-in-law - Maritza Saavedra Delevan, 31
Amazon River Excursion Guide
Nephew - William Patrick Delevan, 3

Family Background:
Parents moved to Amazon River Basin after marrying. Patrick Delevan is an anthropologist whose study focus for his entire career has been the Amahuaca tribe located in the tropical jungles of Peru. The largest community of Amahuaca is in Puesto Varadero, a jungle community on the Peruvian-Brazilian border. The tribe, isolated before and during the post-atomic period has chosen to rigidly maintain a lifestyle that is thousands of years old and eschews all modern contact save for a few exceptions. Celeste Delevan was a botanist who succumbed to an unknown fever when Isabeau was ten years old. Her area of study specifically was the evaluation of botanicals as immune modulatory agents. The three Delevan children were home schooled by their parents and grew up in the company of the Amahuacas, learning how to survive in the jungle and on the river.
EDUCATION: Graduated from Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil at age 21 after majoring in premed with a double minor in botany and biology. Received medical degree from DuFresne University based at the McKay Colony on Mars. Applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy's Medical College, San Francisco Campus. Study focus of 2-year residency: General Surgery and Prosthetic Biointegration with Cross Species applications.
CAREER HISTORY: Posted to the A'e Ruh III Colony Survey Team-AMO/Botanist: 9 months

Posted to the USS Spector NCC-27195-AMO: 18 months

Posted to Sky Harbor Aegis-AMO: 9 months

Posted to the USS Akira NCC-63549-CMO: current
SPECIALTIES: Is presently working on a project for Starfleet Medical. The Maelefica Project is research that concentrates on the serum from a plant known as Letum Bellum, the latin name for Beautiful Death. The highly toxic plant was discovered on the planet, Maelefica II and though the leaves and stems are poisonous and result in quick, albeit painful death if consumed, the serum produced from the plant has been found to possibly reverse brain damage caused by severe neural trauma when taken in small doses.
HISTORY: Character Created - October 4, 2009
Character Assigned to USS Akira - October 5, 2009
Promotion on USS Akira - December 17, 2009 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Promotion on USS Akira - April 21, 2010 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Promotion on USS Akira - June 11, 2014 - Commander from Lieutenant Commander