Dana Armstrong

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NAME: Dana Armstrong
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: fsfblackjack@xxxx.xxx
: Medical
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
HOME: DS Station Bahcall (Listener 41)
INTERESTS: Dana still reads voraciously, and she loves music and will sing at the top of her voice anytime she finds herself somewhere where she won't bother anyone. She is, however, still adjusting somewhat to being in a community larger than just the twenty people she grew up with, and as such is entirely ill-at-ease in group situations, tending towards nervous, quiet behavior. She enjoys one-on-one conversation very much, however, taking very great pleasure in a sense of human contact, though she can be very shy until she gets to know someone, which has made her relationship history spotty at best.
FAMILY HISTORY: Mother: Dr. Barbara Harriet Armstrong, Medical Officer, DSS Bahcall.

Father: Dr. Walter Murray Armstrong, Scientific Director, DSS Bahcall.

Siblings: None.
EDUCATION: Dana Armstrong was born on a small Federation scientific station poised somewhere to the left of nowhere. Deep Space Station Bahcall (officially, Scientific Listening Outpost 41) was a facility designed specifically for the investigation and study of quantum cosmology, specifically hyperstrings, a phenomena which require a great distance from any subspace activity in order to study properly. The station was a low man-power operation, consisting of twelve scientists, three engineers, a doctor, two security, and a regular supply courier who brought supplies every three months.

Dana was the daughter of the station's doctor, Barbara Armstrong, and her husband Walter, the station's scientific director. She was the only child on the station and as such drew a rather lonely lot in life. Her parents, very much in love with each other and with their work, spared perhaps rather less time for her than they should have, and she was, in large part, responsible for her own entertainment. The shipboard computers were her primary companions; she followed a rigorous educational regimen proscribed by her parents designed to bring her rapidly up to a high academic level, as it was assumed that she would follow them into a research position aboard the station. This gave her a solid grounding in the natural sciences, medical theory, mathematics, and some social science, though it didn't have anything like the social interaction which would have resulted from a more normal schooling situation. She was, in short, forced to become an adult in her manner of thinking while extremely young, in order to get much conversation out of the constantly busy adults on the station, who often found her in the way unless she could actually discuss something "useful" with them.

Aside from that, she was mostly left to her own devices. She spent much of her time reading anything she could get her hands on, listening to music, or making use of the station's small holodeck. As supplies were limited, Bahcall's holodeck was not used so much as a recreation device and more as a tool for training purposes; most of the programs available on it were astrophysical simulation tools, but there was also a large library of medical emergency training drills in various planetary and spaceborne situations, which her mother had brought with her when she first moved to the station, to help her to keep practiced on her skills (she had initially been an EMT and surgeon before moving to Bahcall to be with Walter).

These programs fascinated Dana; they were her first real contact with the civilizations beyond the small station on which she lived, and they provided a constant intellectual challenge; as most of the subject matter was not covered in her general day-to-day coursework, she was forced to do research on her own and often work through the programs multiple times to understand the situations involved. It was a somewhat haphazard approach to the world of medicine but it was a distraction, a way to get beyond the confines of station life, and, ironically enough, a better source of interaction than most of the adults on the station.

As she moved into her late teens, she began to grow very impatient with the stagnation and regularity of Bahcall and told her parents she wanted to leave the station to become a doctor. Her parents agreed, assuming that she would pursue a research course and return to the station after gaining her medical degree -- she expressed an interest in virology in order to get them to approve the plan. Quietly, however, she had been working for some time on plans for a life she viewed as more worthwhile, more interesting, and a small rebellion against the increasingly claustrophobic and lonely lifestyle she realized she was leading. She left the station aboard the next courier vessel, traveled to Earth, and sent word back to the station that she had enlisted in Starfleet's medical school to become a trauma surgeon. She has not been back to the station since, although she has regularly communicated with her family, who, while stung by the change in plans, were willing to let her pursue the course she wished.

(("Hyperstrings" cf. Duane, "Dark Mirror" -- an absolutely fantastic TNG novel that everyone should read at least once))
CAREER HISTORY: Dana completed her residency at Starfleet Medical when she was twenty-five. During her time working at Fleet Med, she was known to her colleagues as a studious, quiet sort, not highly sociable but always on top of the work she had to get done and never late to complete anything. She briefly considered remaining at the Earth-bound facility where she trained, but eventually she decided that the real reason she had joined Starfleet was to travel, to be on the move in a way she never had been able to aboard Bahcall.

Consequently, she requested a shipboard assignment as soon as she could and was assigned as an assistant medical officer aboard the USS Akira.
SPECIALTIES: Dana, as a result of her self-directed studies on board Bahcall, proved to be an apt student of medicine. She did, as she had promised her parents, study virology, and she does intend to pursue research in that when she can, but her main focus has been on emergency and trauma surgery. She has extremely acute fine motor skills and, having often run the same difficult or gruesome programs more than once on the holodeck, has a very strong stomach for difficult situations. Indeed, she is rather more comfortable in them than she is with more general social interaction.
MEDALS: 2014-06-11

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HISTORY: Character Created - November 8, 2009
Character Assigned to USS Akira - November 9, 2009
Promotion on USS Akira - April 21, 2010 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Promotion on USS Akira - January 12, 2011 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medal Given on USS Akira - June 11, 2014
Medal Given on USS Akira - June 11, 2014
Medal Given on USS Akira - June 11, 2014
Character Removed from USS Akira - December 11, 2014