Ellen Fox

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NAME: Ellen Fox
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
EMAIL: fsfblackjack@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Engineer
: Engineering
AGE: 35
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Brown, ponytail
HOME: New Baltimore colony, Corianis I
INTERESTS: Ellen occasionally tries her hand at art, more as a stress release than an actual serious pursuit, as she enjoys the process of visual design but doesn't really have an eye for it. Most of her free time is spent taking apart jerry-rigged designs she has come up with for various purposes and examining them to see how they can be made better for permanent use, as well as contributing to the Starfleet engineering community at large.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Harrison Albert Fox (deceased) -- Farmer, New Baltimore colony.
Mother: Julia Francis Fox -- Farmer, New Baltimore colony.
Step-father: Robert Edward Corrigan -- Farmer, New Baltimore colony
EDUCATION: Ellen Fox was born on the Federation colony world of New Baltimore, a warm fertile planet which grew into a thriving agricultural community soon after its founding. Her parents, Harrison and Julia Fox, were hardy types, builders perfectly suited for the frontier life of a colony; they had a daughter there and for many years lived a happy and stable life.

This was abruptly curtailed when Ellen was eleven years old when her father was killed in a machinery accident. Her mother was not able to handle the farm work alone and so Ellen was often pressed into service. She grew into a strong, capable, and determined young woman mostly by necessity, willing to get things done because no one else would if she did not. She also quickly developed a healthy appreciation for machinery, electronics, and mechanisms of all kinds which would help her and her mother to get things done, and in her free time she enjoyed using scrap parts and other things she found around the house to construct gadgets which would simplify some task or other.

When Julia remarried, during Ellen's seventeenth year, Ellen became less integral to the workings of the farm, as her mother's new husband Robert was willing to take over many of the duties of the farm's maintenance. With the new free time, she was able to start thinking about what she planned to do with her future, and she began to grow restless in her current home. Robert, recognizing her talents with machines, recommended that she might do well to study engineering -- perhaps with the aim of creating more advanced tools for border colony agriculture or "perhaps something else altogether, since you're a hell of a willful kid when you put your mind to it."

In the end she did in fact study engineering, but she used it to enroll in Starfleet Academy and graduate as a Fleet engineer at the age of twenty-four.
CAREER HISTORY: She rose quickly through the ranks, spending most of her career aboard the USS Tiresius, a Galaxy-class explorer aboard which she eventually became Chief Engineer. Soon after the destruction of Romulus, she was transferred to the USS Firewall to serve in a more frontline position.


//Lieutenant Terrence Hopper, Starfleet Medical//

Ellen Fox is well fit for engineering duty. She's small enough that she suffers no undue strain from Jeffries tube work, though her body is stocky and strong enough for the work involved in the job. She has occasionally suffered severe burns as a result of ongoing experimentation into more efficient plasma transportation systems, but nothing (yet) that was not reparable.

//Commander Beth Peters, Starfleet Medical-Psychology//
//Ship's Counselor, USS Tiresius//

Ellen Fox is one of those people who loves their work and as a result has retained much of the energy she no doubt had for it when she was twenty-five. She seems to take adversity more as a challenge than anything else; she delights in finding unorthodox solutions to problems and constructing stopgaps out of available parts. She has twice been responsible for saving members of the crew and at least four times for preventing the destruction of the ship, during crises both of battle and malfunction.

She takes her job very seriously, however, and has a rather protective streak towards her ship and the crew which she commands; if she feels Engineering is getting the short end of the stick, or not getting the credit they deserve, she will not hesitate to let someone know about it. She's a highly talkative, personable sort, but not afraid to shoot her mouth off, something which has come close to getting her into trouble on a few occasions. However, she is extremely competent at her job, so I have no problem recommending her for her new assignment aboard the USS Firewall.
SPECIALTIES: ((See Career History))

Ellen is extremely good at improvisational engineering; she can take difficult situations and available materials and use them to jerryrig solutions. She also has the ingrained engineer's desire to always come up with a better solution; no area of the ship is safe from her trying (and pushing the crew under her) to find new and better ways to make it work. She is also adept at computer programming, another area in which she often aims to make the ships she works on faster and more efficient.
HISTORY: Character Created - December 1, 2009
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - December 5, 2009
Character Resignation from USS Firewall - September 30, 2010
Character Deletion - April 3, 2011
Character Undelete - October 6, 2013
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer (SFOL) - October 8, 2013
Character Removed from USS Stargazer (SFOL) - January 7, 2015
Character Assigned to USS Odyssey - September 16, 2015