Destry Steele

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NAME: Destry Steele
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Medical Officer
: Medical
AGE: 32
GENDER: Female
HOME: Tethys - Federation Colony
INTERESTS: Earliest ambition (to be a pirate) was fueled by her paternal grandfather Harrison Steele's rather bloodthirsty tales of life as a smuggler. She was seven. (He actually ran freight and smuggled a bit on the side before being roped by his son into retiring and joining the family on Tethys). Her fascination with his stories evolved into a love affair with old legends and the mysterious treasures at the center of them that continues to this day and is something of a hobby (Obsession being such a misunderstood term). She also has an inordinate fondness for genus phanaeus -- the beetles also known as rainbow scarabs and has several (They almost never escape their tank). Another interest is one which bloomed late. A young woman, living an extremely pressurized underwater existence, rarely has the opportunity to experience any feeling of G Forces on the body. Destry enjoys flying fast and to her sorrow is only certified to pilot various shuttle and runabout classes. When on land, enjoys nothing more than taking a racing skimmer out though she is not precisely licensed to do so.
FAMILY HISTORY: Destry Jane Steele was born on Tethys, an oceanic planet with very limited unsubmerged landmass. It is the 4th planet in the Daryan System and is orbited by five moons called the Oceanids. Tethys is home to the undersea Federation colony of the same name. The colony is huge and supports both mining and farming operations. It is the premier oceanic laboratory in the Federation and recently celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary. It is well known for the spirit of cooperation that exists among the members of its scientific community. It has never been attacked, although impressive defensive installations as well as support colonies are in place on three of the five moons.

All of Destry's family lives on Tethys. Destry's parents met and married on Tethys. Her mother is originally from Tycho, the Lunar Colony, and her father was born on a freighter and since his father never tells the same story twice, the Steele family origins are somewhat sketchy.

Father: Dr. Andrew Harrison Steele: 67 years old, not retired, doctorate in marine biology and biological oceanography.
Mother: Dr. Judith Margaret McCann-Steele: 65 years old, not retired, medical doctor and surgeon.
Brother: Dr. Devin Blake Steele: 34 years old, doctorate in engineering geology and hydrogeology. Married to Suzanne Forrester-Steele, 32 years old, entomologist currently studying marine biology. They have three year old twins, Harry and Maggie Steele.
EDUCATION: All schooling, including undergraduate biomedical degree done on Tethys. Attended DuFresne University's medical college (Mars campus) where she received her medical and surgical degrees. Performed her residency under the auspices of Starfleet Medical after being accepted into the officer's training program at Starfleet's San Francisco campus.
CAREER HISTORY: Posted to the Meridian Colony Survey Team-AMO: 4 months
Posted to the USS Constantinople NCC-27634-C-AMO: 18 months
Posted to Starbase 17-AMO: 13 months
Posted to Starbase 8-AMO: 20 months
Posted to the USS Stargazer NCC-2398-F-AMO: 6 mos
Posted to the USS Odyssey NCC-71832-C-CMO: Current
SPECIALTIES: Professionally: Prosthetic BioIntegration.

Personally: Is an excellent shot with a spear gun. It doesn't come up much but the end result is a mean fish taco featuring secret salsa recipe.
MEDALS: 2014-06-16

Extraordinary Service Award

HISTORY: Character Created - December 1, 2009
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - December 5, 2009
Character Resignation from USS Firewall - October 4, 2010
Character Deletion - April 11, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer (SFOL) - October 6, 2013
Medal Given on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - June 16, 2014
Character Transfer - September 29, 2014
Character Assigned to USS Odyssey - October 5, 2014