Lexie Friday

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NAME: Lexie Friday
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: lc6magnet@xxxx.xxx
: Security
SPECIES: genetically engineered human
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 4
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
HAIR COLOR: blonde
HOME: Botany Bay, DM-445466
FAMILY HISTORY: Friday was designed at the Tri-University Life Engineering Laboratory in Halcyon, which does not recognize the Federation ban on eugenics. She was incepted at Mendelian Associated in Zurich, Halcyon's capital. Her genetic material was collected from a wide range of people, and she was designed to be the best. She was brought up as a normal child in Botany Bay, with no clue as to her heritage. Her "father" is Dr. Hartley Baldwin (who had originally had her made).

Friday is a bit ashamed of her artificial origins. She feels that she 'not human,' but instead a second class citizen (which she would be if not for her falsified birth cerificate and ID), and is somewhat insecure about her place in life.

Her status as a genetically-engineered organism is unknown to Starfleet and the UFP, where she act as (and has the papers and credentials for) a normal human female
EDUCATION: Friday was brought up by her "father", Dr. Hartley Baldwin in Botany Bay and received special training as a child at an unspecified creche (see Specialties)

She graduated Starfleet Academy at the middle of her class.
CAREER HISTORY: After graduation, she spent 2 years at the Daystrom Institute.

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After the collapse of the Romulan Empire, she asked to be transferred to a Starship and was assigned to the USS Firewall
SPECIALTIES: Friday's biggest asset in her origin. Genetically designed to be faster and stronger than a normal human, Friday is more than capable of handling herself in a fight, even ones where she is outnumbered four or five to one. In combat, she does not mess around, and will seek to disable a foe as quickly as possible. She will not hesitate to kill, although she doesn't like to.

Her modified body makes her far stronger than she looks, faster than a normal human, with enhanced senses, immunity to disease, an expanded lung capacity, excellent night vision, and an almost unnatural ability to recognize a dangerous situation before it unfolds. She also has (to quote her file in the Tri-University Life Engineering Laboratory): "...unusual memory, unusual innate grasp of number and space and relationship, unusual skill at languages."

Her training at Starfleet Academy has covered a wide range of subjects, including hand-to-hand combat, and weapons use.

Her training Botany Bay included skills in who and how to bribe, how to hide objects, and how to avoid being found. She also has undergone some "mind control" training, which allows her to do things via sheer willpower (like not vomit at the site of a messy corpse, ignore injuries, or work under pressure). She was also trained for use as a "doxy," or, to be blunt, a sexual companion. As she is currently sterile and immune to disease (well, most diseases anyway, certain viruses can still affect her it seems), Friday can put this training to good use if needed.

As a final note, Friday has multiple IDs, none of which reveal her true origins. Among her names are: Emma Baldwin, Friday Baldwin, Friday Jones, Alex Friday Baldwin, and Lexie Baldwin. Her papers usually show her as a native of Seattle or Botany Bay.
HISTORY: Character Created - December 30, 2009
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - January 4, 2010
Character Removed from USS Firewall - August 1, 2010
Character Deletion - October 4, 2010
Character Undelete - February 11, 2013