Tamara Nicole Addison

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NAME: Tamara Nicole Addison
RANK: Air Force -- Airman First Class (E-3)
EMAIL: pastglobal@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Stargate Command
ASSIGNMENT: SG-2 Geophysicist
TEAM: SG-2: Army Recon
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 145ibs
HOME: Christchurch, New Zealand
INTERESTS: Tamara or (Tams) as she is known to her friends, is a free spirited woman who likes nothing more than to be in nature.

Specifically, her nature hobbies including hiking, rock climbing and adventure racing. She has competed in a total of three adventure races including two in her home country of New Zealand where she was born.

She has a passion for animal protection which almost caused her to join the group PETA during her undergraduate studies at Cal Berkeley. However, various interested parties guided her down the path of geoscience and eventually towards a masters.

Besides spending her time away from work in the great outdoors, she also likes visiting family of which she has many or taking her three dogs Rusty, Clive Owen and Genevieve walking. Apart from that, she does enjoy the odd television show, movies or book. But prefers to be outdoors.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Henry Georg Addison
Mother - Eileen Ruth Addison-Walker

(in order)
Older Brother - Brian Henry Addison
Older Brother - Jude William Addison
Older Brother - Toby Georg Addison
Older Sister - Judy Clarence Addison
Younger Sister - Jennifer Ruth Addison
Younger Brother - Christian Gregory Addison

Tamara's father is a Clinical Psychologist who obtained his qualifications in New Zealand as part of a student exchange from Connecticut. While he was there, he met Tamara's mother Eileen who was a local at Christchurch and an expert seamstress.

They were married after 6 weeks and Henry opened up an office in Christchurch itself. 10 years later, they had 5 children including Tamara. She grew up in the hills of Christchurch until at the age of 5 when Henry was offered a role at a private firm in Santa Cruz, California.

From there, Eileen opened up a store and her children, including their next two youngest born in the US, went to school locally. They still reside there to this day (Tamara's parents) overlooking the Monterey Bay.

Brian aged 37 now works on the East Coast in New Jersey as a consultant to a shipping company. He is not married and has no children.

Jude aged 35 lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. He works as an Electronic Engineer for a consultant firm.

Toby aged 34 lives and works in Salt Lake City Utah as a PR rep for the local government. He is married but at this stage has no children.

Judy aged 32 works with her mother in her successful dressmaking store in Santa Cruz and lives around the corner from her mother and father. She is living with her partner there and has no children.

Jennifer aged 24 is currently living in New Zealand after backpacking around the South Island and deciding to stay. She is unmarried and not partnered at this stage.

Christian aged 21 remains living at home and is attending the University of San Fransisco majoring in Clinical Psychology.

As mentioned, Tamara's partner Nicholas Osborne aged 28 remains hers and is currently holding a tenure lectureship at the University of Colorado where they reside.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science (Environmental Earth Science) (Hons)
University of California Berkeley

Masters of Science (Geophysics)

Weather Officer and Basic Training (Denver Colorado)
CAREER HISTORY: At the age of 17 Tamara looked destined to follow her mother into a family owned business called 'Spins and Threads'. But her intelligence played a role in guiding her to University.

She undertook a generalist degree first year but then decided to major in Earth Science after becoming interested in minerals and the transformation of continents. In her third year of this course, she met a graduate student Nicholas Osbourne who become closely acquainted with the plucky red head. He convinced her to continue her studies as he completed his doctorate in Bioengineering. Subsequently, she completed a masters by course work in her favoured subject of Geophysics.

Not long after graduating this, Tamara approached several NGO's to find a position that would fulfill her sense of duty and calling but found none to be adequate to her relationship with Nicholas. In 2004 he moved to take up a position at the University of Colorado which she followed him to.

Once there, Tamara became intrigued by the Air Force and the option of becoming a Weather Officer. She entered basic training (much to Nicholas' anxiety) at the age of 23 and passed through easily. At the age of 24 she was shipped to Afghanistan and there served a tour for the AF in tactical ops and intelligence, mainly working in weather operations. While there, she worked with a variety of highly skilled officers who trained her in intelligence gathering and basic combat skills. She soon excelled as an intel officer and returned home with the mind to transfer to intelligence.

Upon returning home to Nicholas her now 4 year partner however, she was approached by the SG program and has since transferred here.
SPECIALTIES: Geophysics - studies into terraform
Meteorology - Weather Patterns and Electromagnetic Interference

HISTORY: Character Created - January 7, 2010
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - January 9, 2010
Character Removed from Stargate Command - March 20, 2011
Character Deletion - June 3, 2011
Character Undelete - March 6, 2014
Character Undelete - June 30, 2014
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - July 10, 2014