Douglas Parker

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NAME: Douglas Parker
RANK: General -- Vampire
SIMULATION: Nocturne's Reign
ASSIGNMENT: Master of Toronto
ALLIANCE: Vampires
SPECIES: Vampire
AGE: Undead
HOME: Dorchester, Dorset, U.K.
INTERESTS: Parker is a social individual, and enjoys hosting to guests. He likes attending parties, dating women and meeting new people. With the advances of technology over the years, Parker developed a passion for all things technical. He has a great love of cars, and boats and prefers driving himself rather than being chauffeured to wherever he needs to go.

He is also very fashion conscious and likes wearing upscale brands, such as Armani, Versache or Rolex, and prides himself on keeping his body in great shape. Parker is mostly extremely laid back and amicable, but isn't afraid to use his abilities and authorities to deal with threats should the need arise. He is considered to be quite strong compared to most other vampires and Lycanthropes. Parker maintains a low profile, especially to human outsiders and does an excellent job in concealing his true identity as a vampire.
FAMILY HISTORY: Parker was born in the small town of Dorchester in England in 1628. He grew up in a normal family and work as a deck hand at the port tying ship ropes to the moors when he was 12. At the age of 22, he moved to London to work in the London harbour. This job would often require him to work nights and late hours to receive cargo ships and other vessels coming in at night.

During his off-time, Parker would frequent a nearby pub where he would befriend a woman named Guinevere Grissolm. Grissolm, a vampire, saw the potential in Parker and finally transformed him into the vampire ranks in 1665. They shared good relationships (that continue to this day). As a vampire, Parker would prove not to let Grissolm down.

Quickly climbing the ranks of his coven, Parker made himself known to the higher-ups and helped enforce and defend coven members and perform other tasks as ordered. In the 19th century, Parker and a group of vampires immigrated to Canada to start operations in that area. Parker moved to the town of York, in upper Canada to assist in operations there.

Upon the incorporation of Toronto in 1834, Parker was assigned by the Region Primary as master of the city; a position Parker serves in to this very day. Parker remains extremely knowledgeable of affairs in the region, and maintains a calm order in vampire affairs in his area, and is considered well-liked by subordinates and superiors alike.

Personality Profile:

Parker is a man with a professional and charming personality. He could sometimes be considered as a bit of a “playboy”, Oozing with classic British charm and wit, Parker is extremely hospitable in hosting parties, dinners or meetings. But, Parker is also very intelligent and has an excellent business sense, running his companies and nightclubs with extreme efficiency. As master vampire for Toronto, and the GTA, Parker has taken to this role extremely well also, much to the satisfaction of the Regional Primary, Council and Head of State. As such, Parker is considered by other vampires as a rising star in vampire coven hierarchy.

With his position as master vampire, and his business success, comes with it, a lifestyle of fame and fortune. Parker enjoys the finer aspects in life. He is a food and wine connoisseur, but also enjoys traveling. He also likes automobiles, airplanes and boats and owns a varied collection of exotic and luxury cars, private yachts and a few private jets he uses to get around, or visit the other cities in his region. Parker maintains a 20 acre estate overlooking a ravine in Rosedale, an upscale neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.
CAREER HISTORY: Title: Master Vampire for the City of Toronto

Roles: Serves as CEO and President of the Canadian operations branch of his family's chain of businesses and enterprises and owns and operates The Dark Star Night Club, a private, but popular club catering to well off party-goers and serves as one of the main meeting places for other vampires in the Greater Toronto Area.

SPECIALTIES: Abilities: Through honing his powers for the nearly two centuries he's been a vampire, Parker has developed certain abilities to help him when their use is needed. These include:

Telepathy: Can project thoughts or commands into the mind's of most people. However, Parker tries to avoid doing this if at all possible, due to the amount of mental energy it requires. Individuals with strong wills, also tend to use more resources than he is accustomed to. Generally, Parker uses these powers on weaker minded individuals.

Control over werewolves: Like some vampires, Parker has the abilities to control werewolves through biting, to take over their will. As such, he has a considerable amount of Lycanthrope servants under his employ.

Weaknesses/Limitations: Aside from being unable to function in the daytime, like most vampires, Parker also has a limited amount of power he can use at any given time. Use of his abilities can sometimes drain him of energy, requiring an extensive period of rest after its use. Since he is relatively young for a vampire, he has not yet fully utilized his full powers.

HISTORY: Character Created - January 13, 2010
Character Assigned to Nocturne's Reign - January 14, 2010