Nalada of Parth

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NAME: Nalada of Parth
RANK: Civilian -- General Service 04
SIMULATION: Stargate Command
ASSIGNMENT: SG-2 Doctor/Observerer
TEAM: SG-2: Army Recon
SPECIES: Human / Tok'ra Host
AGE: 83
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'2 (157 cm)
WEIGHT: 114 pounds (52 kg)
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Lorwood, Parth
Singing - People prefer when she just hums as her singing is...well, not so good.
PERSONALITY:Loyal - This goes with the Tok'ra. She will not question the judgment of the High Council.
Quiet - She speaks softly and is generally shy around others, especially new people.
Friendly - She's kind and helpful, though she may have to be the one approached.
Expressive - She's easy to read, even when she's trying keep her emotions to herself.
Take-charge - In a medical situation she is commanding and confident.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Nadan*
Mother - Calla*
-- Brother - Nadan Junior, seven years older
-- Brother - Nels*, three year older
-- Sister - Neysa*, two years younger
-- Sister - Noline, three years younger
-- Brother - Nissim*, four years younger
-- Others - Calla gave birth to two stillborn children. They were taken away quickly, and no one but the servants knew their sex. One would have been six years older, and the other was five years younger.
Blending Partner - Nikas
-- Betrothal - Fermin*, human, they never married
-- Husband - Vorak*, symbiote
-- Husband - Angesh*, human
-- Husband - Lorn*, host after Angesh

* Deceased.
EDUCATION: Childhood/Teenager - She learned how to be a proper wife and mother from her family. Because this meant taking care of a household, this included diplomacy, reading, writing, and mathematics.
As a Tok'ra - Mostly from Nikas, she primarily trained in healing, negotiating, combat, and spying.
CAREER HISTORY: . (Because her career and personal history are interwoven, her complete timeline is listed under "Personal History.")
SPECIALTIES: Healing - Including using a Healing Device and Symbiote Extractor
Working Undercover / Stealth
Hand-to-hand Combat - Her skills are average for a Tokra.
Primary Weapons - Knife and Zatnik'atel
Goa'uld Weapons - Including a Staff Weapon and Hand Device
Sewing - She can make nice clothes.
Drawing - She has art journals, and she's fairly good with using charcoal.
Survival - Finding food/water, navigating, making fire, etc.

Nikas has full control over bodily functions. This allows for...
• Slowed Aging
• Healing
• Control Over Metabolism
• Increased Strength
• Better Senses (sight, hearing, etc.)
• Longer Endurance
• Strong Resistance to Poison or Drugs
• Ability to Sense Other Symbiotes and Hosts
• Increased Need for Food/Water

1930 - Born (age 0)
1932 - Betrothed (age 2)
1944 - Bit by a venomous reptile.
- - - Blended with Tok'ra, Nikas.
- - - Began training to become a healer and diplomat. (age 14)
1946 to 1958 - Operative under Eris (ages 16 to 28)
1958 - Married Vorak and Angesh (age 28)
1987 - Angesh died (age 57)
1990 - Married Vorak's new host, Lorn (age 60)
2002 - Vorak and Lorn died. (age 72)
2002 to 2007 - Operative under Estar (ages 72 to 77)
2007 (three months) - Goa'uld Prisoner (age 77)
2008 to 2010 - Operative under Hermes (age 78 to 80)
2010 (one month) - Neverland Expedition. (age 80)
2010 - Sent to Stargate Command to observe and learn about the Tau'ri (age 80)
HISTORY:Nalada was born on the planet, Parth, in a city-state called Lorwood. Though moving up in society was near impossible, Nalada was lucky enough to be born into upper class. Her father was an adviser to the chief, which left her mother to raise the family and often run the household. While still young, Nalada was betrothed to a man named Fermin, a man from a slightly higher classed family in another city-state, and it would help to reconfirm a treaty between the two cities. Nalada was raised with this in mind.

Lorwood was close to the Great Circle (the stargate), which brought a mixture of danger and friendship. Parth itself was between borders, so ownership changed from Goa'uld to Goa'uld. Jaffa came from time to time, demanding slaves, gold, food, or other resources. Never fighting back, the chiefs always gave the Jaffa what they wanted, and it was the lower and middle classes that suffered the most for it. Also from the Great Circle came the Tok'ra. Nalada only learned about them from stories, and no one knew exactly who they were. Usually, they simply came to trade, but sometimes they'd ask for a dying person to join them.

Though Nalada was to be married when she was fourteen, early in the year she was bit by a venomous reptile. She became very sick, but a couple days later, the Tok'ra came looking for a new host. Nalada agreed to go with them, and there she met Nikas, who's current host, Kausha, was dying. Nikas explained who and what the Tok'ra were. Nalada was willing to give everything up to live, and she agreed to a blending.

Soon after, she learned that Nikas was married to Vorak (symbiote) and Angesh (host). The marriage was put on hold to give time for mourning and for Nalada's sake. Nalada trained for a couple years before being sent out as a spy under the minor Goa'uld, Eris. She remained a spy for twelve years, but she was called back when the Tok'ra lost contact with a few other agents in the area.

Now that she would be around, Nikas resumed her marriage. Nalada dated Vorak and Angesh for a brief while before officially marrying into the relationships. As for their jobs, Nalada and Nikas basically did whatever the Tok'ra needed, especially when it came to healing and handling diplomatic relationships (mostly trading or finding new hosts).

For years, their life was fairly tame for Tok'ra. However, her human husband aged faster, due to being older. When Nalada was fifty-seven, Angesh, as the Tok'ra say, lived his years. He died, and Vorak reblended with a human named Lorn. Life slowly continued, and Lorn officially entered the marriage three years later.

Twelves years later, while on an outpost in the Risa system (commanded by Malek), the Goa'uld attacked. Vorak and Lorn were among the first to be killed. Nalada used a zatnik'atel to destroy their bodies before escaping. Less than a third of the Tok'ra from that outpost survived. Nalada and Nikas responded to the grief by volunteering on the first operative mission they could.

Five years into the mission, the Goa'uld they were under, Estar, got word that a Tok'ra was working under him. He killed all suspects, including Nalada and Nikas, another Tok'ra, and genuine Goa'uld. He brought most back, including Nalada and Nikas, and attempted to torture confessions out of everyone. They endured for a few months before escaping with the help of a Rebel Jaffa. They never learned his name, and they do not know his fate.

Back with the Tok'ra, they took time off to recover. They edged back into work by becoming healers again. Later, they were sent to spy on Hermes, which lead them to the Neverland Expedition to learn about the planet, to be healers, and to help keep the relationship strong with the Tau'ri. From there, they were sent to Earth itself, working at Stargate Command.

-location in host-
Name: Nikas of Galbel
Age: 1,115
Gender: Currently Female (takes the gender identity of her current host)
Species: Tok'ra Symbiote
Occupation: Tok'ra Healer / Diplomat

DOB: November 13th, 897
Birthplace: Galbel (in a lake)

• Loyal and Protective - To her host and the High Council.
• Arrogant
• Honest and Blunt - She won't make a point to telling you if you look like crap, but if you ask, she'll be honest about it.
• Calm and Controlled - Nikas' emotions are hard to read by those who don't know her well.
• Take-charge - Like her host, she takes charge in a medical situation.

• Like her host, she spars and sews.
• Hiking, Nature Walks

Genetic Memory
Larva Training - She was taught details about the rebellion that she didn't get from genetic memory.
Hosts - She's learned various things from her hosts, such as languages. They've also learned a lot of things together.

• Queen - Egeria
• Siblings - She has hundreds.
• First Marriage - Ther (human)
• Second Marriage - Vorak (symbiote) and Jad (host)
• Third Marriage - Loresh (symbiote), Cay (host), and Vaid (host)
• Forth Marriage - Vorak, Jakan (host), Dwade (host), Bele (host), Angesh, and Lorn

Previous Hosts
First Host - Len - Male - Spy / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Len's Age: 25 through 199
Nikas' Age: 23 through 197
A hunter who's life was endangered after being gored by his intended prey. Len's marriage ended upon becoming a Tok'ra. Len lived his years.

Second Host - Vilda - Female - Various Jobs
Vilda's Age: 49 through 106
Nikas' Age: 197 through 254.
A new grandmother who became a Tok'ra after developing cancer. She remained married to her husband, Ther. Nikas' joined the family. It was a long distance relationship, but they worked it out for as long as Ther lived. She was killed by a Jaffa.

Third Host - Emmi - Female - Healer / Spy
Emmi's Age: 17 through 187
Nikas' Age: 254 through 424.
Tok'ra Relationships: Vorak and Jad.
A young healer who studied herbs and nearly died from syphilis. Emmi was killed by a Jaffa.

Forth Host - Batay - Male - Healer / Spy
Batay's Age: 27 through 168
Nikas' Age: 424 through 575.
Tok'ra Relationships: Vorak and Jad, which ended with Jad's death. Loresh, Coy, and Vaid.
A fisherman. He ended his marriage upon becoming a Tok'ra, and he learned healing skills from Nikas'. Batay was killed during a Goa'uld attack.

Fifth Host - Torl - Male - Security / Spy / Healer
Toil's Age: 18 through 126
Nikas' Age: 575 through 683.
A young man who had been training to be the equivalent of a knight. Nikas' took lot more security type jobs while blended with him. Torl was killed by a Jaffa while on the surface.

Sixth Host - Aika - Female - Healer / Spy
Aika's Age: 9 through 201
Nikas' Age: 683 through 875.
Tok'ra Relationships: Vorak, Jakan, Dwade, and Bele
The youngest host Nikas ever had upon blending. Aika's aging was left alone until she was in her mid-teens. Aika became a healer, and she lived all her years.

Seventh Host - Kausha - Female - Healer / Diplomat / Spy
Kaysha's Age: 19 through 193
Nikas' Age: 875 through 1049.
Tok'ra Relationships: Vorak, Bele, and Angesh,
A young diplomat who became Tok'ra after being burned in a house fire. She was killed by a Goa'uld.

The Hosts


OOC Note:
• The image used for Nalada is Anjali Jay.
• The images used for the hosts are Michael Copon, Kyeon Mi Ri
Stasya, Izyumova, Mark Hildreth, Adetomiwa Edun, Skye Bennett, and Nicole Whippy.
MEDALS: 2013-05-26

Prisoner of War Medal

HISTORY: Character Created - February 4, 2010
Character Assigned to Stargate: Helix - February 6, 2010
Character Transfer - April 11, 2010
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - April 11, 2010
Promotion on Stargate Command - September 5, 2010 - General Service 04 from General Service 03
Medal Given on Stargate Command - May 26, 2013