Colin Byrne

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NAME: Colin Byrne
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
SIMULATION: Star Trek: Renaissance
AGE: ??
HEIGHT: 6'0'
EYE COLOR: brown
HOME: Earth - United Kingdom
INTERESTS: Regatta sailing, goal keeper for his local football club, the guitar, and he's become a voracious reader over time.
FAMILY HISTORY: Mother: Felicity Byrne - Senior Secretary emeritus, Federation Consular Division (retired)
Father: Jonathan Byrne - recently deceased. (he was close to his father.)
Parents were separated 20+ years prior to father's death.
Half Brother: Peter. MIA, presumed dead

One child, Rhianna, age 18, living with her mother. (Subsequently revealed to be fathered by his older brother.)
EDUCATION: University of Oxford - Undergraduate studies in jurisprudence, economics, management (incomplete)

Starfleet Academy - Command, Tactical, Security, Strategic Thinking, Navigation
Tactical Officer, 9 months' duration.
Brevit promotion to First Officer in the aftermath of an attack which saw the destruction of Renown's saucer section.
First Officer, 2.5 years.

USS Repulse, NCC-4217:
Commanding Officer, 1 year, 8 months.
NOTE: USS Repulse was destroyed initially upon being drawn into a large vortex anomaly that then Capt. Byrne testified to as being temporal in nature. Whereas most officers and crew were able to successfully escape, Byrne and several other officers were declared MIA, for a period of 11 months. Though detailed scans taken from the ship's sensor logs indicated a high concentration of Temperon-B particles (not identified at time of initial investigation) , no further corroboration, other than testimony of several of the ship's officers and crew, could be weighed against the scientific positions accepted by StarFleet concerning temporal anomalies at that time.

ISV Lysistrata: According to Byrne's own testimony, he commanded this interstellar sailing vessel during a period in which she is known to have engaged in acts of piracy against both civilian and StarFleet vessels. Further testimony states that Byrne used said vessel to locate and rescue several Repulse crewpeople declared MIA in the aftermath of the vessel's loss. Byrne claims that in exchange for this unusual ability to rescue his people, he entered into an agreement of service to an entity known only as "Genevieve," a humanoid female rumored to represent a consortium of beings alleged to monitor the integrity of the temporal stratum. Though the missing Repulse officers were indeed returned, and each did indeed corroborate Byrne's own statements, no further evidence was presented to be weighed against the scientific positions accepted by StarFleet concerning temporal travel or corrective measures at that time. No further information concerning the humanoid Genevieve or those in whose employ she works has been made available for consideration.

USS Repulse, NCC-4217: Commanding Officer (acting) In response to the theft of USS Redoubt, NCC-4215, and the added urgency of the presence of many children aboard the vessel at the time of her theft, Admiral Erin Graham, Byrne's former CO aboard USS Renown, authorized Byrne to be temporarily released from incarceration prior to court-martial to effect return of the vessel and the rescue of the children. Though StarFleet has no stated position as to how this was accomplished, Byrne, along with the officers assigned to his team, did manage to return USS Repulse, which was then used to pursue USS Redoubt. The stolen vessel was successfully returned, along with all but one of the children. Upon the return of USS Repulse, Byrne surrendered himself to Repulse's security chief, and was re-incarcerated to await court-martial.

StarFleet Corrections: Incarcerated at SF Corrections facility, Starbase 137, for a period of no less than 15 years. Released after time served.

Re-enrollment: Upon further review of testimonies given and in light of new scientific data, charges against Colin J. Byrne were reduced to Malicious Mischief and Petty Theft. Offered Re-enrollment to StarFleet and successfully completed a course of re-enrollment training at StarFleet Academy.

USS Eternity. Duty posting as First Officer, though later revealed during a an Admiralty Board hearing he was, in fact, officially CO of said vessel during the Fringe War. As official findings were inconclusive, he retained rank of Commander, and was maintained on the "Captaincy" list for future vessel command.

USS Repulse, NCC-4217: Volunteered as 1st Officer to serve Capt. Andrea Morgan. 2 years at this post, until declared missing, presumed dead, in the aftermath of Hurricane Bridget. Search and Rescue teams found his sailboat, "la'Madelaine," on the bottom, 70km North of the Cuban coastline. His body was never recovered.

USS Eternity (Council Vessel) A high security, off the records effort to verify and correct the predicitions of 'The Legacy," mankind's first automated temporal prognostication system. Served as First Officer under James Maxwell (alluded to in Byrne's earlier testimony as CO of original USS Eternity), on a mission to the Delta Quadrant to study and confront a highly dangerous new incarnation of the Borg. The mission ended in the capture of the vessel, and the murder/assimilation of much of the crew. Byrne, along with a handful of officers and crew, managed an escape aboard another captured vessel, USS Hope.

USS Hope: CO (6 months) Oversaw what rebuilding and refit of this stripped down Intrepid class vessel was possible. Forced to barter services with a local syndicate in order to make his vessel sound enough to support his crew for the long term. Testimonies by officers and crew diverge at this point. Some indicate that Byrne resorted to cruelty and criminal behavior, resulting in the documented rape of one of his officers, attempted rape of another, and the kidnapping and forced servitude of a child. His command was brought down by mutiny, and Byrne incarcerated, until a Borg attack facilitated his escape. Piloting a private vessel, he was seen to engage the attacking Borg, before an explosion crippled his ship and forced the collision that allegedly took his life.

Differing testimony indicates that Byrne, overcome by an infusion of Borg Generation 6 nanoprobes, suffered a lapse in which superego was constrained and tortured by an artificially powered id, whose unrestrained behavior is a matter of record. Lt. Marisol Hocevar, acting engineer, devised a naural interface that presented both audio and visual recordings of this internal construct by which Byrne's nature was constrained.

Liberated Resistance - Fleet Commander: His body rebuit via DNA sequencing around a Borg skeletal chassis, Byrne was next seen in service of Gabriel "Matrix" Logan, a radical cultist who led his own resistance to the Borg. After the destruction of his fleet by the Borg armada in a final stand to facilitate the escape of USS Hope, Byrne was rejoined with his former crew.

USS Hope, 2nd Officer: Much to the chagrine of the crew, Byrne served in this capacity until their encounter with the Dyson Sphere at Concorde. At that moment, he departed the vessel.

Though no further official record exists, one account states that he participated in the combined fleet action against the Borg at Concorde, and was last seen in combat and pursuit of Sion "Xatrix" Logan, a.k.a. The Borg King. This account is unsubstantiated. Pending further evidence, Cdr. Byrne is considered MIA.
SPECIALTIES: Byrne is a character I've written for several years. He started as a nervous young Lt. at tactical, and quickly rose to command of his own vessel.

His history shows that he's been one to often think outside the confines of the StarFleet training manual to achieve a solution.
HISTORY: Character Created - May 18, 2010
Character Assigned to Starfleet Delta - June 17, 2010
Character Resignation from Starfleet Delta - September 18, 2010
Character Assigned to USS Endevour - November 15, 2010
Character Removed from USS Endevour - November 16, 2010
Character Deletion - January 20, 2011
Character Deletion - July 22, 2011
Character Undelete - August 8, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - August 9, 2012
Character Resignation from Star Trek: Eternity - November 23, 2014
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - July 4, 2015
Character Transfer - January 10, 2016