Katherine (Katie) Jamison

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NAME: Katherine (Katie) Jamison
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: kasherby@xxxx.xxx
: Engineering
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 115#
HAIR COLOR: auburn
EYE COLOR: green/hazel
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: Katie enjoys the holodeck when not on duty and can usually be found training with her bat'leth, Mek’leth or D’ktahg or doing some form of martial arts training.
FAMILY HISTORY: See Educational History
EDUCATION: Her early years were spent aboard the IKS Tabor, Negh'var class where her parents were part of a exchange program. They served as part of the medical staff and she learned much from them by watching them and learned various forms of self-defense as she grew up from her Klingon shipmates.

Majored in computer programming and systems engineering courses.
Minored in Stellar Cartography and Klingon. (customs and language)
CAREER HISTORY: Katie grew up knowing never to back down from a fight and never to show weakness of any kind. This tended to get her in trouble with her classmates while in the Academy as well as many of her instructors. But her 'go for it' attitude also proved positive in gaining her the respect of those whom chose to call her friend. Katie doesn't back down from anything and has the scars to prove it, but also the respect of those she has encountered. She's spent many hours in sickbay or the hospital due to injuries received either in brawls, away missions, or in practice sessions. Also spending a 3 month period in the brig after a brawl fight she should have let go but the insult to her family was more than she could stand and she fought back against two Cardassians. Another such instance was when she was confronted by two Klingons while at the Academy, who chose to test her knowledge of Klingon customs forcing her to defend herself against uneven odds. She spent two days in sickbay for refusing to back down, injuring one of the klingons in the process and earning their respect.
SPECIALTIES: Talents and Abilities Adapt computer skills, Programing knowledge, Hand to Hand combat.
Languages: Federation (fluent), Klingon (fluent), Japanese, Korean and Vulcan.
Hobbies and Interests: Rock and Ice climbing, HALO Jumping.
Self Defense Training in the following: Aiki-jujutsu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kenjutsu and Shinobi.
Also adapt at Mok'bara (Klingon Martial Arts) and Suus Mahna (Vulcan Martial Arts).
HISTORY: Character Created - June 21, 2010
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Project Origin - June 27, 2010
Character Removed from Star Trek: Project Origin - December 29, 2011