Neranna Mital

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NAME: Neranna Mital
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
: Science
SPECIES: Aquarian
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 160lbs
HOME: Aquaoid
INTERESTS: swimming, studying alien cultures and social interactions, playing the Izari (a wind instrument made from Iza shell)
FAMILY HISTORY: Neranna’s parents Ziar and Oshwala Mital are scientists on their homeworld of Aquaoid. Ziar is the lead researcher in their space program and current Federation liason. Oshwala is a dedicated physician and leader in physiological/anatomical research, specifically dealing with their unique needs when offworld. When Neranna was 4 years old, first contact with the Federation occurred. Their planet was discovered in a routine mapping mission on the edge of the Federations territory. The warp presence from their developing space program led the Captain of the USS Challenger to initiate first contact. Ziar was the senior scientist of the warp program that met with the Federation team. That night he came home with amazing stories of the people from Jalinia, the planet of the whales! The Starfleet officers shared information about Earth, and how their probe had almost destroyed the planet about 150 years prior. For the next decade, Neranna and her younger brother Jural, listened to their father’s stories from his work and contact with the Federation to fuel their warp drive program and cultural exchange. Neranna was intensely fascinated by this alien race.

When she was old enough, with the help of her parents and his contacts in Starfleet, she enlisted in the Academy, the first of her species. Her four years at the Academy were not without their blunders but she tried to learn the new cultural environment. With a very friendly and outgoing personality, she was able to assimilate and learn how to fit in with the multicultural aspect of Academy life. She graduated in the top 20% of her class. Her first deep space assignment was the USS Topeka where she spent the last year adjusting to life outside the Academy. Her orders for the USS Stargazer just came in and she is eager to join her new crew.
EDUCATION: Primary and secondary schools on Aquaoid which specialize in all things oceanographic.
4 years Starfleet Academy specializing in planetary sciences
CAREER HISTORY: USS Topeka - 1 year junior science officer
SPECIALTIES: Aquaoid is 80% covered by oceans and 10% freshwater making the planet 90% water, which has resulted in the evolution of amphibious humanoids. Their toes are longer than humans with webbing between them. The average Aquarian can hold their breath for 20 minutes. A unique oil is secreted by their glands to help protect them from minor temperature changes in the water column, which gives their skin a visible glisten and smooth feel. They require water externally to survive. To survive off their planet, they wear a specialized hairpiece that creates water from the air and releases it along the scalp at necessary intervals. It is enough to leave the hair always damp but not enough to drip. They are a mildly telepathic race, having honed the ability for cetacean and underwater communication on their homeworld. It is an innate skill that Neranna has honed to a higher degree than most on her planet due to her interactions with other telepathic humanoids at the Academy.

Planet: 80% sea water, 10% fresh water, 10% land – 1 sizeable continent, several islands and island chains around the planet. The planet is smaller than the Earth (about 60% of Earth size). Large continent has several lakes, islands have river/waterfall/pond systems. Neranna grew up on the second largest island which in the main city where her father and mother performed their research. Due to the nature of warp research the lab was placed on that particular island as it is halfway around the world from the main capital city should any accidents occur. The entire island was dedicated to the space program research. There is a single large current that circles the globe, allowing for travel between the islands and continents at decent speeds by water craft.

Social structure: Maternally inherited, sons move in with daughters families when marriage occurs. Used to be fully matriarchial society though today the burden is shared about equal. Very dolphin, herd like, tend to stay in the same social groups their entire life. Research has brought more travel to the globe, but everyone tends to think of their birth area and group as home. Much more tactile than humans, where humans shake hands, hugging, groping, and bumping/smacking is very common among Aquarians. Gestation takes 13 months. Very aware and respectful of the sea and all her creatures. Close relationship between the Jali (humpback whale like creatures) and Zitars (dolphin like), communication by translator and telepathy is possible. Research symposiums often held in the open ocean where the cetaceans can take part versus on land. Legend has it that the Jali nurtured the Aquariun culture and water ability. Without the Jali the Aquariun would be no more than primitive nomads alone on islands versus the bustling species they are today.
HISTORY: Character Created - July 20, 2010
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer - July 21, 2010
Promotion on USS Stargazer - April 18, 2011 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Character Resignation from USS Stargazer - July 3, 2012