Meushell Storme Kija

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NAME: Meushell Storme Kija
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
: USS Raptor Security/ Tactical
SPECIES: Trill (joined)
AGE: 38
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'4 (163 cm)
WEIGHT: 125 pounds (57 kg)
HAIR COLOR: Dark Blonde
HOME: Trill
INTERESTS: Family Outings
FAMILY HISTORY: Parents: Deceased (as of stardate 9609.20).
Brother: Cyle Elsh.
Brother: Biran Sethon (Bajoran)
Husband: Cmdr. Stauf Kija (Human, Declared deceased on stardate 0011.15)
Husband: Lt. Cmdr. Nibar Xand (Trill)
Daughters: Stephani & Michele. Fathered by Stauf. Born stardate 9903.14.
Son: Nibal. Fathered by Nibar. Born stardate 0405.05.

-Spot Pattern-
(Spot shapes match the left picture.)
Joined: 9306.13 (2372) (Host age-21)
Symbiont History:

2321-November 20, Born

Lena Kija: (female)
2346 to 2371-Owned bookstore (age 19-44)
2352-Joined with Kija (age 25)
2368-Had daughter, Starna. Starna's father is Eron Barge. (Age 41)
2369-Became engaged with Eron Barge. (Age 42)
2370-Federation-Cardassian Treaty signed. Lena unknowingly brought Starna into Cardassian territory. They were captured by Gul Revek. Starna was killed and Lena was held prisoner for four months. (Age 43)
2371-Joined Maquis.
2372-Engaged with Biran Sethon. Killed in battle at age 45.

"Storme" Kija: (alternate timeline/female)
2370-Joined Academy (age 19)
2372-Joined with Kija (age 21)
2374-Graduated Academy (age 23)
2375-Posted on USS Avenger
- - - -Parents died. (age 24)
2376-Captured by Cardassians. Went insane. (age 25)
2377-Escaped from Cardassians. Joined Maquis. (age 26)
2378-Started using middle name and forgot host's pre-Maquis past.
- - - -Rekindled relationship with Sethon.
2381-Killed in battle (age 30)
Note: Storme's memories officially start in 2376. Up until then is considered to be Meu's. Also, in 2376, Avenger accidentally traveled to an alternate universe. All of Storm's official memories take place in that universe.

Neral Kija: (alternate timeline/male)
2350-Born a farmer.
2368-Married Taenik Viaat. (age 18)
2369-Daughter, Kaya Swau born. (age 19)
2370-Lost home in Federation/Cardassian Treaty.
- - - -Joined Maquis.
- - - -Son, Vexol Swau born. (age 20)
2381-Joined with Kija. (age 31)
2386-Met Meu from past and gives her Kija's memories to change her future. (age 35)
Note: Neral was from an alternate universe.

2350-November 13, Born
- - - -Raised with great encouragement to become joined and to suppress her emotions.
2369-Brother, Cyle, was disowned by their parents when he decided to become a Guardian. Lost contact with him. (age 18)
2370-Joined Academy (age 19)
2372-Joined with Kija (age 21)
2374-Graduated Academy (age 23)
2375-Posted on USS Avenger
- - - -September 20, Parents died while traveling (as civilians) aboard the USS Turon. Reunited with Cyle. (age 24)
2376-Captured by Cardassians (one month).
- - - -Performed ritual with Biran Sethon so they would become siblings.
- - - -October 10, Married Cmdr. Stauf Kija (Human) of the USS Avenger A. Stauf took the name Kija. By marrying Meu, he also joined Biran family, so also wore an earring. (age 25)
- - - -USS Avenger crashes. Posted on USS Craine. (age 26)
2377-Posted on USS Avenger A (age 26)
2378-March 14, give birth to Stephani & Michele are born. Used to be one girl. An accident made them twins before they were born. Michele holds all the good qualities of the original girl, while Stephani holds all the bad qualities. This has shown in their personality.
- - - -July 19, Stauf disappeared during a shuttle mission. (age 27)
2379-November 15, Stauf is declared dead. (age 29)
2380-Lost right hand in battle. She was given a bionic replacement.
2382-January 26, Married Nibar Xand (Joined Trill). (age 31)
2383-May 5, Gives birth to Nibal. (age 32)
2387-USS Avenger A crashes. (age 36)
2389-Posted on USS Firewall (age 38)
2390-Posted on USS Raptor (age 39)
EDUCATION: Aneish elementary on Trill for 8 years.
Year One: Top 42% of class.
Year Two: Top 39% of class.
Year Three: Top 34% of class.
Year Four: Top 33% of class.
Year Five: Top 14% of class.
Year Six: Top 13% of class.
Year Seven: Top 13% of class.
Year Eight: Top 11% of class.
D'indra high school on Trill for 5 years.
Primary Studies: Computers
Year One: Top 13% of class.
Year Two: Top 8% of class.
Year Three: Top 7% of class.
Year Four: Top 4% of class.
Year Five: Top 2% of class.
Starfleet Academy on Earth for 4 years. (2371-2375)
Major: Security
Minor: Operations
Year One: Top 3% of class.
Year Two: Top 79% of class.
Year Three: Top 74% of class.
Year Four: Top 76% of class.
CAREER HISTORY: USS Avenger (2375-2376)
Joined as Assistant Security with a rank of Ensign. (9607.01)
Became Operations Officer, and then rose in rank to Lieutenant (j.g.), Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Lieutenant Commander.
Avenger accidentally entered an alternate universe. (9707.01)
Meushell is separated from Avenger when kidnapped by alt-Cardassians.
Maquis Ship (2376, one month)
Escaped from alt-Cardassians and found by the alt-Maquis. Temporary joined them. With permission, tried to contact Avenger. Rose in rank due to past experience with Maquis.
USS Avenger (2376)
Rejoined Avenger.
Avenger returns to his real universe. (9710.29)
Ship crashed. (9712.01)
USS Craine (2376)
Temporary ship for all Avenger crew while Avenger A was created.
Promoted to Senior Commander, co-First Officer. Still Operations Officer.
USS Avenger A (2377-2387)
Joined. (9802.23)
Became co-Acting Captain. (9803.22)
Promoted to Captain and given full command of USS Avenger A. (9806.07)
Avenger crashed and sent out a distress signal. (0807.07)
Planet (2387-2389)
Avenger and its survivors (the few that were left) were found, none having memories from before the crash. Meushell was among them. Due to the amnesia, she took a voluntary demotion. (1001.13)
USS Firewall (2389-2390)
Joined as Chief Security with a rank of lieutenant. (1004.04)
USS Raptor (2390- )
Joined as Chief Security/Tactical with a rank of lieutenant. (1105.03)
SPECIALTIES: Leadership/Command Skills
Ability to break in computer systems without detection
Hand to hand combat
Weapons: Knives and Phasers (any type of phaser)
Piloting Skills
Some medical knowledge

Languages Spoken:
Primary: Trill
Secondary: Bajoran
Other(s): Vulcan, Cardassian
Learning: English, Romulan
ALLERGIES:Allergy: Insect Bites
Reaction: Interferes with the biochemical connections between host and symbiont.
Severity: Strong

Allergy: Bolian Tonic Water
Reaction: Rash
Severity: Mild
PHYSICAL: Current Status: Appears to be in excellent physical condition. As a joined Trill, she is two sentient beings (Meushell and Kija) who think, feel, and respond as one.
As of Stardate 9910.03 Meushell has scarring, which was received while captured by Cardassians, however she is not physically limited because of them. For personal reasons, she refuses treatment that would heal the scars.
- Scar - Right temple, starts over eyebrow and moves down, disappearing into the hairline above her ear
- Scar - Forearm, three burn marks, parallel to each other
- Scar - Back, faint scars going downward
- Scar - Back of left hand, light
On Stardate 0010.08 Meushell's vision was impaired after accidentally being exposed to bright light. The first treatments did not help, and vision was becoming worse. Surgery was finally able to repair her eyes, and she reported her that eyesight is a little better than it was previously.
On Stardate 0102.12 Meushell lost her right hand in a battle. It was replaced on Stardate 0103.19 with a biosynthetic one.
PSYCHOLOGICAL:Current Status: Meushell tends to keep her emotions to herself, especially negative emotions (anger, sadness, etc.). She will often say that she is well, even though she is not, emotionally or physically. She is achluophobic (fear of dark) and claustrophobic.

OOC Notes:
In actual roleplaying, stardates 9607.01 through 0807.07 were previously 9807.01 through 1007.07. Two years were skipped upon joining Starfleet: Delta.
The Firewall is not the same Firewall as the FSF sim, as they are in two different universes.
The image used for Meu is Stephanie Niznik.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 3, 2010
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - August 4, 2010
Character Transfer - May 1, 2011
Character Assigned to Starfleet Delta - May 3, 2011
Character Resignation from Starfleet Delta - November 6, 2013