Avrel of Yunar

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NAME: Avrel of Yunar
RANK: Civilian -- General Service 07
EMAIL: fsfmeushell@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Stargate Command
ASSIGNMENT: Orion Leader
TEAM: Orias: Orion Base and Team
SPECIES: Tok'ra Host
AGE: 153
HEIGHT: 6'3 (191 cm)
WEIGHT: 203 pounds (92 kg)
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Goldland, Yunar
Active Sports
PERSONALITY:Hopeful and Loyal - Avrel's life goal is to help to see the end of the Goa'uld. With that goal comes an unwavering loyalty to the Tok'ra High Council.
Friendly, Approachable, and Sociable - He has no problem making friends in a room full of strangers.
Open Minded
Valakish - Avrel and Valak have a similar personality. Without the obvious clues (voice or eye glow), it's very difficult to tell them apart.
FAMILY HISTORY: Paternal Grandfather - Kel Caeliun Hastati*
Father - Grad Caeliun Sagittarii*
Mother - Versha Caelia*
-- Brothers - Stillborn* Grad II*, Nordan*, Vik*, Forn*, Stillborn*, Jerdan*
-- Sisters - Versha II*, Stillborn*, Sicka*
Blending Partner - Valak
Significant Others
-- Lover - Liams Lupe Triarii*, human
-- Wife - Taia Caelia*, human
-- Husband - Lyzek, symbiote
-- Husband - Davet, human
Son - Avrel II*
Dog - Lupa*
Grandchildren - Kel II*, Avila*
2nd Great Grandchildren
-- Kel II's Children - Kel III*, Avrel III*
3rd Great Grandchildren
-- Kel III's Children - Aliah*, Val*
-- Avrel III's Children - Avila II*
4th Great Grandchildren
-- Aliah's Child - Kel IV*
-- Val's Children - Opaline, Racquel*
-- Avila II's Children - Thom II*, Avrel IV*
5th Great Grandchildren
-- Kel IV's Children - Kel V*, Taia II*
-- Opaline's Child - Elsa
-- Avrel IV's Children - Avrel V, Thom III, Mona*
6th Great Grandchildren
-- Elsa's Child - Phebe
-- Avrel V's Children - Delia, Sarina, Laurelle
-- Thom III's Child - Darien
-- Mona's Child - Judd II

* Deceased.
Note: Only the full names of his grandfather, father, mother, lover, and wife are listed.
EDUCATION: Childhood/Teenager - Trained to be a bowman, both to guard and gain territory.
As a Tok'ra - Mostly from Valak, he primarily trained in combat and spying.
CAREER HISTORY: . (Because his career and personal history are interwoven, his complete timeline is listed under "Personal History.")
SPECIALTIES: Hand-to-hand Combat
Primary Weapons - Most Goa'uld Weapons, Knife, Bow
Hunting / Survival
Working Undercover / Stealth
Leadership Skills
Healing - Basic Healing Device knowledge
Willpower - It's also a weakness

Valak has full control over bodily functions. This allows for...
• Slowed Aging
• Healing
• Control Over Metabolism
• Increased Strength
• Better Senses (sight, hearing, etc.)
• Longer Endurance
• Strong Resistance to Poison or Drugs
• Ability to Sense Other Symbiotes and Hosts
• Increased Need for Food/Water

1860 - Born as Avrel Caeliun Sagittarii (age 0)
1876 - Became an Adult (age 16)
1878 - Married Taia (age 18)
1879 - Blended with Tok'ra, Valak
- - - Modifies his name to Avrel of Yunar
- - - Began training in security
- - - Son is born (age 19)
1882 - Married Lyzek and Davet (age 22)
1887 to 1913 - Operative under Eris (ages 27 to 53)
1913 - Killed self to avoid capture. Body is revived in sarcophagus
- - - Disappearing from the Tok'ra, they declare the two to be "fallen" (age 53)
1913 to 1924 - Imprisoned (age 53 to 64)
1924 - Escaped (age 64)
1925 - Reunited with the Tok'ra (age 65)
2010 - Begins working with Stargate Command to build Orion Base
2011 - Orion Base is opened
HISTORY:For generations, the men in Avrel's family followed a long line of being soldiers for their empire, Goldland. Using melee weapons and being of low rank, they were little more than fodder in every battle. Not allowed to pick up a weapon, the girls and women spent many nights hoping their fathers, husbands, and sons would return safely. Luck would change for the family when Avrel's grandfather, Kel, saved the life of nobleman. In return, the nobleman granted Kel's wish for his sons to become bowmen instead of average guards. While the cousins remained among the lowest class soldiers, Avrel's father, Grad, and his brothers were able to move up a notch in society.

Still of lower class, Avrel grew up with high expectations, with the knowledge that if he failed, he would be demoted as a guard. If he survived that, it would be to watch his future children suffer for his mistakes. His father was the hardest trainer, though it was out of love, as Grad knew his boys could not fail in front of the wrong person. He dedicated his life to training them, reminding them of their grandfather, why they were privileged, and if they ever had such a chance to move up in life, they'd better take it. Life was difficult. Many of his family died before he was an adult, usually due to battle, disease, or in his mother's case, childbirth.

At sixteen, Avrel entered adulthood. He and his brothers joined the longstanding war against the empire, Silverwood. It would often took Avrel far from home. His family also expected Avrel to marry, but he had no interest in women. Instead, he soon took advantage of the interests from one of his commanding officers, Pilus Liams Lupe Triarii, getting favors in the form of great food, better equipment, and safer positions in battle.

After two years, with pressures from the family, he gave in, marrying a young woman named Taia. For a wedding present, Liams gave the new couple a Molossus (dog) named Lupa. Lupa was a trained guard dog, a rare breed to have for Avrel's rank and position. Unknown to Avrel at the time, Molossers were also sacred to Silverwoodans, which added another form of protection.

At nineteen, Avrel left a pregnant Taia for another battle. It brought him near the stargate, and it was during battle that he was stabbed in the chest. The stargate activated, and the two leaders immediately called for a truce. Unfamiliar people came, and Avrel was quite sure they were all going to be killed. From a distance, he watched the leaders talked to the strangers in beige. Then they went to every dying man questioning them. When his leader went to Avrel, he asked if Avrel would honor his country by serving others. Remembering his father's words, Avrel said yes.

There he was taken to the strangers, and everything was explained. These were Tok'ra, fighting a battle against a great power. Goldland and Silverwood considered it an honor to serve them. Still, with learning what it entailed to become a Tok'ra, many of the dying men chose death. Avrel and others who were willing were taken away.

Avrel soon met Valak, who interviewed each of them. The symbiote rejected those who were willing only because it honored their country. Avrel was nervous, but for him, it just wasn't about his country. He knew he was dying, and he wasn't ready. While he wasn't the only one, he was the one Valak chose. The rest were healed and given a chance to stay. A few did, including, Davet, the Silverwoodan who had stabbed him.

Now a Tok'ra, Avrel went home to say goodbye to his family. Because he was chosen to become a Tok'ra, his emperor met him, promising that his wife would be well cared for. Taia was given land, servants to work it, and the promise that she'd never have to work again. Their child would be given a high education to take care of the land. As for Avrel, he quickly learned that his symbiote was also a guard, though of higher rank than he had been. New training quickly began.

Davet ended up blending with Lyzek, and the two hosts bonded from coming from the same world. With Lyzek being an old flame of Valak, they married three years later.

Later, Avrel and Valak went undercover for twenty-six years. Realizing they were suspected, they killed themselves to avoid capture. However, the device to destroy their bodies malfunctioned, and they were revived in the sarcophagus. Now captured, it wasn't long before they knew the Tok'ra would assume they had been killed. At first, they were often questioned by the Goa'uld, Eris. After a while, she lost interest in them, leaving them in a prison was that more dangerous due to the other prisoners than anything else. However, they were respected after killing every would be thief and attacker. For eleven years they waited for the time to escape while worrying that Lyzek and Davet had moved on. The chance came when the prison was attacked by another Goa'uld. Unable to find the Tok'ra, they went to Avrel's planet, knowing the Tok'ra would eventually come for hosts. They stayed with Avrel's son for a year before the Tok'ra came. Expecting to reunite with Davet and Lyzek, they discovered the two had gone undercover after their funeral. It was three long months before they could safely return, and the four were finally reunited.

Many years later, Avrel and Valak began working on the Alliance Project. They felt it would be good for the Tok'ra to strengthen their alliance with the Tau'ri and free Jaffa. After selecting a planet and convincing all three governments, building began. The project, now often called Orion Base, has been a success.

-taking control-

-location in host-
Name: Valak of Galbel
Age: 1,927
Gender: Male
Species: Tok'ra Symbiote
Occupation: Tok'ra Guard

DOB: November 1st, 85
Birthplace: Galbel (in a lake)

• Optimist
• Loyal and Protective
• Friendly and Approachable
• Open Minded
• Arrogant
• Avrelish - His personality is similar to that of his host.

Genetic Memory
Larva Training - He was taught details about the rebellion that he didn't get from genetic memory.
Hosts - He has learned various things from his hosts, such as languages. They've also learned a lot of things together.

• Queen - Egeria
• Siblings - He has hundreds.
• First Marriage - Lalec (symbiote) and Fesa (host)
• Second Marriage - Lyzek (symbiote) and Darron (host)
• Third and Forth Marriage - Lyzek and Quon (host)
• Fifth Marriage - Lalec, Yara (host), and Dura (host)
• Sixth Marriage - Orak (symbiote) and Deter (host)
• Seventh Marriage - Lalec and Nasha (host)
• Eighth Marriage - Orak, Sersha (host), and Cordon (host)
• Ninth Marriage - Lyzek and Davet (host)

Previous Hosts
First Host - Gurt - Male - Guard / Diplomat / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Gurt's Age: 48 through 201
Valak's Age: 23 through 176
Tok'ra Relationships: Lalec and Fesa.
A grandfather who became ill. He lived his years.

Second Host - Nokar - Male - Guard / Diplomat / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Nokar's Age: 12 through 198
Valak's Age: 176 through 362.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lalec and Fesa.
A young rodent catcher became ill after being bitten. He lived all his years.

Third Host - Tor - Male - Guard / Diplomat / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Tor's Age: 19 through 189
Valak's Age: 362 through 532.
A farmer who was in a accident. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Forth Host - Arada - Female - Guard / Spy / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Arada's Age: 27 through 128
Valak's Age: 532 through 633.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lyzek and Darron
A woman who nearly died in childbirth. The Tok'ra were there at the right time. She was killed by a Jaffa.

Fifth Host - Aitlyc - Male - Guard / Spy / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Aitlyc's Age: 23 through 136
Valak's Age: 633 through 746.
A hunter who fell through ice water and nearly froze. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Sixth Host - Leksi - Female - Guard / Spy / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Leksi's Age: 19 through 177
Valak's Age: 746 through 904.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lyzek and Quon.
A noblewoman who was stabbed by her brother. She was killed by a Goa'uld.

Seventh Host - Barin - Male - Guard / Spy
Barin's Age: 19 through 87
Valak's Age: 904 through 972.
A treasure hunter, bitten by a snake. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Eighth Host - Corr - Male - Guard / Spy
Corr's Age: 45 through 173
Valak's Age: 972 through 1100.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lyzek and Quon.
A farmer who was attacked by a boar-like creature. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Ninth Host - Ella - Male - Guard / Diplomat / Spy
Ella's Age: 24 through 124
Valak's Age: 1100 through 1200.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lalec and Yara.
A diplomat who was in a carriage accident. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Tenth Host - Graul - Male - Guard / Spy
Graul's Age: 74 through 158
Valak's Age: 1200 through 1284.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lalec, Yara, and Dura.
A messenger who gave the wrong message. He managed to make it back home. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Eleventh Host - Iya - Female - Guard / Spy
Iya's Age: 10 through 195
Valak's Age: 1284 through 1469.
Tok'ra Relationships: Orak and Deter.
She blended after getting sick. She was killed by a Goa'uld.

Twelfth Host - Niwon - Male - Guard / Spy
Niwon's Age: 23 through 157
Valak's Age: 1469 through 1603.
Tok'ra Relationships: Lalec and Nasha. Orak and Sersha.
A young prison guard who was set on fire. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Thirteenth Host - Guisa - Female - Guard / Spy
Guisa's Age: 13 through 204.
Valak's Age: 1603 through 1794.
Tok'ra Relationships: Orak and Cordon.
A young servant who was beaten. She lived all her years.

The Hosts


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MEDALS: 2013-05-26

Prisoner of War Medal

HISTORY: Character Created - November 3, 2010
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - November 15, 2010
Promotion on Stargate Command - July 4, 2011 - General Service 07 from General Service 06
Medal Given on Stargate Command - May 26, 2013